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posted by silverstream101
 Ember 5 years old (By Evolia_Wulf)
Ember 5 years old (By Evolia_Wulf)
ok....b nice cuz i havnt done an artical in awhile and it might seem like im RPing....welll i hope u like it ^_^ im going 2 b doing a 1st person perspective and the main character is of course Ember....ok ill start when shes like....5

I wake up 2 the sound of knocking on her door. "5 Mehr minutes!"

Blaze replies, "come on Ember u know we have a parade 2 go 2!"

"ugh...." i groan but i still get out of bett and i look at my clock muttering 2 myself, "who wakes up at 6 in the morning 4 a parade...." I mutter 2 myself the entire time im getting ready.
*at the parade*

Blaze ribs me, "can u atleast PRETEND ur having a good time..."

"no..." my chin is resting in my hand and as i look out on the crowd.

Blaze sighs in defeat and continues 2 wave.
*after the parade and they r back at the castle*

"that was soooo boring..." i tell Blaze as we r walking 2 our rooms*

"oh come on Ember it wasnt so bad..."

i give her a "ur kidding right?" look.

"......ok it was boring but u R a princess as well...our people need 2 think u care...

"i DO care...i just wasnt 2 b Mehr like the guards...the can fight and train and NOT WARE DRESSES while we r stuck doing all the boring stuff..."

Blaze sighs, "i dont like it either...u know that...but i deal with it"

"....." i sigh.

"look Ember....i know this isnt the most fun but think about it! we start guardian training 2morrow!"

i immediantly perk up. "really?!"

Blaze smiles, "yup! so now is it so bad?"

"nope! why didnt u say so! "

Blaze laughs and the both walk in2 their rooms 4 the night.

*1st Tag of Guardian Training*

I wake up early 4 once jumping out of bett and get ready. When im done i knock on Blazes door. "Hurry up Blaze!"

Blaze opens her door looking like she just woke up, "Ember? Training doesnt start 4 another 2 hrs...."

"So?! we can get an early start!"

"Fine......" she closes her door.

I lean against the side and i wait 4 her. "...................." i soon start 2 get impatient, "ill wait 4 u outside!"

Blazes replied, "ok!"

I run outside 2 wait. Later when Blaze FINALLY shows up.

"What took u so long!?"

"its only been 10 minutes..."

"10 Minuten 2 long!"

Blaze sighs, "i have never seen u so excited...."

i reply innocently, "and thats a bad thing?"

Blaze rolls her eyes playfully, "whatever Ember....lets get going"

"YAY!" i take off running.

Blaze calls after her, "OTHER WAY!"

"I KNEW THAT!" i turn and go the right way.

Blaze just rolls her eyes and follows Mehr slowly.

I dont stop until i reach the place and i look around in awe. "Oh cool...."

Blaze finally catches up and also looks around, "this looks like it might b fun!"

"I know! do u know whos going 2 b training us?"

"no idea"

"i c u 2 like 2 come early. Thats good," a black cat walks out of the bushes.

"who r u? r tutor?" i ask.

"i name is Coal," Antworten the cat.

"can we start then!!?" i ask enthustiasticly.

Coal smiles, "right away"

Ember and Blaze jump up and down in excitment.
*Ember age 6*

I think 2 myself while im laying in bed, this is so boring...i dont want 2 ware dresses and b all girly...i want 2 live like any1 else....that settles running away in the morning. i close my eyes and soon fall asleep.

I wake up b4 the sun rises and i start packing a few things. Just some clothes that r NOT dresses and some money....i grab some Essen as well b4 jumping out of the window. I fall 4 stories but land lightly on my feet. another perfect landing. Smiling slightly 2 my self i run threw the woods full speed which is about 100mph. i need 2 work on my speed....
and thats it 4 now...ill work on the Weiter major part in her life l8r....and Weiter time? it wont b like a it SHOULD b shorter
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