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lovingsam posted on Jun 16, 2010 at 06:33PM
I said before I want Channy to live. Well I'm very sorry to say Channy might die this season. I have heard different things but no one can be sure of anything right now. People say there will be an episode called My Two Chads and in that episode they will be over. Now I looked at wikipedia and My Two Cads is not on the episode list. If you look at some of the other forums and links it says other wise. I do not know what to trust but Channy must live if not... well lets just say the director will not get some very nice e-mails from me. If Channy does end well then I just might threaten to top watching but I don't know if I can. This show is so addictive. I can not wait until Sonny Wth a Kiss which once again I found on Wikipedia. But I belive it will be with Chad! If this is true well then they have only 1 episode (that I can see) to have Channy be over. The break-up I heard about is on the link called "My Two Chads:Popstar" so read and enjoy (if you can) and go to the link that is titled" Demi Lovato & Sterling Knight: Date Night- Just Jarred Jr." It has awseome pics of Falling For The Falls Part 1 and 2 and a brief description of both episodes. And a picture there proves on of my points on a past picture called "Sonny and Chad". (Not to helpful I know) Chad gave Sonny his jacket! I love it! It's so romantic. Thats it for now. I have one question: Do you think Cahnny will live? And iI said think not do you want. Okay?


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Vor mehr als einem Jahr truvu7 said…
big smile
oh no, in the end of the episode My Two Chads, they get back together:)
oh and the episode Tween Choice has a lot of Channy too! A guy named Greg went to teh taping and said alot of spoilers but I didnt want to spoil myself by reading it. Lets just say......So Random and Mackenzie Falls get nominated.......and both casts know about Channy......and the press will discover abotu Channy....and maybe a kiss? you didnt here it from me. ill try looking for teh link some otehr timeXD
Vor mehr als einem Jahr AutumnDontFall said…
I want Channy to live! This is just my thinking but My Two Chads might not be the name of the episode (its just a guess) but I think it might be called Chad with a Chance my guess
Vor mehr als einem Jahr Channyfan1 said…
Vor mehr als einem Jahr sammiNnikki said…
The writer better not do something as crazy as that! Channy must live or I will die lol
Vor mehr als einem Jahr truvu7 said…
oh great. now there are rumors they might end in Sonny With a Choice.........but thats all i know! so dont count on me for more info, cause i dont wanna know for a reason.
Vor mehr als einem Jahr truvu7 said…
OK, if you gusy want to get spoiled on the ep Sonny With a Choice (the ep they apparently break up in) then you guys should follow this forum post by post from near the beginning. I'm not reading it though! so if you want to get spoiled 1/3 of the
Vor mehr als einem Jahr lovingsam said…
hey where is it i cant find it on that site
Vor mehr als einem Jahr MariaMFRL said…
I've lived my own Channy and I will not aloud the real Sonny and Chad to end cause the thought makes me cry and I love them together, biggest reason to I started watching the show... It's okay if they aint dating but I want them to still express that they have those feelings for each other... SWAC forever but mostly Channy forever <3 <3 <3
 I've lived my own Channy and I will not aloud the real Sonny and Chad to end cause the thought makes