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Hi Stampy my kid is your biggest fan, he is desperate to play on your lovely world on xbox 360. Please can Du tell me how Du can add him so he can play on it.

My son Anton really wants to play on your lovely world in Minecrat xbox 360
 ZAaaa89 posted Vor mehr als einem Jahr
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Stampylongnose Antwort

funtime_mangle said:
Du have to send a friend request before playing, Du can't enter someone else's world without being there friend.
I've tried it before but it was full.
To 'Stampylongnose'
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posted Vor mehr als einem Jahr 
Thank Du
ZAaaa89 posted Vor mehr als einem Jahr
StampyCatCatFan said:
I want to too i am the absolute biggest Fan of stamps in the entire world so please stamps even though I don’t have Xbox live 😭
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posted vor 9 Monaten 
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