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Sleeping Romance - feuer & Ice

Lapis Lazuli - The Downfall of Humanity: Endless Night

Lapis Lazuli - Prelude To Destruction

Whyzdom - Lets Play With feuer

Within Temptation - Supernova

Avantasia - Moonglow (Ft. Candice Night)

AMORPHIS - Amongst Stars

Pale Forest - Mentally Deranged

Seraphic - The Monster Within

LEAH - Lion Arises

Anabantha - La Melodía de la Noche

Carptree - Sunshine Waters

Within Temptation - The Reckoning

Sirenia - Liebe Like Cyanide

Eternal Wish - Acid Rain

Operatika - Tears Of The Sun

Temperance - Amber And feuer

Melted Weltraum - Titiana

Temperance - The Last Hope In A World Of Hopes

Silentium - Revangelis

Within Temptation - Raise ft. Anders Fridén

Eteddian - Daughter of feuer

Nyame - I Will Be

Kowai - Ice Cold Sun

Nota Profana - Dead Inside

Leaves Eyes - Across The Sea

End Of The Dream - Follow The Engel

Ember Sea - Coffin herz


Amberian Dawn - Sky Is Falling

THE DARK ELEMENT (feat. Anette Olzon & Jani Liimatainen) [FULL ALBUM]

AMBERIAN DAWN - Dragonflies

The Dark Element - "The Ghost And The Reaper"

Ravenia - We All Died For Honor

Purple Nail - Bring Me Down

Starsailors - Zirkonium

Beyond violett - Survivors

Rhevan - Fortune And A Name

Amederia - Cold Emptiness

Beseech - Fiction City

The Rinn - I Will Awake

Symfobia - Dragon

Tarja and Sharon on Metalfest 2017

Midnight Sorrow - Lost for Eternity

Midnight Sorrow - Waterfall

Edenbridge - Shiantara

Edenbridge - The Moment Is Now

Nemesea - Dance In The feuer

Exit Eden - Unfaithful (Cover)

Little Dead Bertha - Creeping In The Mist

smaragd Mind - Distant Lands

If Their Voice Was A Color

MindMaze - This Holy War

Dark Sarah - "Dance With The Dragon" feat. JP Leppäluoto

Dark Sarah - Little Men

Whyzdom - The Power and the Glory

Whyzdom - The Old Man in the Park

Whyzdom - Daughter Of The Night (Part. 1&2)

Lunatica - Hymn

Sirenia - The 12th Stunde

Kamelot - Liebe Du To Death

Epica - Edge Of The Blade

Weeping Silence - Transcending Destiny

Leaves Eyes - Edge Of Steel

Delain - The Glroy And The Scum

New Epica single : Universal Death Squad

Tarja - Innocence

Amberian Dawn - Fame and Gloria

Eternal - Garden Of Souls

Eternal - Freezing Winds

Tristania - World Of Glass

Trail of Tears - Room 306

Trail Of Tears - Deceptive Mirrors

Tarja - An Empty Dream

Tarja - No bitter End

Tacere - Absolute Power

Stream Of Passion - Out In The Real World

Silentivm - Hangman's Lullaby

Noturna - Evil herz

Nota Profana - Dragon's Grail

Morning - This Unreachable Mess

Morning - kreis of Power

Magia - The Silent Forest

Magica - On The Side Of Evil

Magica - Just For Two Coins

Leaves Eyes - Spirit's Masquerade

Leah - Ex Cathedra

Avantasia - Isle of Evermore (ft. Sharon höhle, den Adel)

Tacere - Deep Tears Of Tragedy

Phantasma - Let It Die

Leaves Eyes - Edge Of Steel (ft Simone)

Leaves Eyes - Halvdan the Black

Leaves Eyes - King of Kings

Tarja - Lucid Dreamer (Demo)

Trans-Siberian Orchestra: A Last Illusion

Leave's Eyes - The Waking Eye

Kamelot "Liar Liar (Wasteland Monarchy)" [feat. Alissa White-Gluz] Official Video

The Gentle Storm - herz Of Amsterdam

LEAH - Kings & Queens - Arcadia

LEAH - This Present Darkness