"Sonny?" Tawni says "Do Du want to explain something"
"Uh.. Um... Oh dear this is akward"
"WELL?!" The So Zufällig gang yelled
"I really don't know. I guess Chad likes me"
"Wow really?" Zora says.
"AHHHHH!" Sonny randomly yells.
"What is it Sonny?" Nico says while trying to relax Grady.
"Oh My God! That means I kissed Chad!"
A gasp is collected from the group.
"WAs it terrible?" Tawni asks soothing Sonny.
"Om my gosh she liked it!" Zora and Tawni yelled together.
"She's evil now." Grady has finally speaking.
"What? That doesn't even make sense!"
"Yes it does! Du like Chad!"
"No I don't!"
"Prove it"
"I got an idea" Zora's voice chimes in.
"Ok so the camera is in your headband so we can watch Du turn down Chad without him seeing us."
"Got it"
Sonny leaves her and Tawni's dressing room and heads to the Mackenzie Falls set.
"What is it Sonny?" He sagte in a sing song voice.
"We need to talk"
He studied her face.
"I understand." He sagte in whisper.
"Understand what?"
"You don't like me. I get it and i don't blame you"
"Oh well.Good"
Sonny storms off throws her headband in the nearest branch walk back to Chad.
"What is it Son-"
Sonny kisses Chad. And he kisses her again and again and again and.. they stop.
"That was really sweet of Du to give me the rose"
"You deserved it"
"We need to keep this a secret"
"So are we a 'we' now?"
"Only to each other got it?"
"Got it"
He kissed her agin his kisses felt liker ain drops on her skin.