There are quite a lot of awesome tv shows in production in 2017, so lots of great shows can slip through the cracks. Here are 5 under-watched shows that I thought I'd promote as damn fine viewing!

5. Fortitude

It is a little hard to describe what Fortitude is about without spoiling it, but basically it follows the weird and violent events that occur in an arctic town called Fortitude. It can get pretty gruesome, creepy and weird in this isolated little town. The plot and the characters are intriguing, and there is some beautiful cinematography capturing icy arctic landscapes.

The cast is pretty great and all give awesome performances. 'Game Of Thrones' Fans will recognise Richard Dormer and Michelle Fairley; 'Forbrydelsen' Fans will recognise Sofie Gråbøl; 'Harry Potter' will recognise Michael Gambon; and 'Doctor Who' Fans will recognise Christopher Eccleston. Other notable cast members are Stanley Tucci, Dennis Quaid, Parminder Nagra, Mia Jexen and Robert Sheehan.

Fortitude has 2 seasons under its gürtel so far, and as yet no 3rd season has been confirmed, but my fingers are firmly crossed!

Watch the trailer for season 1 link to get a feel for the show!

4. Hap and Leonard

Hap and Leonard is a weird little Zeigen based on the novels of the same name (written Von Joe R. Lansdale). The Zeigen is set in the 1980s in a fictional east Texas town and follows the (mis)adventures of best Friends Hap, a happy-go-lucky conscientious objector, and Leonard, a grumpy and gay Vietnam veteran.

In season 1, Hap and Leonard try to locate a stash of stolen money, and needless to say, it does not go smoothly. In season 2, Hap and Leonard investigate a disturbing murder, and needless to say, it doesn't go smoothly this time around either! The cool thing about these 2 seasons thus far is that they have been quite different in tone while still staying true to the essence of the show. Season 1 is crazy, hilarious and outrageous (the villains, Soldier and Angel, are maniacs!) with heaps of action and insanity. Season 2, on the other hand, is slower, Mehr subtle, Mehr emotional and much darker. There is still lots of fun to be had, but the characters, particularly Leonard, are much Mehr in focus in the Sekunde season. Both seasons have been great fun to watch even though they are so distinct.

Hap and Leonard, like Fortitude, has 2 seasons under its belt; but unlike Fortitude, Hap and Leonard has been renewed for a 3rd season!

Check out the season 1 trailer link!

3. Claws

Please give yourself the gift of Claws. Like Fortitude, Claws is a little hard to describe without spoilers. The story follows a group of Florida manicurists, focusing somewhat on Desna, played Von the always wonderful Niecy Nash. The Zeigen could probably be described as a black comedy, as it is hilarious and fun, but also dark and violent. I wish I could tell Du Mehr without spoiling you!

The cast is awesome. As mentioned, Niecy Nash is a gem. And Judy Reyes (Carla from Scrubs!) is great as Quiet Ann, a baseball bat wielding lesbian who doesn't have much to say. All the characters are a little outrageous and stylised, but still grounded in some very real experiences. I'm loving this badass group of women!

Claws has just completed 1 season, and has been renewed for a second!

Have a look at the trailer for season 1 link!

2. Channel Zero

Channel Zero is probably not for everyone (well, no Zeigen ever is!). It is a horror anthology series based on creepypastas - those creepy internet horror stories! Season 1 was based on the Candle Cove creepypasta, which is about the insidious violent influence of a mysterious, elusive kids tv show. Sounds a little weird, but that is kinda the point of creepypastas! Season 1 was definitely creepy. The Zeigen is Mehr about creepiness and scary imagery than it is about the story, which is also kinda the point of creepypastas. So if Du are a horror fan, I recommend Du give this Zeigen a watch. And even if Du don't like Candle Cove, keep checking in with the subsequent seasons since they are totally separate. Unlike American Horror Story, Channel Zero switches (get it?!) to a totally new story with a totally new cast with each season.

Channel Zero: Candle Cove aired in 2016. Season 2, Channel Zero: No-End House, premieres in September 2017, and the Zeigen has been renewed for a 3rd season (Staircases!) and a 4th season (Hidden Door)!

Watch a Candle Cove promo link, and check out link awesome teaser for No-End House!

1. Schitt's Creek

Schitt's Creek is an absolutely brilliant show. It follows the Rose family after they lose their fortune and have to Bewegen to a small town called Schitt's Creek; a town Johnny Rose (played Von Eugene Levy) bought for his son, David (played Von Dan Levy, Eugene's son), as a joke. The self-absorbed Rose family has to adjust to life in a small town where they have to pitch in and play nicely with others!

The Zeigen pokes fun at the lifestyles of the rich and famous Von throwing the family into a community that is in stark contrast to their life of luxury. They live, free of charge courtesy of the town's mayor Roland Schitt (played Von Chris Elliot), in the town motel and the family struggles to adjust to their new accommodation...!

The cool thing about this Zeigen is that while it is definitely a fun comedy, there has been some really cool character development over the course of 3 seasons. In the first season, the family are struggling to learn how to live as not-rich people; they resist at almost every turn. But through seasons 2 and 3 they start to develop a Liebe for Schitt's Creek, and its weird inhabitants. The Rosen also start to get to know each other a lot better, and I'll admit I've shed a tear oder two during a couple of moments that gave me mega-feels.

As mentioned, the Zeigen features Eugene and Dan Levy, who also produce and write for the show. Catherine O'Hara stars as matriarch Moira Rose and Annie Murphy plays Alexis Rose. Very, very funny cast!

Schitt's Creek is heading into its 4th season, so Du guys have some catching up to do!

Watch the trailer for season 1 of Schitt's Creek link!

Other shows Du should give a whirl but I was too lazy to write up:

Taboo (Tom Hardy, people! This Zeigen is weird and mysterious, but Tom Hardy is brilliant and there are some spectacular scenes. It has been renewed for a Sekunde season too! Check out the season 1 trailer link).

Vice Principals (This Zeigen is totally nuts and is probably an acquired taste, but has moments of pure brilliance. There will only be two seasons of Vice Principals, so check out the trailer for the first season link!).

Outcast (This Zeigen is pretty dark, dealing with demon possession and whatnot. But I find it fascinating. Another Zeigen any horror oder Supernatural Fans should give a chance to. Season 2 is airing through 2017. Check out the season 1 trailer link).

Thanks for Lesen my of tv shows to try in 2017! I hope you'll give even just one of these shows a chance to ruin your life. If Du do, let me know what Du think!