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posted by lilylove89
South Park is an American animated sitcom created Von Trey Parker and Matt Stone for the Comedy Central Fernsehen network. Intended for mature audiences, the Zeigen has become famous for its crude language, surreal, satirical, and dark humor that lampoons a wide range of topics. The ongoing narrative revolves around four boys—Stan Marsh, Kyle Broflovski, Eric Cartman and Kenny McCormick—and their bizarre adventures in and around the titular Colorado town. In the 2004 documentary The 100 Greatest Cartoons, South Park was placed at #3, just behind The Simpsons and Tom and Jerry. South Park...
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posted by SilverFanGirl
SilverFanGirl: Hey Fans of South Park, I'm here with everyone from South Park. Now, I have a Frage for Du guys.
Cartman: Yes...
SFG(SilverFanGirl): Its for all of you.
Cartman: okay...
Stan: -_-
SFG: Muffins or...
Cartman: Spit it out ur Goddamn mouth already!!
SFG: oder Cookies?
Stan: I saw muffins.
Cartman: No Du ass-hole, Muffins!
Kenny: mememememe (I have a bad feeling about this...)
SFG: Oh....
Stan: Shut your fucking mouth Cartman! Du know kekse, cookies beat Muffins any damn day!
Cartman: I'm gonna kick your ass!
Stan: Is that a bet?
SFG: Guys, guys, chill!
Cartman: No! *points at SFG* Shut your damn mouth now...
SFG: Are Du third graders?
Stan: Fuck you, Cartman! Shove this Cookie down your fucking throat! *holds up a cookie*
Cartman: Shove this damn muffin down your fucking throat!
Both: *shoves Cookie/Muffin down throat*
Both: Fuck!
Cartman: COOKIES!!
SFG: Oh Shit...
posted by SouthParkSmart
It's all fun and games until Muhammad gets made fun of. Du may think I need to attend "Muslim Sensitivity Training" after Lesen this article, but this is just what I think of the controversy.
The episode of South Park entitled "201" was censored Von Comedy Central after the netowork recieved warnings from Muslim groups for the Zurück episode's depiction of Muhammad.
Yeah, censoring was the safe, sicher route to take. But what I don't understand is, how is it okay to Zeigen Buddha doing Coca-Cola and Jesus surfing for porn, but Wird angezeigt Muhammad in a bär costume is a no-no?
South Park is known for making...
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posted by dilly53
Twelve years Vor I sat at a Friends house, doing my best to stay awake. We were waiting for midnight, for the very first episode of South Park to air. I can still remember how excited I was, this Zeigen was supposed to be funnier and Mehr vulgar than "Beavis and Butthead" oder "Ren and Stimpy". Which at the time were considered to be the "bad cartoons" that kids would watch behind their parents back.

As everyone knows the first episode was about Cartman getting an anal probe. That was a big deal at the time. Parents freaked out about the show, kids were banned from wearing South Park merchandise...
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posted by iluvkyle200
Du may have heard lately that kyle is being killed off this season due to a severe injury from the humancentipad episode. there was a secret commercial aired on august 12th at 3:00 am last month, which alot of Fans did not see and are trying to deny this fact. i had seen it for myself though. so i know this is true. it was aired secretly so only a select amount of people would see it, as matt and trey intended it. here is what i heard from matt and trey word for word:

1. MATT: we are killing off kyle this fall because we feel that nobody lives very long after being a humancentipad. and we also...
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posted by SouthParkSmart
“Come on! Come on!” I whined as I flipped through the shows on my TV. “Oh for the Liebe of God, how much longer!?”
    “Are Du still waiting for the new South Park episodes?” asked my mom, entering my room.
    “Mom, Du don’t understand! I’ve been waiting for the Sekunde half of season fourteen to come out for five months now,” I said. “Every Tag time is slowing down. It’s like…waiting for Christmas…times a thousand.”
    “You’re just going to have to be patient until October sixth,” my mom told me...
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posted by soxfan89
(The Village Of South Park, Colorado. There Was Girl Named Bebe Who Lived With Her Father Who Happens To Be An Inventor)
Bebe:Little Town, It's A Quiet Village
Every Day, Like The One Before
Little Town, Full Of Little People
Waking Up To Say...
Bebe:There Goes The Baker With His Tray Like Always
The Same Old brot And Rolls To Sell
Ev'ry Morning Just The Same
Since The Morning That We Came
To This Poor Provincial Town
Jimmy:Good Morning, B-B-Bebe!
Bebe:Morning Monsieur!
Jimmy:Where Are Y-Y-You Off To?
Bebe:The Bookshop! I Just Finished...
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Butters and Al Gore are walking up the stairs to get to Butters room.

Al Gore: "Little boy...aren't Du suppose to be at school?"
Butters: "YEA! But my parents went to California. They won't be back for 3 days."
Al Gore: "Ok...fair enough. What is your name anyway?"
Butters: "BUTTERS!"

Butters opens the door and sits down in his computer chair. Al Gore sits on a beanbag.

Al Gore: "Butters...what is it about Al Gore that Du like so much?"
Butters: "When I heard Du created the Internet on YouTUBE Du became a God to me."
Al Gore: "Precisely what I am. God."
Butters: "YEA! Cause without Du I wouldn't...
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Here is part of the script for tonight's episode. My dad works at MTV studios and he's an editor so he got me a copy of the script so here it goes.

Ext. Kids' Fußball PRACTICE FIELD -- DAY

A bunch of boys are on the field doing jumping jacks (or some other exercise we can actually animate our boys doing)

21! 22! 23! 24! 25!
(keep going to go under the rest)

Reverse to Zeigen that Cartman is sitting on a little chair in his Fußball outfit sipping a water. Behind him we can see some parents in the bleachers. The coach is standing Weiter to Cartman, watching practice, and there's Fußball practice equipment...
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posted by soxfan89
Mr. StickxMr. Hat
Ms. ChoksondickxMr. Macky
StanxTall Goth
GregoryxLe Mole
KylexLe Mole
StanxRed Goth
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posted by soxfan89
Eric:So Du Guys Heard Of The Disney Princesses, Right?
Kyle:Yes, Cartman!
Eric:So Who's Your Favorit And Why?
Stan:I Like Belle Because She's Smart And Very Pretty!
Kenny:*muffled* I Like jasmin Because She Only Wants To Fall For The Right Guy And Marry Him.
Clyde:Ariel Because She's A Good Swimmer And Is Really F***** Gorgeous!
Butters:I Like Aschenputtel Because She Always Wants To Meet Her Prince Charming. I Could Be Like That!
Eric:Trust Me Butters, No Du Don't!
Token:I Think Tiana Is Just Awesome, She Never Lets Anyone Down And Is Such A Great Cook.
Tweek:Ah, Aurora Is Mine Because She Feels...
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posted by soxfan89
Trey Parker:Once Upon A Time, In A Faraway Land, Young Prince Kyle Lived In A Shining Castle. Although He Had Everything His herz Desired, The Prince Was Spoiled, Selfish And Unkind. But Then, One Winter's Night, An Old Beggar Woman Came To The schloss And Offered Him A Single Rose In Return For Shelter From The bitter Cold. Repulsed Von Her Haggard Appearance, The Prince Sneered At The Gift And Turned The Old Woman Away, But She Warned Him Not To Be Deceived Von Appearances, For Beauty Is Found Within. And When He Dismissed Her Again, The Old Woman's Ugliness Melted Away To Reveal A Beautiful...
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posted by ThreadbareSP

NOTE: This piece is written in the form of a script. It's rated T for language only. Mr. Garrison speaks for Mr. Hat. Kenny's lines are parenthesized to indicate that they are muffled. This story takes place when the kids are in the third grade.


The episode starts with the typical shot of South Park Elementary. Inside, the third grade class is crowded around Kenny's desk. He's drinking something out of a small can.

CLASS: Chug! Chug! Chug!

Mr. Garrison walks into the room.

MR. GARRISON: Okay kids, take your seats.

The class ignores him and continues.

CLASS: Chug! Chug!...
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Kenny:Heh! Oh Boy! Wendy's Gonna Get The Surprise Of Her Life, Huh Clyde.
Clyde:Yep. This Is Her Lucky Day!
Clyde:I'd Like To Thank Du All For Coming To My Wedding. But First, I Better Go In There And...Propose To The Girl!
(Pip, Jimmy And The Others Laugh)
(Shelly, Red And Annie Cry)
Clyde:Now, Du Kenny. When Belle And I Come Out That Door--
Kenny:Oh I Know, I Know!
Clyde:Not Yet!
Wendy:Clyde, What A Pleasant...Surprise.
Clyde:Isn't It Though? I'm Just Full Of Surprises. Du Know, Wendy. There's Not A Girl In Town Who Wouldn't Liebe To Be In Your Shoes. This Is The Day... This Is The Day...
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Here are some reasons why I think South Park is great. Enjoy!

1. Matt and Trey do all the voices except the female characters and Token, Towelie, hoodless Kenny and guests.

2. It has never been cancelled since it premiered in 1997.

3. Matt and Trey, the creators of the show, also do voices, direct, often provide music, are in direct contact with the animators, and much more.

4. The average episode takes six days to make, before the Wednesday it airs. Exceptions to this would be the first episodes and ones that take longer to animate, like "Major Boobage".

5. A lot of the characters are based on...
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Chapter 1: Douchebag the Thief

"Deep in the lands of Zaron, the humans of Kupa Keep struggle to stay alive as they are attacked Von the wicked Drow Elves of Larnion.

Darkness falls… as the humans beg their King to save them; a noble King, known only as the Grand Wizard.

For a thousand years the battle has been waged, with only the bravery of the Grand Wizard to protect his human followers.

But even though the Wizard King is so undeniably cool, the Drow Elf armies continue their attacks. They seek the humans' most treasured relic – The Stick of Truth.

But the tides of war are soon to change,...
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(Everybody Boards The Plane)
Kyle:I Call The Window Seat.
Stan:I Get The Aisle Seat!
Kenny:*muffled* I Feel So Comfortable!
Wendy:Should I Sit Weiter You, Stan?
Stan:Sure Wendy!
Butters:Mom, Dad We're Getting First Class!
Linda:That's Wonderful.
Chris:A Very Good Time To Talk To Us And Get The Most Out Of This Flight.
Craig:If I Could Switch Seats With Timmy, I Would Be Sooooo Happy!
Token:What Movie Are We Watching?
Tweek:Ah, I Can't Tell You!
Ike:I Can't Have Peanuts!
Kyle:That's OK, Ike. Maybe I Could Have Some Of Yours!
Red:Eric, Can Du Trade Seats With Annie? She Asked Kenny But Kenny sagte He Has UTI....
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SFG- So, guys. Now that Du fought over kekse, cookies and muffins.
Cartman- Yes we have, Kyle...
Kyle- Shut up! Du know Du like kekse, cookies AND muffins!
SFG- Just, drop it! Alright?
Cartman- Whatever. *crossed arms over chest(if he even can)*
Kyle- So what's the topic this time?
SFG- If Du all shut up and listen!
*All grow silent*
SFG- Now the survey Frage is... Katzen oder Dogs?
Cartman- Totally dogs! Yes, dogs! Kyle will probably agree with me 'cause he knows I can kick his arsch well!
Kyle- No Du can't! Du can't even schlagen, punsch a pillow!
Cartman- Can too!
SFG- SHUT THE HELL UP Du TWO! Kyle, what do Du answer for...
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Sharon:Stan, Stan Wake Up!
Stan:Mom, What Is It?
Randy:Today, Is Very Exiciting For All Of Us.
Stan:Why? Were Going Some Place Special?
Sharon:We're Going To Disney World.
Shelly:So, Get Out Of bett Turd!
(Eric's House)
Liane:It's time To Get Up, Poopsykins!
Eric:Mom, I Need 3 Hours Mehr Of Sleep.
Liane:Today We're Heading Off To Disney World.
Eric:Disney World! Why Didn't Du Say So?
(At Kyle's House)
Sheila:Wake Up, Sunshine!
Gerald:Kyle, Are Du Up Yet?
Kyle:Yes, Dad. I'm Getting Dressed!
Sheila:Ike Wants To Say Something.
Ike:Kyle, We're Going To Disney World.
Kyle:I'm Excited Already!
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posted by LilRabb
So yeah since i was REALLY looking vorwärts-, nach vorn to this ep i thought i could do a small review on it, also i thought we could like discuss it and such , since most people who watched it either disliked it oder loved it! (:
~*~ Long rant below SORRY ~*~
Sooo personally; I LOVED it!
Firstly, The Stan story = A+ I liked how they added in how alcohol makes the world such a lovely place- Epic!Seeing Stan drunk was made me giggle and his little "F*ck off Kyle.... i Liebe you...F*ck off Kyle" Was pretty funny and cute too! I also liked how he came to terms with the changes at the end,i started to think maybe...
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