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A Frage about the end of Brother's Keeper

Can someone explain the end of the season 10 finale for me? Why was Dean willing to kill Sam in order to prevent him from following him oder still trying to remove the Mark? He could have just explained the plan to Sam and get him to agree not to! If Sam was willing to die for the plan, surely he'd be Mehr willing to just go along with it. When I first saw that scene in Fan videos, without full context, I assumed that killing Sam would be part of the method for removing the Mark, but it wasn't.

oder was Dean just pretending, in order to kill Death? Though they didn't really have any particular motive to want to kill Death. It wasn't like they gained anything from that. Also, I was kind of surprised that there weren't Mehr repercussions from Death's death. oder than pissing off the Reapers (more than they do anyway, with their constant dodging of dying permanently), it didn't really lead to anything.
 Flickerflame posted vor 11 Monaten
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Supernatural Antwort

super5415 said:
He was going to kill Sam because if Sam’s still alive, Dean has to worry about him. Dean had asked Death to take him somewhere where he couldn’t hurt anyone. But, Dean would worry to much about Sam so if Sam died, Dean would be worried about him.
And I think killing Death was just an option there. Dean couldn’t bring himself to kill Sam, so he decided to kill Death. I do think the whole killing Death thing was just outta know where.
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posted vor 11 Monaten 
It still seems out of character though. Killing someone he loved to stop himself from worrying about that person?
Flickerflame posted vor 11 Monaten
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