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My name is Aries, the Purple hedgehog. I'm Sonic The Hedgehog's Daughter. My dad and mom are trapped in another world. They have been for years now.
I am just an average girl. I look like my mom, Amy Rose, but have most my dad's personality. Thats what my Uncle Tails says. I live with him. He tells me all about my parents. He is also like, the smartest guy in the world!
He told me that when i was little, like baby little, oder 1 oder something, my dad used to carry me on his back and take me on adventures with him and runs. I can't remember, I was so young.
So far, my uncle built a dimension transporter. But the only way to power it is with these things called Chaos Emeralds. My uncle told me about how him my mom and dad uses to look for them. He sagte there are 7. I need to find them, and so far I have like pretty suckish progress.
My parents, I haven't seen in years. My uncle also tells me about Dr. Eggman and he is the one who trapped my mom and dad in that dimension thing. The only thing I have from my child haube is this Purple necklace. My uncle sagte my dad gave it to me when I was born. It has been with me ever since.
To my uncle, the inly personality I have simalar to my mom is obsessions aperantly. Wow. i Am completely in Liebe with this guy named jake at high school. I don't Zeigen my obsessions as much as my mom did.
it is also kind of embarrasing because when i tell People that i am sonic the hedgehog's daughter, They think i have a way past cool power, (And P.S, i Dont know why i say way past cool, it just comes to me) then i feel like a total idiot when i say "Actually, as far as i know, i dont have a power" and almost everyone at my school does.
Espeacially my friend, best friend, rosie. She a pretty cool power. She can make feuer come out of her hands and she can form the feuer into shapes. She just hasnt quite gotten the hang of it yet. She sometimes burns down the theatre sets accidebtally, and the teacher always yells "Rosie the rabbit!" Shes a clutz thats really outgoing.
Anyways, lets cut to the chase, Im missing my parents, and oneday, Im gonna find em!

(Sorry if Du arent a "SonAmy" fan. If Du want a pic of Aries, Check out my Profile) This was only intro :) First ep. is soon :)
Note: If Du have not read Part One, I strongly suggest Du do. This part is longer than the last one. Mehr for my fans!



Her face lit up every memory of his existence. Dr. Gerald told her once everyday that he loved her.

Myzak spat. Once the machine was finished, he'd get rid of Dr. Gerald once and for all. "It's a living heck." He kept telling himself. All he needed was a chaos emerald, and it'd be done. How to acquire the chaos smaragd was the problem...but not for long...


Rouge's fingers moved swiftly across the keys. "Why can't I just find that chaos smaragd first?" She whined....
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This… is going to be a short one. That’s because the series hasn’t even been introduced, only planned and somewhat worked on. Luna_acres (I don’t think I spelled that right so I’ll just call her Luna) asked about… THREE years Vor if anyone wanted to be in her comic. I got some characters in it, and soon after suggested to help with the Schreiben since she was doing the drawing and organizing.

Basically the plot starts right before The Conflicts Arcane ends. A lone Mobian watches while her planet is destroyed Von a strange silver storm of energy. It disappears and she’s left alone,...
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So a lot of the time when I'm in a Forum it ends up that it's either me, Gracethefox, oder Sarathedog, that are the only ones staying on a forum, and I gotta say, it gets old, and BORING. I mean sure, WE aren't boring. We Liebe rping together in forums, but we can't do it with JUST us the entire time.

Now I know a lot of people CAN'T get online at times, and when that happens there's nothing wrong, but when people CAN and just don't, it gets really annoying. I'm not saying that Du have to get back on, but everyone just disappears and doesn't say why.

My guess is boredom. They get bored, and lazy...
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Chapter two: New living situation

Location: Mobius-zone-8, Faconicks, Meridona, North-Tropan, Gas-station

Date: Monday, March 10th, Second-Line-2101

Time: 2:32 P.M.

“This is… uh… well I guess I should just start a new one. My name’s Ni-… *sigh*. I’m Talon. I’ve been on the road for three to five days. I’ve been traveling with two Supernatural mobians, like myself. A girl named Kal, who has a bunch of strange rings, and a living scarf… oder something, and an imploding dude named Jesse. We’re being chased Von some Overlander organization, and have lost… our loved ones in the process....
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A Video Of Touken2 Drawing one of my sonic characters, Neo. ~ <3
sonic oc
sonic Fan character
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The OG Sonic meme has been a prevalent one on the interwebs, at least for those who dare to dabble in the darker, Mehr hilarious aspects of the blue hedgehog's fandom. (XD)
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Just a comp I found showcasing the naughtier side of the female fandom. :)
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