"Ummm thers sometyhing I need to tell you" Chad sagte nervously.
"What Chad?"
"Its just that I uh-"
"CHAD! Spit it out!"
"Oh all right. I know who likes you."
" Who is he?"
Chad scoffed. " I can't tell you! He knows Du don't like him so it would hurt his confidence"
"I'm not critcial like that I promise to consider him fairly ok?"
"Oh alright. I'll make a shout out tonight on Mackenzie Falls tonight just watch ok?"
So Zufällig was waitingn to hear the shout-out to Sonny. (Yes, Nico and Grady too)
Penlope " But Mackenzie I thought Du loved me!"
Mackenzie (aka Chad)"Theres a girl out there and I told her I knew who her secret admirer was. And well Sonny its me."
The screen went blank. The sound of all of the So Randoms was loud and clear.