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Hello Teen Titan Fans!This is MY version of what happen after starfire was sent to the future and how the teen titans broke up in the episode how long is forever PLEASE Kommentar and become a Fan if Du like this article. I worked on it very hard on it. If Du have any questions, oder any way to make these stories better oder want me to write another Artikel about something else oder have a request for me to write about something please send me a message. I'll make sure to answer Du and get right on Schreiben Mehr Artikel Du request! I log on daily, Thank You!

Today is bortogh! The Tameranian festival...
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 strand DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!
BEACH DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!
It was another picture-perfect summer Tag in Jump City, the Teen Titans & the Titans East were having a cookout outside at the beach, Bumblebee, Aqualad, Raven & Beastboy were making sandcastles, Starfire & Cyborg were playing in the water.

while Kid Flash, Speedy & Robin were making lunch for everyone…Robin told Speed & KF to get some easy to burn moss from the trees in the park to burn in the grill: when they were done, they came straight back to him.

Both boys had their arms filled with moss, then the Boy Wonder sagte to his Friends who were both holding giant armfuls...
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posted by woowie
*Sparky and Cyote Kid r having a Zufällig words fight*
Sparky: BACON!
Cyote Kid (CK): POTATO!
CK: Yum... PICKLE!
Beast Boy: *walks in* Sparky, can I use your-
Both girls: *point at BB* ZUCCHINI!
BB: -Wiimote...
Sparky: *tries to jump on him*
BB: :(
CK: *grabs Von wings* No hugging. *drags*
Sparky: Fine, Du can use it. But just to let u kno, I licked all 4 of them AND the nunchucks! :P
BB: Uhh... never mind... :(
Sparky: *chucks zucchini at BB*
BB: *zucchini hits stomach* OOF! *falls down*
Sparky: *laughs so hard she gets a nosebleed*
CK: Oh no! *runs to BB* R u ok?
BB: Yeah... but she throws hard :(
CK: *transforms into cyote and eyes Sparky*
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Source: Warner Bros Animation/ Screencaps Von Me
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Source: Warner Bros Animation/ Screencaps Von Me
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Source: Warner Bros Animation/ Screencaps Von Me
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