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wat is the Weiter movie of spirit

 wat is the Weiter movie of spirit
 hive posted Vor mehr als einem Jahr
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justinfangrrl said:
no 1 really knows yet becuz theyr still desciding on it. But wut they got so far is that Rain givs birth to a Boy dat looks like spirit, but has a dark brown muzzel and a white spot on his back. Then later in the story Rain gets pregnant again but is going to have a girl. Then sum1 is still trying to build a railroad there. (tue colonel returns and shoots spirits coalt) but thats all they hav. u kno, theyr brainstorming. This is just what the creators like most and will prob. use it. I kno cuz Im frenz wit one of the guys @ dreamworks. he givs me the scoop on EVERYTHING! mail me if u want 2 talk more. glad if I assisted u. =)
PS theyr still not clear if theres gonna b a spirit 2, this is just wut they wish 4. theyr also waiting 4 dat petition.
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posted Vor mehr als einem Jahr 
do Du really think that cause i Liebe spirit the movie and it would be very sad to not have another spirit movie wat the dreamworks guy E-Mail and how can i get ahold of him cause the spirit movie can not end please tell me pleasse
spiritlover911 posted Vor mehr als einem Jahr
jackwilliams17 said:
No one knows yet but they better hurry up on deciding what it would be about, because the Weiter three years are about to be coming up really fast.
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posted vor 6 Monaten 
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