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Dean drove straight into the purple flash. It engulfed them, swallowed them, and spit them back out. Dean looked around him. At first glance, nothing had changed. They were headed north on the road in front of the Best Western in Iola, Kansas. A Sekunde glance at the parking lot, however, revealed the truth. The girls were gone, along with the Sekunde Impala.

Dean whooped. “Yeah, baby! Du know, when Du know what that thing is, it’s kind of a rush.” He grinned widely and looked over at Sam, expecting to see Sam’s trademark bitchface glaring at him.

Sam stared out the window, saying nothing, not even seeing the lightning all around them.

Dean snapped his fingers. “Hey! Sammy! Du in there?”

Sam looked up suddenly, startled. “Huh?”

Dean grinned. “Still thinking about the girls?”

Sam nodded somberly. “Yeah, I am, actually.”

“D was pretty hot, wasn’t she?” Dean commented. “Samantha was kinda cute, too.”

Sam gave Dean a look of disgust. Dean’s smile faded. “What, Du didn’t think so?”

Sam shrugged and stared through the windshield. “Yeah, I guess they were. I just… I didn’t see them that way.” Sam drew in a long, deep breath and let it out slowly.

Dean had a funny look on his face as he realized something incredible. “You know,” he said, “it’s kinda funny. The whole time we were there, I never thought of hitting on either of the girls even once.”

Sam looked at Dean as though he thought Dean was sick. “And now Du regret that?’

Dean frowned. Maybe he was sick, after all. “Not really, no.” he looked over at Sam, holding his gaze much longer than anyone should when sitting behind the steering wheel.

“So, then…” Sam shrugged, not really sure what he wanted to ask. “What did Du really think of her, then?”

“I don’t know,” Dean said, looking back out at the road ahead. “I guess, maybe…” He shrugged. “I don’t know…”

“Maybe…” Sam took another deep breath, hoping he was voicing Dean’s feelings and not just embarrassing himself Von revealing his own. “Maybe like she was a little sister oder something?”

Dean shrugged and ran his tongue over his lips. “Maybe…”

They were silent for a long time, staring out through the windshield. Dean finally couldn’t stand the silence any longer. He switched on the radio. “We’re going through, to the other side…” blasted from the speakers. Sam’s eyes flicked down at the radio angrily.

Dean switched the radio off and shifted uncomfortably in his seat. “You know,” he said, clearing his throat, “I’m not in a musical mood right now.”


Sam and Dean stahl, stola through the cemetery, looking for Sharon Walker’s grave. Dean grumbled, “Oh, I hate these kinds of cemeteries, where the graves are in a kreis and a few are scattered in the center to make it even Mehr confusing.”

Sam pointed at a seemingly Zufällig headstone. “Try that one.”

Dean scoffed, “You pick a headstone Von playing ‘eenie, meenie, minie, mo’?”

They looked at the headstone. It read, “Sharon Walker, 1988-2009.”

Dean looked up at Sam. “How’d Du do that?”

Sam, his face still drawn tight, just shrugged and stabbed his shovel into the ground. Dean followed suit, commenting, “Well, at least we’re not having to do this Von flashlight in the middle of the night for once.”

Sam scooped out a shovelful and dumped it behind him, his hazel eyes darkening and his lips pulled tight. Dean saw that something was troubling deeply, but a gravestone in the middle of a cemetery was no place for a heart-to-heart family discussion.


Samantha and D sat on one bed, Sharon sat on the other.

D looked up at the brass sunburst clock on the wall. “Five ’til ten,” she said. She cocked the shotgun and sat back on the bett to wait.

Samantha looked over at Sharon, trying to ignore the callousness of D’s move. “How Du holding up?”

Sharon had her arms folded. She took a deep breath and drew her knees up to her chest. “Not too bad, considering that I’m trapped in the middle of the freakiest Syfy Channel Original Movie that I’ve ever seen.”

Samantha nodded somberly. “Yeah, I know what Du mean.”

Sharon looked over at the girls. “And Du do this for a living? Not the parallel worlds, I mean- the ghosts. Why would Du want to do that?’

“There’s lot of people like us,” D said. “We do things like this to keep people like Du safe, sicher and let Du live the lives Du deserve to live.”

“What about you?” wondered Sharon. “Who’s there to give Du the lives Du deserve?”

D was quiet for a moment. Then she said, “This is our life. Saving people, hunting things… it’s the family business. This is what we do. We’re like soldiers.”

Sharon still looked puzzled, but she nodded gratefully. “Thanks.” She slid off the edge of the bed. “I’m gonna go to the bathroom. I’ll be right back.”

Samantha waited until the door had closed. Then she pulled her cell phone out of her back pocket. As the lights flickered and the thunder roared, she dialed Sam’s cell number.

“What are Du doing?” asked D. “That’s not gonna work. He’s on the other side now.”

“I’m gonna try it, anyway,” Samantha said, placing the phone Von her ear. “We have to know whether oder not they destroyed her.”

D shook her head. “They’re on the other side. They can’t possibly-”

“Sam?” Samantha brightened perceptibly, holding her hand up to signal for silence.


“Samantha?” The storm still raged around Sam and Dean as Sam answered his phone.

“It still works!” cried Samantha joyously.

Sam smiled widely. “Yeah.”

“Did Du find it?”

“Yeah,” Sam said, glancing at Dean, who was still digging furiously at the packed earth.

“Call me after Du torch the bones.”

Sam nodded. “Will do.” He closed up his phone.

“That Samantha?” asked Dean, still shoveling.

Sam pocketed his phone and picked up his shovel. “Yeah. They’re waiting on us.” He shoveled with a little Mehr enthusiasm and vigor than he had before.


Sharon stood over the sink, sniffling and drying her eyes. She reminded herself to be brave. After all, those two girls outside would protect her.

Sharon turned off the water and looked up at her reflection in the mirror. She sighed. Her reflection grinned evilly. Sharon frowned at it. The reflection reached out of the mirror.

Sharon screamed and backed away in terror.
season 13
the thing
behind the scenes
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Cas took Ellen’s arm and disappeared. He landed in the ICU, Weiter to Jo’s bed.
“Warn me if someone’s coming. I don’t know how long this will take” Cas sagte dispassionately. Ellen nodded and walked to the door. She opened it and walked outside.
Cas sank down on the bett and lay his hands on both Jo’s temples. He closed his eyes and prayed for Jo to open her eyes.
And she did. At first everything was a blur. She reached out her hand and touched Cas’ face. “Dean?” she mumbled weak. When Cas’ face became clearer she withdrew her hand. “I’m sorry”
Cas didn’t reply, but...
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Sam was sitting at Dean’s death bed, when the door opened and Ellen walked in. Sam was Lost in grief, so he didn’t hear her. It wasn’t until she lay her hand on his shoulder that he looked up.
“Ellen?” he sagte confused. He hadn’t thought about calling anyone, so why was she here? “Did Cas call you?” he asked, though he knew that couldn’t be the case.
“No” Ellen sagte numb. “I had to be here” Then, with a little Mehr strength in her voice, she said: “That hündin shot my daughter”
“What?” Sam exclaimed while getting up. “Well, where is she? Is she going to be okay?”...
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“My husband just violated me” Daphne said. Cas shot her an angry look and Daphne raised her eyebrows. “What, I didn’t just throw myself out of the window”
“My car is just around the block. I’ll go get it and then I’ll take Du to the hospital” the neighbor said. He looked at Cas. “Next time I see you…”

Daphne had barely settled herself in her hospital bed, when the phone rang.
“Hello?” she said, when she picked up.
“Daphne, how are you?” Zoey asked.
“I’m fine, considering” Daphne sagte bitter.
“I’m so sorry. I should’ve never taken Emmanuel to that lake”...
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Daphne took his hand. “I don’t want to lose you. Du have to stay with me forever” she insisted.
Cas nodded, not really considering what she was saying.
“Emmanuel, I want Du to make me your wife” Daphne sagte breathless.

Zoey and Shannen were sitting at the küche tabelle in Zoey’s house. “I’m glad Du came” Zoey said.“
Yeah, sure” Shannen said. “I meant what I said. I’ll do what I can to help you”
“Thank you” Zoey said. “I really don’t trust Emmanuel, but I promised Daphne I’d give him the benefit of the doubt”
“I get it” Shannen said. “What do Du want me to do?”
“I want Du to follow him, take pictures of him, maybe even film him” Zoey said.
“I don’t think that’s legal”” Shannen sagte careful.
“If he hurts my daughter it won’t be legal, either” Zoey snapped and Shannen cringed.
“All right, I’ll do it” Shannen agreed reluctantly.
Evening came and Dean parked his car at the Nite Owl Restaurant.
“Why are we stopping?” Cas asked. He wanted Dean to keep on driving.
“Because I’m starving” Dean sagte short. He unfastened his gürtel and got out of the car. Sam and Jo did the same, but Cas didn’t move.
“Are Du coming?” Sam asked.
“No, I don’t have to eat” Cas said. “I think I’m going to stay here and wait for you”
“Don’t be so ridiculous” Jo sagte and she opened the door. Cas understood he had no choice and stepped out of the car.
They entered the restaurant and the manager walked to them. While...
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Zoey was sitting at the küche tabelle in Daphne’s house. After her appointment with the dentist Zoey had decided to have a coffee chat with her sister.
“How are Du doing?” she asked casual.
“I’m doing fine, Z” Daphne answered.
“Are Du still taking your medication?” Zoey asked insisting. Daphne frowned, annoyed. “For goodness sake, Daphne, it’s for Du own good and ours. The doctor didn’t prescribe Du these pills for nothing”
Daphne stood up angry. “I know what they are for” she snapped. She sighed. “I feel good, Zoey. Emmanuel is really good company. He makes...
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His hand hurt so much he couldn’t speak.
“Can I speak with Du for a moment? Outside?” the female cop said. She grabbed his arm and pulled him outside. As soon as the door closed she let him go.
“For God’s sake, it’s your first Tag back. Du really going to ruin it now? Control yourself” she hissed. “Did Du hear what he said? He’s basically telling us that the poor woman had it coming” he snapped.
“I heard him, okay?” she said. Her face got a little softer. “Look, I know it’s hard, gegeben the circumstances, but Du have to keep it together”
“I know”
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Daphne searched the room for an escape, realized there was none and then laughed nervously at Cas. “Sweetie, why don’t we…why don’t we go upstairs and talk about this?” she suggested.
“Why can’t Du tell me right here? Is the truth so upsetting Du think I might do something to embarrass Du and myself?” Cas asked.
“If Du mean causing a scene, you’ve already done a great job of that” Daphne sagte and she took his arm. “Come on, let’s go”
She dragged Cas upstairs to her room and locked the door. She turned around. “This better be good, Emmanuel. Now tell me, what...
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good intentions
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somewhere between heaven and hell
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