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 Aliya the fuchs (Selfy OC)
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aliya the fuchs
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My FC is called Sandy the Cat and I'm gonna tell all Du Fans a bit about her. Let's get started!

Name: Sandy
Species: Cat
Gender: Female
pelz Colour: Ginger with Tangelo orange stripes
Eye Colour: Electric Blue
Attire: orange Bracelets and Anklets, White Cami, Pale blue denim cut-offs with red belt, bare feet oder when she goes swimming she wears a red and white striped bikini, her bracelets and anklets, bare feet.
Hair Style: Long Pigtail that's ginger with tangelo orange rings. Her tail is done in the same pattern.
Personality: Loud, Outgoing, Annoying, Happy, Bouncy, Beachy, Bright, Playful, Goofy, Humorous.
Age: 12 and a half.
Quotes: "HELP!!! I broke my leg!" "Hey Guys! Let's go to the beach!" "Why do Du hate me? Sorry if I'm annoying..." "LEAVE HER ALONE!!!!!"

So that's Sandy. She's all across the fanclub so see if Du can spit her in RP's, Fragen and quizzes.
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 Ashley "Cam" The Dog
Ashley "Cam" The Dog
"sara!we've missed Du so much." My Mom sagte every word with joy and hope that I would stay for Mehr than an hour.My dad started to talk to Cam just then."And this must be lil' Ashley! Ashley the Dog!" Cam blushed.He hated his real name.So we called him Von his middle name.Cam."Please sir, just call me Cam." I could smell my mom's Home made kekse, cookies already.I guess she read my mind."You must smell my cookies.Here I'll go get Du some and--" I Stopped her and did what I had to do."Am I...Your real...Child?I keep having a dream with other people saying that they're my real parenets." I think I choose the wrong words because my mom cried."I knew Du would find out."I was shocked.What did this mean? Was I adopted?Was I stolen?
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Cynthia is a female bat that was created Von Black Doom for her mother & father, Moon the Bat & Saturn the Hedgehog.The way to tell how is that she has a dragon mark that is permanint including ancient symbols and words, also it is located on her left arm,it is noticeable all the time,and she hides it under her gloves.
Her boyfriend is Mars the hedgehog, but she has a crush on Shadow,Knuckles,and Silver.

(The series)
My new series is called Cynthia the dark spirit.
The first one of the series is called, The dark beginning.
I will probely have to put it in several parts first.
But be patient and it will be finished.
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Sequence Four

2 Years Later…

Reesa was now pregnant with her first child. This made Melik’s job much harder, as he had to not only take care of her, but he now had to work twice as hard in the labs. Still though, they were no longer living in their little apartments, but they were making very good pay. Nothing went unattended. And yet, Reesa still felt as if her life was horrible, but when Du have another living person getting larger inside your body, one would have a good reason for being miserable.

Melik opened the door to their quaint, yet plentiful house, tossed his mantel at a stand, missed,...
continue reading...
I chose this one not because I like it, but becuase it represents Nebula's unneeded recklessness.
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Blood's Past
Chapter Five
West Returns Home
A Week Later...
Miles and Zoey are asleep when there is a knock at the door. Erica walks to the door and opens it "West your home! "Where are the kids?"
"Asleep why"
"I need to tell Du something about Miles"
Miles wakes up and went to get a cup of water then he heard the conversation so he started eavesdroping.
"One of the Doctors told me about Miles blood work, he has a trace of chaos power"
"As in chaos smaragd power?"
"Yes... he has powers others can only dream of"
"Miles, our son, is a living chaos emerald"
"basically, yes i know this is a lot to take in so lets go get some sleep"
Miles hurried into his room and acted like he was sleeping. West walks to Miles room"I know your not sleeping Miles" Miles sits up in his bett "Is it true dad?"
"Yes, Du do have special powers son but the Frage is what will Du do with them?"