Chapter 6
(Chris's P.O.V.)
Du know how protective I am about my hair! I can't have some juvenile-punk teenager ruining it. So I MADE it look like I deleted the tape of Duncan and Gwen- *snickers* -making out, but I'm gonna Zeigen it to ALL of the cast members! And I might call someone else to come and see it. XD
Well, I told Gwen to go one way out of the forest, and Duncan to go out the other way, so that it didn't look like they had been doing anything, *snickers*, inappropriate in the woods. *bursts out laughing* OH HOHOHAHAHAAA!!

(Trent's P.O.V.)
God, what the crap are Duncan and Gwen doing in the woods?? Oh, here come the Screaming Gaffers.
First Leshawna came in, then Harold, Duncan (GRR), Heather, DJ, and then Gwen.
They all sat down at their table. I shook some salt onto my eggs, but the kappe fell off and then all the salt poured onto my eggs! Duncan started laughing hysterically and said, "OH HAHAAA!! Sorry for the morning a-salt!" Gwen slapped the back of his head and said, "3rd grade called, you're due back in class."
I wanted to laugh at her joke, but I was too busy trying to stay calm. Man, Duncan creases me! I'm never angry like this, but when he's around Gwen, that gets me going. He's trying to steal Gwen from me, I just know it!
I threw some of the salt out of my eggs and it flew into Heather's eyes. She started to run around the tent screaming. Heh, that was pretty funny.
I looked down at my eggs, which were still covered with salt. "Nothing a little pepper won't fix," I sagte to myself. But Duncan had loosened the kappe on the pepper too, so it all poured onto my eggs. GAH i wanted to schlagen, punsch him.
I threw back some of the extra pepper, and it landed on Heather, making her sneeze. Heh.
Chris came in and said, "Everyone, there is no challenge today..." -all of us cheered- "BUT! I want Du all at the auditorium in 10 minutes!!" Great, what does he want on our Tag off??

*10 Minuten later*
(Duncan's P.O.V.)
"What could Chris POSSIBLY want on our Tag off??" I said. Leshawna guessed: "Maybe we all get 1,000,000 and we don't have to play anymore!"
Heather suggested Chris is playing us, DJ agreed with Leshawna, and Harold just blathered on about 'Neither of the Antwort were correct considering' blah blah blah. Stupid nerd. Gwen scoffed, "it was rhetorical, guys." I smiled at her. She smiled back.
Both teams sat on the bleacher things. I looked to my side, and I almost fell over, because I saw Courtney!!! I wanted to say, "Oh, good!" but it came out as, "Oh, crap," Court looked at me funny.

(Courtney's P.O.V.)
Chris invited me here, that's all!
No lawsuits (yet), no suing (YET), nothing!
Duncan looked at me, widened his eyes and burst out, "Oh crap,"
I looked at him like, "What the heck??"
My thoughts were interrupted Von Chris shouting, "ACTION!" and a clip began to play.

Big words flashed onto the screen spelling,

Our Little Secret
A Short Film By: Chris McClean

I thought, 'What the-'
But then i saw 2 figures appear on the screen; Duncan and Gwen.
Then I suddenly knew what was going on.

*The Film*
Duncan: *looks at Gwen* *smiles*

Well, that's not so bad. They ARE friends, he can smile at her.

Gwen: Sooo, have Du been missing Courtney?

This was turning out to be a better clip then I thought! I smiled a bit.

Duncan: *blushes* S-sorta... *looks at Gwen angrily* Why do Du need to know?
Gwen: (offended) I-I just wanted to kno-
Duncan: (gritted teeth) Well Du aren't gonna know 'cause it ain't your business!! *grabs pocket knife*

Duncan and Gwen started to back out of the auditorium. Trent looked furious. Wait, WHAT?

Gwen: *backs up slowly* *runs*
Duncan: *eyes widen* *looks around* *sees hand on pocket knife* *konks head* STUPID!
Duncan: *runs after Gwen* GWEN!!!! *grabs her arm*
Gwen: *stops* *hangs head*
Duncan: I'm sorry...

WHAT?? He sagte sorry. Wow, that's not my Dunky.

Gwen: *raspy whisper* I just wanted Du to feel awkward...

Duncan and Gwen just ran away from the auditorium. Oh crap what's gonna happen... O_O

Duncan: *turns Gwen around*
I'm sorry... That you're gonna get wrestled!!
Gwen: *looks confused* *frown turns into a grin* *tackles Duncan*
Duncan: *gets on oben, nach oben of her and pins her down*
Both: *look at each other carefully*
Gwen: *puckers her lips*

Oh sh*t.

Duncan: *kisses her*

the screen read.
Stunned silence fell all around the lot. Then nervous whispers started floating around the auditorium.
I was furious! Duncan is SOOOOO gonna get it!
Trent looked as angry as I was, which was SUPER weird, so I asked him, "You know I'm mad at Duncan, right?"
Trent replied almost immediately and sarcastically, "Naw, REALLY? And I was mad at Gwen!" He crossed his arms and pouted.
I sighed."I wasn't mad at Duncan JUST for Küssen Gwen. I'm mad 'cause he grabbed his pocket knife! I don't like Gwen, but I don't want her to DIE."

Trent: Did Duncan grab his pocket knife? I didn't see. O_O
Courtney: DUNCAN, IS, DEAD!!
Leshawna: I KNEW it! Gwen was into that juvi punk teen the whole time! They are so CUTE together!
.::End Confessioncam::.

(Gwen's P.O.V.)
NOT COOL, CHRIS!! NOT COOL AT ALL!!! You're full of BS. He frickin sagte that he DELETED that video clip.
Once I saw the beginning of that clip, I knew it was the end of heaven, and the beginning of hell. As soon as I heard "I wanted Du to feel awkward" from my computer generated lips, I grabbed Duncan's hand and we ran.
We ran together for a while, hand in hand, but I wanted to be alone, so I pressed on, leaving him behind in my dust and tears.
I locked myself in the girls' trailer and started crying, hugging my diary to my chest. My thoughts were interrupted Von a knocking at the door.
The first scary thing that came to my head; Courtney.
I shouted, "COURTNEY DON'T HURT ME!!!!!!!"
"It's not Courtney," sagte a voice. A calm voice. Not Trent's.
I quietly sniveled, "C-come in..."
A head popped in through the doorway. It was Duncan. "And I'm not gonna hurt you." He sagte with a warm smile. That lightened me up. But all happiness drained out of me when I heard a yell. "GWEN!!!!" shouted Trent.
"NO!" I screamed back at him, but Duncan was shoved out of the doorway, and his sweet smiling face was replaced Von an angry Trent. "GWEN HOW COULD YOU?!?!" he screamed at me. I backed up against my head board and started to cry violently again. Lindsay, Beth, Leshawna, Heather, and Izzy poked their heads through the doorway.
"WE- ARE- OVER!!" Trent yelled. My herz shattered with each word. He stormed out P.O.'ed.
Duncan was moaning outside.
I ran out to see he was unconscious!!! I kneeled Weiter to him and picked up his head to look at his face.
"Duncan!" me and someone else shouted. I looked up to see who it was...
It was Courtney.


Courtney shouted, "What did Du do to him?!" I stammered, stunned Von her question. "It wasn't m-me! It was Trent! He shoved Duncan out of the door way and he fell!"
Courtney looked at me with an expression that was filled with a mixture of hatred, puzzlement, and a hint of sympathy. But only a little little LITTLE bit of it.
She finally said, "I'll deal with you, Trent, AND Duncan later. Now just help me with him!!"

Chapter 7
(Duncan's P.O.V.)
*in the infirmary for the whole chapter*
Why Gwen ran ahead of me when we were running away from the auditorium I don't know. I mean, she's basically my girlfriend now, right? *slaps self* WHAT AM I SAYING?! Gwen doesn't like me like that. She's with Trent.

- - - - - - - - - -

Saying hi to Gwen is a crime, eh? Because when I was just calmly saying hi to her, Trent shouts "GWEN!!" shoves me outta the door way, and everything went black.
I woke up in the infirmary, with my head aching, and Leshawna, Harold, DJ, Gwen, and Courtney huddled around my bett looking down at me. "Oh, thank mama! He's awake!" DJ sagte with a sigh of relief.
Leshawna said, "I may not like you, but I don't want Du dead!"
Gwen snickered, "I guess I actually agree with Du Leshawna," and high-fives her. Courtney glared at Gwen. But I smiled.
And then Harold (yes, HAROLD) said, "I agree with Leshawna,"
Everything went dead silent. We all looked at him very fricking surprised. Even Chris (who was on the other side of the tent) turned his head a bit to hear what he said. "What?" Harold asked. "We should let Du get some rest," sagte Gwen with a smile directed at me.
She stood at the tent's exit, and everybody left. But when Courtney got to the exit, she whispered something fiercely in Gwen's ear.
I looked at Courtney like, 'What the crap are Du doing?!' and winked at her. Court scoffed and left. It was only me and Gwen. I was finally alone with my girlfriend. O_O Did i just say girlfriend?? I meant, er, BEST friend! Yeah, yeah that's right. Best friends, heh heh heh...
"Me and Trent broke up..." was the first thing she sagte to me. I looked at Gwen. She looked hurt, confused, sad, and some other emotions I was too lazy to identify. "Look, Gwen, forget about him. Heh Du still got all this." I laughed hysterically. Like she was gonna laugh with me. But Gwen smiled a bit. "So, Du gonna shave Chris's hair off?" Gwen asked with a snicker. "You know it, sunshine." I sagte with a wink. She blushed AGAIN! She looked so cute. DANG "Why do Du do that?" I couldn't stop myself from asking Gwen. "Do what?" She sagte nonchalantly. I smiled at her and told her, "Blush whenever I call Du 'sunshine'."
Gwen looked at me confused, felt her cheeks, and went all wide-eyed, and sagte quickly, "You're starting to hallucinate! Get to bett now, Duncan!" and, I don't think she was thinking, she gave me a quick KISS on the cheek and left the tent hiding her beautiful blushing face from the world. GOD I SOUND LIKE A NERD!!!!! >:(
I lightly brushed the place where she kissed my cheek. It was kinda, I don't know, tingly i guess. I was practically scrubbing my cheek when Trent came in at least 10 Minuten later.
"Great!" I shouted. "Who wrights this sh*t?!"
(Me XD)
Trent grabbed my hemd, shirt halsband, kragen and pulled me up to his face. Dude, this guy was strong who only had to lift up a 1 pound gitarre every 3 hours! He sagte through gritted teeth, wait, GRITTED?? "Who do Du think Du are?! Küssen my girlfriend!?"
"Ow. Dude, that hurts mah head, lay off! Lay off!!" Trent seemed to determine if he should listen to me, then he fiercely let go of my halsband, kragen and I laid back in my bed. "You're not her boyfriend anymore from what Gwen told me," I sagte angrily at Trent. This guy just pisses me off for some reason. "Duncan, if Du so much as giver her a hug, so help me-!!" he cut himself off and tried to calm down, but it didn't work. With a whack to the head from Trent, I went out cold. AGAIN.

Chapter 8
*in the dudes' trailer*
(Harold's P.O.V.)
Hey, I don't like Duncan, but I don't want the guy to DIE! I saw him in the infirmary, and he looked pretty beat up. Rumor around the girls' trailer is that Trent did this to him. What did Trent do?! That's what I wanna know. Just then, Trent stormed into the guys' trailer and angrily sat down on his bed. I sat in my bunk and asked him, "Trent, what the heck did Du do to Duncan?!" He looked at me angrily. Wait, that wasn't anger, it was a hard sadness. He actually had tears in his eyes, not firey rage. "I pushed him, hard, out of the girls' trailer's doorway. And.... *mumble mumble*..."
Owen, DJ, and Justin were apparently listening in on this conversation. "Exqueeze me?" Owen asked with a giggle.
"What was that last part?" Justin asked.
"I couldn't hear you," sagte DJ.
"You gotta tell us what Du just said, Trent. We'll just keep bugging Du about it!" I added.

(Beth's P.O.V.)
*in the girls' trailer*
I sat Weiter to Gwen on her bed, who was bawling her head off!! "WHYYY???" Gwen sobbed. "Why for this God-forsakin show?!?!?!?" I patted her back and said, "It's ok, Gwen. Trent doesn't deserve you! Du are WAY better off without him." Lindsay agreed, "Yeah, Grettah, he's SOOO cleshe!"
Heather surprized us all and said, "Everyone leave. I'm going to talk to Gwen." I looked at her wide-eyed. "Ohhh, kaaay...?" Leshawna,Lindsay, Izzy and I left the trailer.
I wanted to listen in, but that would be wrong, and Heather would get me voted off FOR SURE.
Leshawna said, "What is Heather gonna do to Gwen?"

(Heather's P.O.V.)
*inside the trailer*
Finally! I got Gwen alone. I bet she was discussing to Duncan how to get rid of me. oder she was making out with him. Either one could get her kicked off this show. >:3
"So, where did Du go with hIm?" I asked with a sudden shriek in my voice. Gwen looked at me funny for a sec, but she turned her head and didn't say anything for a while.
"I'm not saying anything," she sagte finally.
Crap. I can't get the story outta this chi-WAIT! *forms a plan in my head* I've got it!
"Oh, Gwen, if only Du knew!" I sagte actressally.
(Just a made up word I, er, made ._.)
Gwen looked at me and asked, "Knew what, Heather?"
"Oh my God! Du don't know about, well, I shouldn't tell you..."
"Duncan, he... he never really liked you. At all."
Gwen's expression changed from anger to a mixture of surprize, misery, and rage.
"He talked to Harold about you, I heard them! Duncan sagte something about, well I've sagte too much-"
I thought, Hook, line, and sinker.

(Harold's P.O.V.)
*inside the dudes' trailer*
"What did Du say, Trent?!" I asked one Mehr time angrily.
Trent sighed like he had just been defeated in a game of tiddly winks. "*sigh* I said, 'And, I'm sorry.'." DJ, Justin, Owen and I looked at him, really surprized. But I wasn't all THAT surprised I mean c'mon! He doesn't like hurting people. I think.
"You're SORRY?!" Justin shouted. "Dude! Duncan kissed your girlfriend! He DESERVED to be knocked out with a concussion!"

Trent: I don't hurt people! It's not my thing!
DJ: Trent's sorry. I can understand that. But I was really surprised!
.::End Confessioncam::.

I heard gasps from outside, and Beth tumbled in. On oben, nach oben of her fell Leshawna, Izzy, and Beth. Leshawna mumbled, "Crap,"

(Beth's P.O.V.)
I decided not to be pumbled Von Heather if Leshawna, Lindsay, Izzy and I were caught listening in on what she was saying to Gwen. Looking for something to do, I put my ear up against the door of the guys' trailer.
They were talking about Duncan! I had heard that something had happened to him, but I didn't know what. I heard Harold say, "Tell us what Du said!!" I beckoned the other three over to listen. Leshawna already knew what happened to Duncan, but she wouldn't tell me.
Trent said, "*sigh* I said, 'And, I'm sorry.'." Lindsay giggled, but I heard dead silence from inside the trailer. Then *says dreamily* Justin said, "You're SORRY?! Dude, Duncan kissed your girlfriend! He DESERVED to be knocked out with a concussion!"
Von this time, Leshawna had been listening in too.
We all gasped and the door opened some-how, and we fell in! The guys all looked at :indsay, Leshawna, Izzy and I weirdly. "Crap," grumbled Leshawna.

(Owen's P.O.V.)
"What are Du girls doing here?" I asked them all. "And where's Heather and Gwen?" Izzy got up and said, "They're talking in the girls' trailer. Weird, right? I know!" Izzy was so cute when she was hyper.
Beth and Lindsay ran out the door.

Wait! What about Heather and Gwen?!

(Gwen's P.O.V.)
*in the girls' trailer*
Heather looked at me with decision, and began her story

"Well, I was walking past the dudes' trailer when;

"Duncan: Harold, I need to talk to Du about something...
Harold: Oh great. What about?
Duncan: Gwen.
Harold: Not what I was expecting. Why Gwen?
Duncan: Hey, just making conversation. And besides, Courtney says gossip is a good conversation topic. Girls gossip, why can't dudes?

"I'm just a conversation starter?" I sagte with tears in my eyes.

"Harold: Not everything is bad about her. There's A LOT wrong with her.
Duncan: Trent's an IDIOT to fall for her!"

I sobbed.
Heather said, "The truth hurts, but hey! At least Harold sagte Du weren't ALL bad!"

Gwen: *sobs* DUNCAN! How could Du say those things! I, I, I thought we had something! I thought you, Du really liked me! Liked liked me. I might, might even...
Trent: Gwen, I need Du back! I didn't mean it!!! DX
.::End Confessioncam::.

Lindsay and Beth ran in.
"Gwen!" Beth yelled. "Trent-"
"I'm gonna talk to Duncan," I sagte flatly. I didn't want to hear what Trent had to say oder what Beth had to say, I just wanted to scream.
"Bye-bye, Gwen!" Heather mocked.

(Duncan's P.O.V.)
*In the infirmary at 1:00 PM*
I woke up, again, a few hours later. I rubbed my head. God, Trent had a strong grip.
Gwen came in with tear stains on her face.
"Sup, sunshine?" I asked. She didn't blush this time. Gwen sagte flatly, "Cut the crap, Duncan. I know what Du sagte about me." My eyes widened. "Y-you do?" I asked nervously. She crossed her arms and nodded.
"Crap it..." I muttered. "Who told you?
Gwen's eyes started watering. She sagte something under her breath, and left.
"Why is she mad?!" I asked the air. I almost started to cry, but I remembered my two rules. (Nay, make that my two ONLY rules!!) #1: 'Duncans do not sing', and #2: 'Duncans do NOT cry.'

Chapter 9
(Izzy's P.O.V.)
*at curfue that same night in the girls' trailer*
Gwen looks so CUTE with Duncan! They look so happy together! But after Heather talked to Gwen today, Gwen's been really moody. I think she even had a fight with Duncan! O_O Anyways, I don't know what Heather said, but I know it was something bad.

- - - - - - - - - -

Gwen slumped into bett gloomily.
All of the girls were in the bathroom besides Leshawna, Gwen and I.
Leshawna and I had a plan to get the story out of Gwen. Leshawna nodded at me. And I started. "Hey, Gwen. How'd your talk with Heather go? Did she break your heart-?" Leshawna cleared her throat loudly before I could finish, and she gave me a look like, Shut it!
"What she meant to say," Leshawna sagte with a forced laugh, "was, 'What did Heather say that made Du so gloomy?'"
Gwen looked up at us and grumbled, "She sagte Duncan's totally full of BS. He never really l-liked me, after all..." Her voice trailed off.
I gotsted all excited-tee!! I asked eagerly, "OOOO! What's she say, WHAT'D SHE SAY?!"
Gwen and Leshawna glared at me.
"What?" I asked.
"Listen," Gwen started. "She told me about over hearing Duncan and Harold outside talking about me..."
She told us about everything. From the starting of the conversation till the very last tear that fell off her cheek.
I glared out the trailer window. Duncan had gotten out of the infirmary, and was talking to Harold and DJ.
"Should I make him... dissapear?" I asked mischievously. "Mwahahahaha..."
Gwen grumbled, "No, heh. Not yet, anyways. He's still gotta shave Chris's hair off. *sighs* I'm going to bed."
Beth, Lindsay and Heather came back after a few minutes.
Beth said, "Hi, Izzy!"
What? Who is she talking to?
I looked at her weirdly. I looked to side to side. "Who?" I asked her.
Leshawna whispered something to Beth. She nodded. "I mean, 'Hi, E-Scope!'."
NOW she was talking to me. I nodded and grinned widely.
We all went to sleep, but when I was just about to fall asleep, I could hear Duncan crying!!! I could only make out one word through his tears; Gwen.

Chapter 10
(DJ's P.O.V.)
*in the early moring*
I got up early and Yawned. Last night, I had had the weirdest dream; I heard Duncan CRYING!
Weird, huh? Well I'm doing something WEIRDER. I've asked Izzy to come talk to me. O_O I don't know why Izzy... It just seems, wow I'm going insane. Anyways, Duncan was shouting stuff I couldn't understand very well...

Duncan: *Actually crying!!* I had told Heather to not tell ANYONE about what I sagte about Gwen! That lying little bitch...
DJ: I think in my dream, Duncan was shouting 'Gwen!!' And, and something about, I don't know, love? It sounded so real!
Izzy: *yawns* Man, IT'S EARLY! DJ wanted to talk to me.
.::End Confessioncam::.

Well, everyone got up about 2 hours later than Izzy and I.


WE all went to the craft services tent, and when Chris walked in, HE HAD, NO, HAIR!! We all burst out laughing. Man, Duncan wasin'g kidding yesterday! He really went through with his plan!

Harold: How Du doing, Duncan?
Me (DJ): Your head still hurt?
Duncan: Fine, and not really.
Me: Why do Du seem sad then?
Harold: I think it's because he got punched Von Trent oder something.
Duncan: *chuckles*
Duncan: No, That's not it. Gwen, *sighs* I thought of her as my "Girlfriend", so she basically "Broke-up-with-me" just a few hours ago.
Me: Aw, dude...
Duncan: Yeah, I vowed to shave off Chris's hair if he showed that clip of me and Gwen-
Harold: *laughs* Making out?
Duncan: Yes ._. anyways, I'll be shaving off his hair TONIGHT.
Me: Wow, dude. Tight. :p

- - - - - - - - - -

(This is still DJ's point of view, mind you)
Someone nudged me, and said, "DJ? Hey, DJ?" I shook off my trance. Izzy had been nudging me.
"Oh, sorry, Izzy."
Izzy said, "Who?"
"Ok. ^-^"
"So, what is it that Du wanted to talk to me about, DJ?" Izzy asked.
I looked around nervously. "Duncan. I, I had a dream: Everything was black, but I hear Duncan. He was crying!"
E-Scope laughed. "That wasn't a dream, silly! I heard him too!"
I looked at her suspiciously. I thought, Don't trust her. She's insane.
I said, just to test if she was telling the truth, "What was one of the things he sagte then?"
"Gwen!" Izzy sagte confidentially. My eyes widened. "Wow... So, so Duncan, h-he really, actually, fo'reals... cried?"
She nodded. E-Scope laughed, "Who knew he was such a wuss?"
I looked at her, a little irritated.
"Iz-uhg, E-Scope, Duncan's not a wuss, he just has feelings! He's got 'em too!"
Izzy rolled her eyes and laughed, "Whatever Du say, DJ!"