MacKenzie Falls is a fictional beliebt prime time soap opera aimed at tweens starring Chad Dylan Cooper who plays the titular character of Mackenzie. The Zeigen films in Stage 2, a sound stage adjacent to So Random!. The Guardian describes MacKenzie Falls as "basically every adolescent soap opera from Dawson's Creek to Gossip Girl shoved into a blender." MacKenzie Falls' far-fetched and confusing plots parody those of teen dramas ' prompted Tawni to ask Chad, "What is your Zeigen even about?."

MacKenzie Falls won the Tween Choice Award in 2006, 2007, 2008, and 2009.

According to an interview with Sterling Knight, MacKenzie Falls airs during 8/7c on Wednesdays, right after So Random!. So Random! and MacKenzie Falls have had a long time rivalry.

1.Chad and the cast of So Random! calls the rest of the MacKenzie Falls cast Von the name of their characters.

2.Every So Random! cast member has been a Mackenzie Falls Fan.

3.The season finale of the first three seasons of MacKenzie Falls is MacKenzie finding out he has yet another sibling.