Last time: Robin and the others gave me a room stay in while I live with them. Cyborg and Beast Boy taught me how to play video games, since my older brothers never let me play. Now Slade has broke into the tower and are fighting Robin, Starfire, Raven, Cyborg, and Beast Boy, so he can get to me.

I kept my distance trying not to get in the way while they fought, and also to stay away from Slade.As they fought I saw something Bewegen behind me. I turned around and their were three guys behind me. They had a mask that almost looked like Slade's.
I backed away from them, then turned around and ran back to my room. As I got in my room I shut the door and went to a corner of the room hoping that this would just end.
There was a lot of noise in the tower. Du could hear things brake and people being thrown around. This went on for what seemed like forever.
About an Stunde later every thing went quite. I stayed there for fifteen Mehr Minuten and then decided to go see what was going on.
As I walked nervously down the hall I felt my body go cold. Something didn't feel right. Something was wrong. Something bad happened.
I walked the rest of the way down the hall shaking. When I got to the living room my fears went away. They won. Slade wasn't in the tower any more. And hopefully he wouldn't come back.
Every one was OK. No one was hurt badly.
"You OK, Kiari?" asked Robin.
"Fine. What about you?" I asked back.
"Good. Every one is alright. Well we should get some rest." Robin said.
I walked back to my room and sat on my bed. Even though Slade was gone something still didn't feel right. Like there was something inside me screaming, wanting out.
I laid down consternating on that feeling then fell asleep.