Fernsehen Which Liebe dreieck are Du sick of?

Pick one:
The Office US-Pam/Jim/Karen
One baum Hill-Brooke/Lucas/Peyton
The Office US-Jim/Pam/Roy
The Office UK-Tim/Dawn/Lee
Grey's Anatomy-Meredeth/Derek/Addison
Sex and the City-Big/Carrie/Aiden
Veronica Mars-Logan/Veronica/Duncan
all of them, I really don&# 39; t like triangles
all of them, I really don't like triangles
Added by pmmom38
Gossip Girl - Chuck/Blair/Nate
Added by edwestwick
The Vampire Diaries-Stefan/Elena/Damon
Added by En-
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 abcd posted Vor mehr als einem Jahr
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