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 Madison And Mighty
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Source: She dosn't just stalk Espio
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Source: credit goes to AnjelBases froom deviantart for the base
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when i turned 16 i was so happy!!!heres what happened:

luna:oh my god!!!*looks at hammer that rosy gave me*

luna:thanks!!! now i wack people! *evil look*

rosy:glad ya liked it :3

amy:heres my gift: *gets a giant box:

luna:daaang! *opens box*

*silver gets out*

silver: *sigh*..i am the amazing blah blah...can i go now?

amy:you have to see her future.

silver:sigh* fiiine!!! *sees into lunas future*

silver:0_0 HOLY SHIT!!!!!


silver: Du rule all of the dimensions....and Du have black clothing!!!


magic:me next! *hands me a box*

luna:thanks! *opens it*....wheres the gift?...
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 "i wouldnt open that if i were Du crazy..." - flame abby the bat
"i wouldnt open that if i were you crazy..." - flame abby the bat
(crazy and flame were at a restaurant when aqua and mirage showed up) crazy: "*annoyed*what are Du two doing here?" mirage: "we just thought since Du and cronos are takin your relationship up a notch we wanted to give Du a present *hands the gift over to crazy*" flame: "... *angry at them* (in her mind:i wouldnt open that if i were Du crazy...)" crazy: "*opens the gift and finds a pillow*" aqua: "your back must be hurting like heck after "all that hard work" Du and cronos did" flame: "*gets up and heats up*" thats it!! *fire blasts aqua* aqua: "i dont think so... *counters it with water...
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name:Toxic the cat
likes:to be everyones friend,music,black,sonic(as a friend),britney spears music(toxic mostly),3oh!3,and boys
dislikes:amy,violence(when its not needed),celery,being bored,being called "britney kitty",shame,rouge(because she called her disgusting
Favorit song:disgusting Von Ke$ha
crush:Manic the hedgehog
ex-boyfriend:bitter the hedgehog(not shown yet)
toxic likes to party
she is a flirty girl
which means she loves to flirt
she is not bratty
she likes to text
her fav. Essen is stuff that is sweet
her fav drink is a milkshake