Sonnys POV
"NOOOO!" It was all of the cast of so Zufällig and mackenzi falls, shocked... gasping... horrified. "Sonny, I thought Du were better than this!" Nico exclaimed. "You are a filthy girl. Küssen Chad Dylan Pooper like that." Grady added. I found that funny a bit. None of Chads cast mates sagte anything, Tawni and Zora were shocked as they were. Tawni and a dramatic mackenzi girl fainted. Wow. Over a kiss. All of them kissed people before. I know it was me and Chad, (I was horrifed at first but the way we kissed and our lips moved trogether it was magicle.)

After the faints and the breathing heavily died down I saw their disgusted faces. "How?" Zora started, "could?" Nico added Tawni finshed "You?"
"Guys I know it was a shock,; but Du got to believe me when I say; that he kissed me first and I was trying to get out of his grip but he was too strong." I gave my speech.
"Answer me this then, did Du enjoy it?" Tawni questioned sternly. "Well..." I panted thinking of something of what to say...