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 Alexzander oder Alex for short.
Alex looks a lot like Tails....................
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posted by silverstruelove
At Tails's workshop:
Luna:ok before i say why i gathered Du all here, i want Sonic and Amy to sit down please
Both:um ok (sit down)
Luna:ok remember that 5 days Vor Magic went to save her two beloved childern, and she hasn't come back
Luna:well we found her but
Amy/mom:(frantically) but what
Luna:(turns to Silver) Silver?
Silver:ok (walks out of the room and comes back with me in his arms)
Mom&Dad:magic! (Ran to Silver)
Mom:what happened to her
Luna:eggman hit her with Goo-Goo Gas and now she's a baby
Dad:(clenched his hand into a fist) eggman went to far this time
After a big Debatte on...
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I chose this because my Fan character had a bad life. Things like getting almost bullied to death to having an abusive boyfriend to getting raped at 13 to giving birth to a child she wasn't expecting (she knew she was pregnant but not with twins)
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