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Die Fanauswahl: STEFAN😍
Die Fanauswahl: Delena
Die Fanauswahl: Damon Mehr
Die Fanauswahl: Physically obviously, but they are so different so, NO
Die Fanauswahl: Damon Salvatore! Duh!
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20jamie14 sagte …
I have always loved Stefan the most (nothing against Damon I Liebe him too). I'm a sucker for good guys with big hearts, but I am so over the idea of Stefan and Elena together. If I am to be blunt about it Elena is kinda a jerk. She has hurt Stefan so many times, intentional oder not. She and Demon can be together, I have come to peace with that. It just breaks my herz to see Stefan in so much pain we he is so selfless. So screw Delane, and Stelena. I'm team Stefan:) Anyone agree? gepostet Vor mehr als einem Jahr
20jamie14 Kommentiert…
Also I wish that Rebekah would have made him forget. Poor guy doesn't need to suffer anymore than he already has Vor mehr als einem Jahr
TVDDelena1 Kommentiert…
I kinda agree with you:) I'm a delena Fan and always will be but i'm also a salvatore shipper:) I get where your coming from she breaks both there hearts over and over again. I Liebe elena but sometimes she gets so annoying. I Liebe Stefan and Damon and I want both of them to be happy.:) Vor mehr als einem Jahr
ns96 Kommentiert…
Stefan is a sweet herz and, frankly, deserves someone better than Elena. Someone who values his Liebe and care and respect and dedication. Elena has become the complete opposite of everything that made her HER--and also everything that made me Liebe her--every since she has turned into a vampire. And I am yet to accept that the Zeigen let itself turn out this way. Elena--the real Elena; human, passionate, reasonable, kind Elena, would never have done this to anyone, let alone to the man she loved. I fail to understand how she just falls out of Liebe with Stefan in a matter of two episodes. Once she's telling him that he doesn't need to be jealous of Damon and the Weiter she's breaking his herz Von saying she doesn't Liebe him anymore. What did Stefan do wrong? Nothing. What did Damon do right? Nothing. What changed her opinion? UNEXPLAINED. Season 4 was a disgrace--the shows worst so far. Vor mehr als einem Jahr
Stefi_6 sagte …
I Liebe Damon -Delena...I hate Stefan... gepostet Vor mehr als einem Jahr
Paulwfan1 Kommentiert…
Why? Vor mehr als einem Jahr
ns96 Kommentiert…
Sometimes I feel embarrassed to call myself a Vampire Diaries Fan because of people like this. "I hate Stefan" Seriously dude? You're no better than a Twilight fan. Vor mehr als einem Jahr
franciska sagte …
Who is better?Damon for Elena/Klaus for Elena/Stefan for Elena...please if Du want many combinechions (Caroline Klaus) just send here a post gepostet Vor mehr als einem Jahr
kirky23 Kommentiert…
amon is better for elena then stefan as he is never leaves her unlike stefan his Liebe for her conquers on Vor mehr als einem Jahr
iDiva Kommentiert…
Smh Didnt Stefan leave to save Damon life?? Vor mehr als einem Jahr
TVDDelena1 Kommentiert…
I think both are really good for her in different ways:)At the end of the Tag no matter what happens they would both give there lives if it meant elena being ok. I honestley think damon is a little better for her because of how alike they are now and how much Mehr fun she seems to have when shes with him, theres just something there that I feel like stefan and her will never have.:) but stefans still amazing<3lol Vor mehr als einem Jahr