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posted by siarra1014
Omg i Liebe south park i cry my eyes out with laughther it is so hilarious who ever made this Zeigen should get a thumbs up he oder she is awesome i like there new episodes. Du should watch it. its really funny some people dont like it and say its to inapropiate but they need to let loose and get ahold of themselves.because this Zeigen should be rewarded most funniest show. thumbs up if u Liebe this show. and im new on Fanpop my friend sagte its cool and lot of nice people - i dont believe her- i recomend u to watch this ok sorry for my typeing its kinda wrong i type way to fasts.
posted by SouthParkSmart
The Jahr is 2010, and young Ariel cannot wait for the new South Park episodes to come out. Unable to cope with the wait any longer, Ariel decides to freeze herself for three weeks. But a freak avalanche makes Ariel impossible to find, and so she remains Frozen for 500 years.

“Five hundred years in the future. This is terrible!” I cried, looking out a window at the foreign landscape in front of me.
    Schpeck then re-entered the room. “Ariel, we have some good news. We found an old South Park season fourteen DVD box set for you,” he said, holding the brightly colored...
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ive got such a raging clue.
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