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Super Junior’s Kim Heechul has been leading a busy career ever since his debut in 2005. Super Junior is on their third Asian tour, and he’s a fixed cast member of MBC’s “Radio Star“, MBC’s “Night of Shining Memories“, and SBS’s “Young Street.”

His four dimensional personality and self-named ‘Big Weltraum Star’ image is obviously working with the public, but that doesn’t mean his career was based on spur-of-the-moment decisions.

In an interview with star, sterne News, Heechul explained that the latter half of 2010 gave him a chance to reflect on his future.

He stated, “At the...
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It looks like SM Entertainment family members BoA and Lee Yeon Hee weren’t the only ones to Zeigen support for the two boys of TVXQ during the Kürzlich recording of SBS Inkigayo, as it has been revealed that Super Junior’s Kim Hee Chul also visited TVXQ’s prep room.

Recently, Hee Chul shared a Foto taken with Yunho and Changmin, and he tweeted, “Keep Your Head Down (YoonHo & ChangMin) And…. SpaceBigStar Kim Hee Chul.”

In the photo, the three boys are all Wird angezeigt their charismatic poses, with Hee Chul doing TVXQ’s main choreography of “Keep Your Head Down.”

Although Hee Chul did not have any recordings on Inkigayo, he still visited the set to support TVXQ’s comeback after two years. Regarding this act, netizens have commented, “They have great friendship” and “Great to see SM family’s love. I hope they forget all the bad things that have happened, and do well starting now.”
Super Junior has once again confirmed their explosive popularity in Taiwan through the heavy influx of sales for their two-day ‘The 3rd Asia Tour Super Zeigen 3 in Taipei’ concert, to be held on March 12th and 13th of 2011.

Ticket reservations were initially only restricted to people with memberships, but the reservations were all sold out after only a few days. Tickets for general Fans without memberships began selling on January 10th.

Fans used ticket sale systems online and ticket shops to purchase their tickets, which quickly led to selling a total of 6000 tickets.

However, due to the vast...
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Super Junior’s Donghae was chosen as the sexiest Korean male on a survey held Von an Argentinian website, “Listas W.”

The survey asked readers to choose the “#1 sexiest Korean male of 2010″, and although Donghae ranked first, the vast majority of Super Junior managed to rank in at the top.

Leader Lee Teuk took second, followed Von Yesung at third, Kyuhyun at fourth, and Siwon at fifth. Sixth place was taken Von SS501’s Kim Hyun Joong, followed Von Sungmin at seventh, 2PM’s Junsu at eighth, and JYJ’s Jaejoong at ninth. CNBLUE’s Yonghwa rounded off the oben, nach oben 10.

Han Geng First Fans Meeting in Hong Kong

After leaving beliebt Korean boy band Super Junior (in which he was also the leader of Super Junior - M) and going solo, Han Geng has decided to hold his first ever Fans Meeting in Hong Kong on 30 January 2011, after touring Shanghai, Singapore, Taiwan and Thailand with mega success.

His first solo album "Geng's Heart" was released in 2010 and sold Mehr than 270,000 copies within a month. This also earned him oben, nach oben positions in all major charts. His popularity sweeps through Asia quickly and all his Fans meeting in other Asian countries were a huge...
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Super Junior’s Hankyung speaks up about his wellbeing & SM Entertainment
by LAWLIETTA on APRIL 9, 2010 @ 3:11 PM (EDT) · 152 COMMENTS

It was revealed yesterday that Super Junior’s Hankyung would be reemerging into the public sphere Von paying the legendary Michael Jackson a tribute through a performance at the Decade Musik Ceremony this April. Hankyung has also begun to connect with Chinese media outlets as well.

In an interview with Entertainment Live, Hankyung dished out information about his wellbeing, his history & relationship with SM Entertainment and possible plans for...
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News Quelle in China released information in December 2009 that Han Geng is filing a law suit against the SM Entertainment for unfair activity-scheduling.

Han Geng is sagte to have developed gastritis and kidney illness due to his busy schedule assigned Von SME and is seeking termination for his exclusive contract with the company. With a legal representative, the law suit was filed on December 21 with the Seoul District Court.

According to the litigation, it has been two years since Han Geng had rested from his continuous activities SME has designated to him and it was rejected every single time...
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Kim Kibum, the missing member of Super Junior has been busy working on the movie 주문진 / Jumunjin. On December 24th, the official trailer for the movie was released. A few days after this trailer is the release of the official poster.

Jumunjin is slated for a January 21, 2010 release and the movie seems pretty interesting from the trailer. The basic premise is about a Liebe story of a ghost man (Kibum) meeting a girl that lives in the country side and they form a relationship.

These definitely be a great movie.... Cant wait for it... Hopefully this will be Kibum's great success. Support Kibum owez!!!
The first half of 2009 was huge for Super Junior, but the latter half is not looking so great. However, ELFs can at least relish in the fact that they can bid 2009 farewell with this special encore performance of Sorry Sorry on Musik Bank.

Although there were some noticeable non-attendees due to Kürzlich controversies, Super Junior still proved tonight that this song is just as addicting as it was in early 2009. I guess with all the bad news as of late, this Sorry Sorry performance was both a Weihnachten gift and a message from Super Junior to ELFs.

Kim Kibum is making up for all the absences he's had from Super Junior activities.

Kim Kibum is not only making a comeback with his movie, Jumunjin, but has also been cast for a play. This play will not only be another part of his comeback, but also be his first play.

This play, A (Middle) Nap (낮잠), is about a young man's first love. Having returned to his hometown, Han Young Jin ends up in a retirement Home and reunites with his first love, Kim Lee Sun. Due to Alzheimer's disease, Kim Lee Sun is not able to recognize Han Young Jin, but nonetheless, he still gets the Schmetterlinge that he used...
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posted by animeadd8
Have Du guys read the news? This is the cut from the news...

On the episode of SBS Strong herz aired on the 15th, the comical Super Junior trio (Leeteuk, Shindong, and Eunhyuk) conducted a short segment of revealing look-alike pictures of the stars. During this special segment, Leeteuk unveiled a picture of a woman who shared amazingly common features with himself. He even made the same face expression to match the woman's to add the fun, and there were no doubts that these two faces were identical indeed. This scene was captioned, 'Teuk's Identical Japanese Actress'.

However, it seems like...
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posted by hyukiemylove
Congratulations Eunhyuk upon your being the ace of the Dream Team!!! Last week, Eunhyuk managed to get to the last round but yet he lost. The saddest thing- he cried... Don't worry Eunhyuk! Your Fans and your members are here for you! Too bad Min Ho from Shinee did not managed to get into the final round. His elimination was indeed a shock to everyone, especially Eunhyuk. I didn't really know they were close. Anyway, don't forget to catch the game Zeigen of "suspension" every Wed. The rest of the needed info are below.

P.S. : Let's pray that Eunhyuk will become the ace again Weiter week!! If not, then Min Ho, the teams pride is in your hands!

Let's go! Dream Team! Season 2
KBS WORLD 6.10pm-7.25pm every Wed
Super Junior and Girls Generation won the grand prizes at the 24th Golden Disk Awards Thursday. Held in the Olympic Park in Seoul, one of the most prestigious awards in the Musik industry has recognized Super Junior and Girl Generation for their contributions to the Korean Musik scene. The two were acknowledged for 2009's best album sales and most income from Internet downloads, respectively.

At the event, which was held at Olympic Park in southern Seoul from 7 to 10 p.m., the Super Junior took the highest honor for the hit song "Sorry, Sorry" from their third album, receiving a trophy of white...
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 24th GDA
24th GDA
The highly anticipated 24th Golden Disk Awards was held on 10th December, and here are the Liste of winners on the night of this established and prestigious awards ceremony to reward deserving musicians of 2009.

Congratulations to all the winners on the night!

Winner: Super Junior

Winner: SNSD
Disk Bon Sang Award (similar to best album)

Winner: SUPER JUNIOR - Sorry, Sorry
Winner: Drunken Tiger - Feel Ghood Muzik : The 8th Wonder
Winner: 2pm - 1집정규앨범 - Hottest Time of the Day
Winner: Lee Seung Chul - Mutopia

Disk Bonsang Award (similar to...
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posted by animeadd8
Idol group Super Junior has released online the R&B version of the group’s hit 'Sorry, Sorry'. The new ballad version is titled 'Sorry, Sorry? Answer'. In addition, the remix version of another hit 'It’s You' will also be released online.

SM Entertainment, which manages Super Junior, has announced that the Musik video of 'Sorry, Sorry? Answer' will be disclosed on the group’s official homepage and other video sites. This Musik video was specially produced to mark the release of the group’s Sekunde live konzert album. It was filmed in August and features a monoton! e-based color scheme.

Super Junior’s third album, which contains 'Sorry, Sorry', has sold 250 thousand copies so far. The hot group is going to hold 'Super Junior the Sekunde Asia Tour: Super Show' in Nanjing, China on Saturday, December 13th.
i mean .. come on ..
first .. i see kibum .. nowhere ..
i really really do miss him ..
don't Du miss him dearly already E.L.F ?
Sekunde ..kangin's case .. scratch that .. cases ..
why the hell does netizen get mad when he does mistakes ?
he's [b]not[b] an Angel – Jäger der Finsternis for gods sake ..
everybody make a mistake ..
then third .. now they're accusing shindong as an alcoholic ..
WTF much ?
lolz .. sometime i just wanna take stapler and staple their mouth !

posted by princetongirl97
Hey, everyone!!! Please vote for Super Junior in 2009 Melon Musik Awards.Out of 9 categories, the boys are nominated in 4 of them, which are 2009 Artist, 2009 Song, 2009 star, sterne and 2009 Mania.

The Umfrage will be opened until the 13th of December. We don’t know about you, but 13 is definitely our lucky number. So hopefully, this will lead to a happy ending for both the boys and ELFs.

So, just click the link below for the instructions to vote..Thanks everyone and please help me to spread this news..

TO the E.L.F IN America:
Hi there...
The Ever Lasting Friends around the whole world belong together And now,is the time for us to unite!
Super Junior is one of the nominees of a festival that is very authoritative in Korea,and one of the prize only need us! The Fan of overseas to vote and to win that prize. The Overseas Award is very very important!But now we've turn into the first runner up.
SO, the E.L.F in CHINA are sending a Emergency message to the E.L.F IN America.
The situation is really bad right now , PLEASE to all the E.L.Fs to take some time and help us!To help SUPER JUNIOR who...
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Boom may have joined the army for his mandatory military service, but his legacy will live on as Kang Shim Jang's famous Boom Academy will continue.

Boom Academy is a sort of an entertainment school within Kang Shim Jang which Boom had set up along with Leeteuk and Eunhyuk from Super Junior. Those three would put on a comical Zeigen together every week during the show.

The academy could have been closed down due to Boom's departure, but the producer of Kang Shim Jang revealed that Leeteuk and Eunhyuk will continue the academy through putting on comical shows each week. A new member will be picked...
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posted by myoppaSIWON
Korea's beliebt group Super Junior's member, Kangin, is suspected of violence, but has not been detained. According to reports, he will be handed over for prosecution. Seoul's Gangnam Police Department sagte on September 23rd, "Gangnam Police Department has finished investigating. There is no plan to continue investigations." South Korea's "Central Daily" news reported that at around 3:35, on the 16th of this month, at a bar in Gangnam, Seoul, Kangin and two drunk guests who found the wrong sitz engaged in an argument and started fighting. Starting on the 28th, Kangin will no longer participate in filming cable channel KBS's series, "Super Junior's Miracle". Furthermore, he has planned to temporarily suspend all other activities as self-restraint. Police have stated, "Kangin has admitted to the fact that he tried hard to avoid the quarrel at first, but because he could not withstand the violence from the opposing side, he took action.