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Starlight is a story of a dog who lives with her owner. One Tag Starcrest (The Hunde name) escapes and decides she needs to be free. She goes and wanders the city. Soon she finds herself Lost in a dark alley. And a scary stray bully mutt named Fang and his gang wanted to get Starcrest away from his terriory. Raincast (A nice she-dog) tries to stop the arguement but her friend Jet had to step in to defend Starcrest because it was turning into a brutal fight. Fang almost killed Jet and soon a mighty dog came and rescued Starlight. Starlight finds out the misterious dog that saved her was Storm. And Storm's sister was Raincast and half brother was Jet. Some how Storm, Jet and Raincast soon find out that their sister was Starlight and their all two-thirds part wolf. So they all go on a journey to find their father from a wolf pack.