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 Harry Osborn and Gwen Stacy
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the amazing spider-man 2
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swing, schaukel on to the link with On Location Tours to see some of the locations used in filming The Amazing Spider-Man among additional locations from other TV shows and movies. All guests on the tour during Spider-Man Week in NYC will receive fun memorabilia from the movie courtesy of Columbia Pictures.

On Location Tours will offer Fans a special web-deal to receive 20% off admission to the New York TV & Movie Sites tour beginning Monday, June 25 to Sunday, July 1. Offer Läuft ab July 1, 2012. Use code "WEB" to recieve 20% off when booking your tickets via link.
When spiderman put on the black suit it pretty much ruined his life as aunt may sagte "revenge is like a poison." well in a way it was a poison. for if spiderman hadn't gotten rid of the suit when he had the chance he could have avoided harries death in the film.

My least Favorit part of the 3rd film was when peter did his symbiote strut. he looked like a guy who had too much to drink.

But he did redeem himself when he saved mary jane from venom. Although it was his fault in the first place that she was in this mess.

In all spidy made a huge mistake choosing power over right mindedness
Boy, did I not expect this. Though, after Doc Oc, the Sandman is my favourite movie villain. He has Von far the greatest background of all the Spider-Man villains from the movies. Y’know, he’s actually a criminal, though as he calls himself: ‘not a bad person’. He only does it for his little daughter Penny, who needs an operation but Flint and his wife can’t afford them(that’s a great father, isn’t it?).

After Flint Marco ran away once again from the cops, he got himself inside some sort of whirlpool of sand, changing his molecules as if they where made from sand. That also makes...
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