I Liebe TV shows, Filme just can't compare. That being said, I haven't watched many TV shows, I'm picky and most don't appeal. (No vampires, romance shows for instance, just don't like them, most beliebt shows fit in those categories, but Hey this is my Liste and my opinions, not anyone else's) Currently these are my Favorit shows starting with the greatest Zeigen out there:

1. 24

(9 seasons and TV movie, 2001-2010, 2014)

24 is the best Zeigen of all time! It's easily #1, none can come even close for me ever! Agent Jack Bauer works for CTU (Counter Terrorist Unit) dealing with (terrorists) assassination attempts, nuclear attacks, bio-terrorism, torture, traitors, sleeper cells, other bad guys in 24 hours (hence the name, 24). Each episode is an Stunde in the Zeigen (about 40 Minuten for us without commercials) with 24 episodes, each covering an non-consecutive Tag in Bauer's life. CTU helps stop the attacks with amazing agents, such as Nina Myers, Tony Almeida, George Mason, Chase Edmunds, Michelle Dessler, the Liste goes on and on of agents who risk their lives to save the world from merciless terrorists, time after time. Mehr than one story goes on in the 24 hours though and we see the President deal with the attacks and internal issues in the White House and Jack's wife Teri and daughter Kimberly have a nasty habit of accidentally becoming embroiled in the day's events. This is a Zeigen everyone should watch because they will Liebe it. This Zeigen has cliffhangers at the end of every episode and is very easy to binge watch and watch the entire season in one sitting. 24 is amazing and needs to be watched Von everyone, trust me and start this now, if Du have never seen it, Du won't regret it.

2. Grimm-

(6 Seasons, 2011-2017)

This is definitely one of my Favorit shows, but a distant Sekunde to 24. Portland homicide detective Nick Burkhardt, descended from a long line of warriors known as Grimms, defends his city from Supernatural creatures known as Wesen, which are part human and part animal, which only Grimms and other Wesen can actually see. Fighting alongside his partner, Hank Griffin, colleague Sergeant Wu and Friends Monroe and Rosalee, Nick faces off against evil forces who want to do harm to him, his family, Friends and to Portland. He also has a girlfriend Juliette, mysterious police captain boss Sean Renard, pretty (and evil) nemesis Adalind Schade and various royal enemies from Vienna, called the Royals, who are an enemy to Grimms and are terrible men who want to rule the world. Grimm is amazing and one of the best shows out there!

3. Prison Break-

(5 Seasons, 2005-2009, 2017)

Prison Break is the story of Michael Scofield, a man with a desperate and just borderline crazy plan. His brother, lincoln Burrows is sent to prison for a murder he didn't commit and is now on death row. Michael (a structural engineer who helped build the prison) has the idea to pretend to rob a bank and get himself incarcerated alongside his brother and then facilitate their elaborate escape. This Zeigen follows Michael and his plans, his brother, their fellow inmates (bunch of interesting and quite different characters) and everything that goes into a prison break. A thrilling Zeigen that will always keep Du hooked.

4. Psych-

(8 Seasons 2006-2014, Movie in 2017)

Thanks to a great friend from my church, I was introduced to the awesomeness of Psych. The detective work, comedy and characters make this a great Zeigen I highly recommend. Shawn Spencer is great at noticing the little things and thinks it's just a fun thing to do...until the police arrest him (because they think he had something to do with a criminal he reported) and he pretends he's a psychic to avoid being arrested and suddenly he is getting to help with police cases and cases from his own agency in sunny Santa Barbara, as he drags his childhood best friend burton Guster 'Gus' into the various cases. Du also have Chief Karen Vick, sweet detective Juliet O'Hara, interesting head detective Carlton Lassiter 'Lassie', and Shawn's retired cop father, Henry as an amazing supporting cast. I highly recommend this show.

5. Hawaii Five-0

(8 Seasons 2010-)

Hawaii Five-O originally was a police procedural in 1968-1980 and got revamped in 2010 with new actors with the same premise as the original. Steve McGarrett is approached to start a new task force to get rid of the island's worst criminals, he starts with his father's murderer and recruits Detective Danny Williams (who has just moved from New Jersey for his daughter and is not a huge Hawaii fan), local and old friend Chin Ho Kelly and Chin's pretty cousin Kono to Mitmachen the task force. They deal with gangs, murders, kidnappers, drug dealers, all very dangerous men and women who are not the island's finest and need to be put behind bars, usually for good. The nice thing is that the cases and the interesting personal drama/mysteries balance themselves out perfectly. This Zeigen is really good and all the various cases will keep Du always guessing, and usually surprised. I'd definitely recommend this show.

6. The Flash-

(4 Seasons, 2014-)

Based off the Flash comics, Barry Allen's life changed when his mother died when he was 11 and his innocent father was convicted and sent to prison for her murder. At that time he went to live with Detective Joe West and his daughter Iris West. Now he is grown up, working as a CSI at CCPD in Central City, determined to solve his mother's murder, saving his father from a lifetime in prison and wanting to datum the grown-up, beautiful Iris West. Suddenly his life is forever changed when S.T.A.R. Labs head scientist Harrison Wells sets off his particle accelerator which was supposed to be a great step in science, but instead exploded, imbuing certain people with special abilities and Barry is affected and gegeben super speed. Now Harrison Wells and fellow S.T.A.R. Labs scientists Caitlin Snow and Cisco Ramon train him to use his great speed effectively. He and Joe West (still a detective at CCPD) continue to go to the crime scenes as usual, but now most crimes are inexplicable, perpetrated Von others affected Von the explosion, nicknamed "metahumans". Now the Flash is the only one who can stop it with the help of Dr. Wells, Caitlin and Cisco. Some of them can clone themselves, control the weather, cause vertigo, to name a few cool ones. Iris, unaware of Barry's new abilities starts dating her father's partner Eddie Thawne, which makes Barry jealous and he realizes he may not be able to have the cool powers and the girl. As a superhero Barry is faced with tough and emotional decisions, especially as he realizes that he can change the past and save his mom. Unfortunately much of the emotionally-charged decisions Barry makes throughout the Zeigen have major consequences that can change his world forever and make me FRUSTRATED. Evil super villains appear that wreak havoc on his life and the life of his Friends and family during each season as well, which is definitely a really cool incentive to watch this unforgettable show.

7. The Arrow

(6 Seasons, 2012-)

The Arrow is a great show, similar to Batman, but with a little bit Mehr family drama that adds some humanity to The Arrow, a.k.a. Oliver Queen, long-lost billionaire Playboy who went on a yacht trip with his father and fiancee’s sister, both of whom die, leaving Oliver the sole survivor, but shipwrecked on an island for 5 years until he was rescued Von a passing boat, now he is back in his Home of star, starling City, seeing the familiar faces who thought him long dead. Before his dad died he had sagte he wasn’t the man Oliver thought he was and gives him a small book of names of rich and influential men who are ruining the city like Robert Queen had. His father wants him to stop these ruthless men and be his legacy. So Oliver becomes the Arrow, a green-clad man who wreaks vengeance for the city with his bow and Arrow and amazing fighting skills…but not all his methods are lawful and so no one can know the identity of the masked vigilante who will accomplish his mission, whatever the cost.

8. Impractical Jokers-

(6 Seasons, 2011-)

(Not a scripted TV Zeigen but kinda counts) If Du want some laughs, turn on Impractical Jokers! This hidden-camera Zeigen follows four lifelong friends, (from left to right) Brian "Q" Quinn, James "Murr" Murray, Sal Vulcano and Joe Gatto who take dares to an outrageous level. Ever since they met in school, the four have challenged one another to do ridiculous dares in public. Then they had the idea to turn it into a show. On the show, to find out who is best under pressure, the guys compete in awkward, embarrassing and outrageous things on a hidden camera, with the other guys not only watching and listening, but also telling their friend what to do. If Du fail to do oder say what the other guys tell Du to do, then Du lose that specific challenge and might be loser of the episode. At the end of each episode, the loser must perform an extremely mortifying oder scary challenge, made up Von the other guys. Some cringe-worthy punishments and challenges have been ... skydiving (one of them is extremely scared of heights), running through a creepy, rigged house, dressing like a woman and giving a tech workshop (the inventions are made up Von the other guys), meeting your celebrity crush in a Speedo, having your house destroyed Von the other guys (while the fourth joker was watching on TV!), giving classes Du know absolutely nothing about, taking lie detector test in front of a huge crowd (with the Fragen from the other jokers), insulting others, sumo wrestling, making a toast (written Von the other guys) at a wedding for a couple Du don't know, being attached to a machine that simulates labor pains, oder giving a Essen presentation (with the guys ordering Du around)...with your mouth pumped full of Novocaine are just a few of the Mehr embarrassing things these guys have had to suffer. This Zeigen is absolutely hilarious!

9. Quantico-

(2 Seasons, 2015-)

Quantico is about Alex Parrish and her FBI class of exceptional students in Quantico, Virginia and explores their lives as they go through training to become special agents and beyond. The diverse recruits have been thoroughly vetted and tested and are considered to be the best group the academy has ever trained. But each one possesses secrets, including hidden reasons for signing up and becoming agents. The Zeigen shows the various struggles in Quantico training and the events a few months later when Alex Parrish is set up as being the mastermind of the biggest and most deadly terrorist attack on U.S. soil since 9/11, and must fight to clear her name, when it looks like one of her former classmates set her up to take their fall. I really enjoy this complex Zeigen and would recommend it to anyone who likes action and law enforcement, as well as elaborate conspiracies that will keep Du guessing.

10. Dukes of Hazzard-

(7 Seasons, 1979-1985)

Another beliebt Zeigen in its day, good ol' boys (and cousins) Bo and Luke Duke are always willing to help someone in need oder save something oder someone, whether the threat comes from bad guys from out of town oder from the County Commissioner Jefferson Davis (J.D.) Hogg oder Boss Hogg, who is the fat and greedy man who runs Hazzard County with his crooked (and dumb and hilarious) Sheriff Rosco P. Coltrane. Rosco also has a basset hound Flash and a even dumber deputy which is either Cletus oder Enos (depending on the season oder episode). Other important characters are Cooter Davenport, local mechanic and the Duke family's good friend, Uncle Jesse Duke (who is the Duke cousins' uncle) and Bo and Luke's other cousin, beautiful gänseblümchen, daisy Duke who is a waitress at Boss Hogg's restaurant The Boar's Nest which also doubles as one of his offices. J.D. Hogg's enemies are usually the Duke boys who manage to foil his plots and who will almost always get away from (and crash his crooked lawmen's cars) the crooked law with their souped up, bright orange Dodge Charger, nicknamed General Lee. Dukes of Hazzard is a great show, full of entertainment and family values.

11. Tomorrow People-

(1 Season, 2013)

An amazing, very underrated CW Zeigen that sadly ended at one season. I highly recommend this one and really enjoyed the very different and cool powers and storylines this one had to offer, plus it has an actress I Liebe prominently featured in a main role: Sarah Clarke! (who played Nina Myers in 24, among others!) This is a great season of a Zeigen that should never have been cancelled that I highly recommend.

12. The Simpsons-

(28 Seasons, 1989-)

The Simpsons, Homer, Marge, Lisa, Bart and Maggie, never gets old and each season adds Mehr laughs. Homer Simpson is a working class nuclear plant employee who lives in Springfield with a family and a host of other hilarious characters. Homer might be a little fat with a unhealthy obsession with Essen (especially doughnuts!). He is also the funniest character on the Zeigen without even trying. Marge is a home-maker who can be the moralistic voice in her tumultuous household. Lisa is the activist who believes in all kinds of causes. Bart is the troublemaker of the family and Maggie is the baby who is a creature of habit and loves her pacifier. The Simpsons is an iconic Zeigen that will keep Du cracking up in laughter.

13. Suits

(7 Seasons, 2011-)

Suits is a legal drama about the employees at Pearson Hardman (the names change many times) specifically Harvey Specter, Mike Ross, Jessica Pearson, Rachel Zane and Louis Litt, all lawyers (with one paralegal) who deal with personal and work issues (one of the biggest ones being Mike never went to law school) and drama as well as legal cases, tough clients and opponents. This Zeigen is riveting and extremely interesting if Du like legal shows. I really like the main cast in this legal Zeigen even Mehr than the cases which is rare for me for this type of show.

14. Stranger Things-

(2 Seasons 2016-)

Stranger Things is a newer Netflix original that is really quite interesting. A boy named Will Byers disappears in a creepy way in a small Indiana town, prompting his friends, family and the police to look for him and in the process they encounter many other odd mysteries, involving secret government experiments, unnerving Supernatural forces, and a very unusual girl who calls herself Eleven. And that's just the first season.

15. Ties That Bind-

(1 Season, 2015)

Ties that Bind is also a cop show, this particular one is about The McLean family, Allison is the cop of the family and deals with intriguing whodunit cases. Her husband Matt works at Home and is involved in construction. Their children Jeff and Rachel also live with them and have a hard time adjusting to life after their bitter teenage cousins, Cameron and Mariah, come to live with them after Allison busted their father for his illegal activities and their mother was put in rehab. This Zeigen narrates the different criminal cases Allison deals with as well as troubles at Home and at the kids' school. This Zeigen was amazing, but sadly was cancelled Von UP after 1 season (it ended on a cliffhanger!!!), but it's still worth your time.

16. CHiPs-

(6 Seasons, 1977-1983)

CHiPs (which stands for California Highway Patrol with the i and s added for a complete word) is a cop Zeigen that was well known in it's day. It's the fictional Zeigen about some of the California Highway Patrol officers, especially but not limited to Frank "Ponch" Poncherello and Jon Baker (main characters) who are motorcycle cops enforcing the law. Other characters include Sergeant Getraer, Artie Grossman, bär Baricza and Bonnie Clark, who are cops that help solve the case(s) of the day. (which might have personal stakes sometimes) The adventures of Ponch and Jon is always a cool watch.

Hope Du enjoyed my list! Maybe found a new series to try oder saw some old Favoriten (or current favorites) to finish/rewatch oder get further hyped if they have new seasons coming. Feel free to Kommentar below and let me know your opinions on the TV shows and how Du would rank your favorites!