Taylor Lautner Taylor on steroids? Are Du sure?

misspickle101 posted on Dec 04, 2009 at 01:47PM
Saw this on Google search:


I mean, isn't it kind of suspisious that he gained so much weight so fast? I don't want to think the worst, but...

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Vor mehr als einem Jahr Stefy said…
I think it's just stupid!!
The first point says that teens who use steroids often engage in other high-risk behaviors, like “drinking and driving, carrying a gun…driving a motorcycle without a helmet.” The picture on the link is taken from the Rolling Stone photoshoot... He doesnt just ride a bike on the beach in his spare time for no reason...It's from photoshoot.. He has to do what the photagrafer says! Just because he rides a motorcycle without a helmet doesnt mean that he is on steroids.

The second point is about family genes. Just because his father is big doesnt mean that he has to use steroids to be jacked! He says in many interviews that he started working out the day after Twilight was done filming + he had a great body even before Twilight!

The third point is the stupidest point of them all.. This picture is all made up!
The one which says "Lautner 2008" is taken April 2005 on the Premiere of Sahara (movie).. Check out this link if u dont belive me link
So the third point is just made up for sure..
I dont think Taylor would degrade himself to use steroids.. He works hard for his career so I dont think he will ruin it by using steroids.. I didnt write this to be rude to the Writer but this is the truth people (or i belive this is the truth)... Belive me Taylor-Girls! :D

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 I think it's just stupid!! The first point says that teens who use steroids often engage in other hi
Vor mehr als einem Jahr Sophia21 said…
if he had used steroids and trained for a year he'd be more vascular. after seeing so many bodybuilders on steroids its easy to tell them appart from non steroid people.
edit: there, just went and put that person who wrote the article in her place. link
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Vor mehr als einem Jahr emittto said…
Nope, he is just real!!!!!! I believe that he does NOT take this stuff and even if he takes I don't care because he is still sexy :*
Vor mehr als einem Jahr awesomesauce1 said…
HELLO DONT DOUBT HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


STEROIDS ARE IMAGINARY... didnt you know that?
Vor mehr als einem Jahr bieberizmyhero said…
Dnt belive anyone bout that steriod crap itsnot real thts just a romor he had to work his ass to get those mussles so that he wnt lose his new moon job he needed to get alot of mussles and abs to b the sexy werewolf we no as jacob black and taylor lautner