Taylor Lautner I have a taylor-love dillema-- HELP!

lawyergirl2b posted on Mar 23, 2010 at 01:56AM
i'm thinking about sending him a letter, but is that stalker-ish? Plus, he probs gets millions of letters a day, so he might not even read it, and if he does, he probs wont reply... but i got to try, right?

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Vor mehr als einem Jahr 3344girl said…
yea you never know he just might read it and he might reply. so if do go though with sending him a letter good luck
Vor mehr als einem Jahr 3344girl said…
yea you never know he might read and reply so if you do wirte him a letter good luck.
Vor mehr als einem Jahr taylorluv42 said…
i think you should write him a letter bt make it stand out from all the rest in a good way that way he will read it and he mite reply.good luck