It was a normal Tag in Ponyville with the sun shining, and everypony was feeling happy.

Song: link

regenbogen Dash: *Flying in the air at high speed* Woo hoo!!! *Clearing lots of clouds in the sky as she flies*

One of regenbogen Dash's Favorit things to do, besides flying, is clearing clouds. She loves to see a clear blue sky, with the sun shining brightly.

regenbogen Dash: *Kicks two Mehr clouds* Perfect. The sky is the same shade of blue as me. Time for a break. *Flies down into the center of Ponyville, and sees Pinkie Pie, and Rarity* Hey Pinkie Pie, Rarity, I haven't seen Du two in a while.

Song (Set the speed to 0.5): link

Pinkie Pie: That's because we are actually working!
Rarity: Yes, while Du fly around clearing those clouds, we have to pull wagons around Ponyville, containing heavy materials like rock, and coal.
regenbogen Dash: Why are Du doing that again?
Pinkie Pie: It's important for ponies!
regenbogen Dash: Coal I can understand for trains, and fires, but why rocks?
Rarity: For building.
Pinkie Pie: And for making beautiful gardens.
regenbogen Dash: Can't Du deliver them in trucks? They do exist Du know.
Pinkie Pie: Too expensive. We have to pull many of these wagons at once. One time, I had to pull eight of these, and it was hard.
Rarity: *Singing* I pulled fifty!
Pinkie Pie: Don't lie Rarity.
Rarity: Okay fine, two.
regenbogen Dash: I wish I could help, but someone has to clear the clouds.
Pinkie Pie: Let someone else do it, so Du can help us.
regenbogen Dash: Yeah, no.
Pony: Okay Rarity, we got six wagons of coal for Du to pull to the station.
Rarity: Well, time for me to go.
regenbogen Dash: Uh, Rarity, don't Du think six is too many for you?
Rarity: Nonsense. I'll Zeigen Du that I can pull heavy things. Here I go. *Struggles to pull the wagons. Her hooves slip, and she falls*
regenbogen Dash: *Laughing* Boy that was great to watch. Okay, I gotta go.

Song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=80kNDFVDxoQ

regenbogen Dash: *Flies away*
Rarity: Du just watch me. It takes a real lady to do hard tasks.
Pinkie Pie: Is that why Du couldn't pull those wagons?
Rarity: Oh shut up.
regenbogen Dash: *Continues flying through clouds, and making them disappear*

Meanwhile, Gilda was also flying through Ponyville. Stop the song

Gilda: Okay, I don't want to cause any trouble with anyone, so I'm just going to help clear the clouds, and then get out of here. *Spots a cloud* Oh, there's one I can clear. *Flies into it, but gets her head stuck, and can't see* Oh great, "these" clouds. Now, I can't see anything.
regenbogen Dash: *Flying towards Gilda* Look out!

regenbogen Dash tried to fly over Gilda, but Gilda bumped into her.

regenbogen Dash: Ahh!! *Crashes into a tree, knocking herself out, and breaking her wings*
Lyra: That had to hurt.
Bonbon: *Looking at Gilda, who still has her head stuck in a cloud, talking sarcastically* Smooth.

A pony named Oddjob arrived with a wagon. regenbogen Dash got loaded onto the wagon, and was being taken somewhere where she could recover.

Pinkie Pie was with Twilight Sparkle standing in front of Carousel Botique.

Twilight: It's a shame that happened to regenbogen Dash.
Pinkie Pie: Now who's going to do her job?
Celestia: *Falls down from the sky*

Song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DSg2Djkg_Ss

Twilight: *Nervous* Uh,, hi Princess?
Celestia: *Drunk* Hello Twilight!!! *Looks at her mane* it's moving Von itself, that's creepy!
Pinkie Pie: Celestia, did Du get intoxicated again?
Celestia: What? Pinkie shame on you. *Moves vorwärts-, nach vorn without moving a single part of her body* Whoa! *Laughing*
Pinkie Pie: Uh, over here Princess.
Celestia: *Turns around* Of course Du are. Okay, I need someone to take over for... Who's that regenbogen pegasus?
Pinkie Pie: regenbogen Dash.
Celestia: Oh right. I need someone to take over for her while she's getting treated.
Pinkie Pie: Ooh! Can I do it?!
Twilight: But Du don't have any wings. Princess Celestia, Du should choose me since I'm smarter. Pinkie only knows how to make cupcakes.
Pinkie Pie: Nuh-uh. I know how to do plenty of things.
Smoky Joe: *Standing nearby, talking in the voice of Microsoft Sam* Did I hear that one of Du are going to take over for regenbogen Dash until she comes back?
Celestia: *Nods* I just need to choose one pony.
Smoky Joe: I am the logical choice. Unlike Pinkie Pie, I have wings, and unlike Twilight, I have Mehr experience.
Celestia: Hmm, this is a tough decision.
Pinkie Pie: Please pick me Celestia!
Twilight: No, pick me.
Celestia: *Her eyes get bigger, then smaller as she tries to pick someone to take over for regenbogen Dash*
Smoky Joe: I am the logical choice. Logical choice.
Pinkie Pie: ME!!
Twilight: Me!
Smoky Joe: Logical choice.
Celestia: Mmmmh, okay. We'll settle this the old fashioned way. *Takes a deep breath* Eenie meanie meiny moe. Pinkie, Twilight, Smoky Joe. My mother told me to pick the very best one, and......... ah forget it, Du can do it Pinkie.

Song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=syCjDEtJB2Y

Pinkie Pie: Yay!!
Twilight: *Uses her magic to give Pinkie Pie wings* You'll need these.
Pinkie Pie: Alright! *Flies into the sky, and starts clearing clouds*

Pinkie Pie was enjoying it.

Smoky Joe: Oh come on. I was the logical choice. I am severly displeased with these Kürzlich events.

Stop the song

Oddjob: *Passing the hospital with regenbogen Dash in his wagon*
regenbogen Dash: Hey, Du just passed the hospital.
Oddjob: Oh sorry regenbogen Dash. That hospital is being renovated. We're going to a new hospital called Happy Land.
regenbogen Dash: Happy land, huh? It's got a nice ring to it.

Song (Set the speed to 1.25): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5p1vacn3KcE

There were several patients in Happy Land. They were all mares. Happy Land had grey, and yellow walls all over the place.

Oddjob: *Puts regenbogen Dash on a couch, and is leaving*
regenbogen Dash: Hey, where are Du going?
Oddjob: Home. Du wouldn't expect me to stick around here, would you? I'd rather pull my own teeth out. *Leaves*
regenbogen Dash: Great, now I'm all alone.

A light grey stallion arrived. His name was Amtrak

Amtrak: Not for long.
regenbogen Dash: *Gets startled* Ah! A stallion with a New York accent!
Amtrak: Oh don't worry. I can assure Du I'm the nicest stallion in all of Equestria. Welcome to Happy Land my blue friend. I hope Du have a very nice time here.
regenbogen Dash: So, when do I get out of here?
Amtrak: When you're healed.
regenbogen Dash: When will that happen?
Amtrak: Soon enough.
regenbogen Dash: What's that supposed to mean?
Amtrak: Du ask too many questions. I got just the-

A crashing noise was heard not far away.

Amtrak: Eh, hold that thought. *Goes away*
regenbogen Dash: What was that noise?
Amtrak: That's none of your business.

A grey mare walked up to regenbogen Dash, limping in the process.

Grey Mare: Du must be regenbogen Dash. I heard about Du in the news.
regenbogen Dash: And who are you?
Grey Mare: I'm Jane, and this is a prison!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
regenbogen Dash: What are Du talking about? This is a hospital. I'll admit I am scared, but-
Grey Mare: This isn't a hospital! It's a prison! They heal us, true, but then we get sold to stallions as slaves, and then we get killed!!
regenbogen Dash: Uh, you're clowning around. Right?
Grey Mare: Nope.
regenbogen Dash: Darn it.
Grey Mare: Du can't trust that grey stallion, Amtrak!
regenbogen Dash: He seems friendly enough.
Grey Mare: Oh sure, but sure enough, he'll Zeigen Du that he's evil!!!
regenbogen Dash: I don't know.
Grey Mare: I do! Amtrak is not to be trusted!
Filly: *Hears hoofsteps on a flight of nearby stairs* He's coming back!
Grey Mare: I better get back to my seat, otherwise, execution!! *Walks back to where she was previously sitting*
regenbogen Dash: Okay, whatever.
Amtrak: *Shouting up the stairs while pulling a karte, warenkorb of cupcakes* Don't ever let me catch Du doing that again. *Mumbles as he continues walking* God I hate mares. *Gets to regenbogen Dash* Hey my blue amigo. How are Du feeling?
regenbogen Dash: Fine I guess. Are those Cupcakes Du have?
Amtrak: Oh yeah. These will help Du feel better. Eat up. *Leaves the karte, warenkorb in front of regenbogen Dash*
regenbogen Dash: These look delicious. Thanks Amtrak.
Amtrak: Quite so, quite so- wait a minute. Were Du talking to someone? How do Du know my name?!
regenbogen Dash: Uh, lucky guess?
Amtrak: Oh yes. Very lucky. *Walks away*
regenbogen Dash: *Eating the cupcakes* These are good. *Feeling drowsy* Whoa. I feel weird. *Sees the room spinning around her* This is awesome! *Having a vision of Zufällig things in Ponyville* Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!! *Laughing*
British Mare: Hey, what's up with the new pony?
Australian Mare: She's been gegeben those Cupcakes with the wodka baked inside of it.
British Mare: Oh, poor pony.
regenbogen Dash: *Laughing* Look at my legs! *Passes out, and sleeps on the couch*

Song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vcPE8BJ8z0E

Pinkie Pie: *Flying through the sky with the pair of wings Twilight gave her* I bet I can fly faster than regenbogen Dash. *Clearing five clouds as she goes really fast. She flies upwards, then flies towards the ground. She does a Sonic Rainboom, and goes upwards again* Yeah!!!!

A few Minuten later.

Pinkie Pie: *Standing Weiter to Rarity*
Rarity: *Still hitched up to the six heavy wagons* So Pinkie, are Du enjoying Rainbow's job?
Pinkie Pie: Yeah! It's very fun.
Rarity: I wish I could do it.
Pinkie Pie: Well Weiter time Celestia is intoxicated, Du should ask her.
Rarity: I'll keep "that" in mind.
Pinkie Pie: Everypony is saying that I'm doing a good job. *Blushing* Some even say I'm better than regenbogen Dash.
Rarity: Oh yeah, who told Du that?
Pinkie Pie: My parents, and sisters.
Rarity: *Laughing*
Pinkie Pie: *Doesn't feel offended, because of what she has to say next* So, good luck with those wagons, right?
Rarity: Oh, yes, I'm just about to leave.
Pinkie Pie: But you've been standing there since yesterday. Just give up.
Rarity: No. Not until I pull these wagons! *Her hooves slip as she tries to run*
Pinkie Pie: Rarity, pull yourself together. Stop. Stop!!
Rarity: *Stops, and is out of breath* I know I've gone at least five inches.
Pinkie Pie: *Lies* Yeah, right Rarity. *Flies away to clear Mehr clouds*
Rarity: I swear Pinkie! I will pull these wagons! Just Du wait!!

Stop the song.

In Happy Land, regenbogen Dash was turning back to normal, after she ate some wodka cupcakes.

regenbogen Dash: *Waking up, and has a headache* Aw, where am I?
Amtrak: *Returns* Hey my blue amigo. How are Du feeling?
regenbogen Dash: Pretty bad. Was were in those cupcakes?
Amtrak: That's not important. What is important is that we fixed your wings.
regenbogen Dash: *Flies up to the ceiling, and gets excited* Oh great. I guess I can go now.
Amtrak: Yeah, I wouldn't wanna do that.
regenbogen Dash: Yeah I would.
Amtrak: No Du wouldn't. Stick around for a while. Once we make a sale, Du can go. *Walking away*
regenbogen Dash: Once we make a what?!
Amtrak: Ah nothing. Just, don't leave yet.
regenbogen Dash: *Walks to the grey mare*
Grey Mare: Did Du get your wings healed Von Amtrak?
regenbogen Dash: Yes. I'm going Home now.
Grey Mare: No you're not. He'll stop you.
regenbogen Dash: No he won't. He's gone. *Walking towards the door*
Grey Mare: Du have a lot to learn about this place.
Amtrak: *Running towards regenbogen Dash* Whoa whoa whoa, where do Du think you're going? *Blocking regenbogen Dash* I wouldn't leave just yet.
regenbogen Dash: *Goes back to the grey mare*
Amtrak: *Walks out of the room, and goes upstairs*
regenbogen Dash: Okay you're right. He stopped me.
Grey Mare: What are Du going to do?
regenbogen Dash: I'll follow him when he goes out tonight.
Grey Mare: I can't believe I didn't think of that.
regenbogen Dash: Well, when you're as smart as me, and have an awesome pair of wings that can make Du break the sound barrier, it's easy to come up with brilliant plans.
Grey Mare: *Uninterested* Uh huh.

That night, Amtrak walked out of Happy Land, and regenbogen Dash followed him. She stayed away from him, and made no sounds.

Amtrak: *Sits in front of a boulder*

A TV screen appeared on the boulder, and on the screen was Doctor Dastardly
Special guest star, ROB as Doctor Dastardly

Amtrak: Du wanted to see me Doctor Dastardly?
Doctor Dastardly: Yes. We got a buyer for that blue pegasus who just came in.
Amtrak: Oh yes, that pony. I drugged her, and fixed her wings.
Doctor Dastardly: Excellent!
Amtrak: But I think she knows something is up. She tried to escape sir.
Doctor Dastardly: Well Amtrak, we can't allow that. Go back to Happy Land, and make sure that she, along with no one else is trying to es-CAPE!!!
Amtrak: Affirmative sir.
Doctor Dastardly: Mwahahahahahahaha! Mwahahahahahahahahahaha!

The screen disappears from the boulder, and Amtrak turns around, only to bump into regenbogen Dash.

regenbogen Dash: Uh oh.
Amtrak: You. Du heard everything. Du were spying on us.
regenbogen Dash: No, I was just passing by.
Amtrak: Don't lie to me, and you're not going to escape. *Taking regenbogen Dash back to Happy Land* I'm calling for reinforcements.

Back in Happy Land, two Mehr stallions were standing guard. Their names were Mojo, and Jojo.

Amtrak: Just try to escape now Du blue brat. Didn't Du see the sign upon entering? No one ever escapes.

Back to Rarity.

Rarity: Okay, I can do this. It's just six wagons, and..

Song (Start it at 0:04): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b1TWU10MAc8

Rarity: *Pulling the wagons* YES!! I DID IT!! *Running while pulling the wagons* Oh, but no one is here to see me make my massive accomplishment. Pooh. Ah never mind, these wagons of coal need to get to the station.

Celestia was no longer feeling drunk. She went to go see Pinkie Pie who was hanging out with Smoky Joe. Stop the song

Celestia: *Lands in front of Pinkie, and Smoky Joe*
Smoky Joe: Celestia. When is regenbogen Dash coming back? I feel mighty lonely without her.
Celestia: I'm not sure. She didn't go to the medical center since it was under repairs.
Pinkie Pie: Then where is she?
Celestia: I told Oddjob to take regenbogen Dash to a new place called Happy Land, but apparently, it's not as happy as the name implies. I can't contact them. They keep ignoring my calls.
Pinkie Pie: So, what are Du going to do Celestia?
Celestia: Don't worry. I decided to e-mail them spam until they return regenbogen Dash.
Pinkie Pie: That's a good idea.
Celestia: I think so too.
Smoky Joe: I am not so sure.
Celestia: Well- uh oh. It's seven o' clock. That means I'm going to be late for my AA meeting. I'm sorry, but I must go. *Flies away*
Smoky Joe: Pinkie, Du must go save regenbogen Dash.
Pinkie Pie: What do Du mean me go? Du go, Du have nothing to do.
Smoky Joe: Whoa whoa whoa Pinkie. This is not about me. It is about you. I thought that Du were regenbogen Dash's friend.
Pinkie Pie: I am her friend, but-
Smoky Joe: Pinkie, if you're really regenbogen Dash's friend, Du will go and save her.
Pinkie Pie: Smoky Joe, I have to clear the clouds!
Smoky Joe: Screw the clouds. Go, and save your friend regenbogen Dash. Go now.
Pinkie Pie: Hmm...

Song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1kXHkRm1VNo

Pinkie Pie: *Gets to Oddjob* Oddjob, I have a plan, but I need your help.
Oddjob: My help, huh? What's in it for me?
Pinkie Pie: You'll get a bigger part in this Fan fiction.
Oddjob: Well, I'm in. What do Du need me to do?
Pinkie Pie: First, *Whispering* And then. *Whispering*
Oddjob: Why are Du whispering?
Pinkie Pie: I don't know. I plan to disguise myself as a sick pony so I can get into Happy Land.
Oddjob: That's kind of a dumb plan, but okay. *Walking away, but accidentally steps on Pinkie's hoof, then hits Pinkie Pie with his wagon*
Pinkie Pie: Ow! Oddjob!!
Oddjob: *Returns* Whoops. Sorry Pinkie.

Stop the song. Oddjob took Pinkie Pie to Happy Land. The rosa pony wrapped up her front legs with toilet paper, and pretended they were broken.

Mojo: What's all this?
Pinkie Pie: Oh, my legs are broken.
Mojo: Come right in. Welcome to Happy Land.
Oddjob: *Brings Pinkie's wagon to the couch where regenbogen Dash is sitting, and sets her down Weiter to regenbogen Dash gently*
regenbogen Dash: Pinkie Pie, what are Du doing here?
Pinkie Pie: I'm here to rescue you.
regenbogen Dash: That's great, but who's clearing the clouds for me?
Pinkie Pie: I don't know.
Smoky Joe: *Kicking several clouds around him* Hahaha. Now I am the master of clearing the sky.
regenbogen Dash: Okay, so what's the plan?
Pinkie Pie: Hmm.
regenbogen Dash: Du do have a plan, right?
Pinkie Pie: I thought that getting in would be the hard part, and getting out would be easy.
regenbogen Dash: That's not a good plan.
Pinkie Pie: Fine, I'm sorry I came here to save you.
regenbogen Dash: We don't have time for this. We gotta stick together if we're gonna get out of here.
Pinkie Pie: Hey, that's right.
regenbogen Dash: What is?
Pinkie Pie: If we all work together, we can bust out of here!
regenbogen Dash: Great. I'll rally everyone else, and we'll get out of here.
Amtrak: *Eavesdropping, and decides to go tell Doctor Dastardly about what he just heard*
Doctor Dastardly: *In his secret room, and turns on the TV screen on the boulder. He is not happy to see Amtrak* WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT?!!!!!!!!!!?
Amtrak: Those mares are up to something Doctor Dastardly. I think they're planning to break out.
Doctor Dastardly: Well don't just sit there, go stop them!!

Song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fqJiZEM6aPI

Amtrak: *Blocking the exit, standing between Mojo, and Jojo*
regenbogen Dash: So long Amtrak, I'm getting out of here.
Amtrak: You'll never escape. There's three of us, and one of you. Just give up, and maybe if you're lucky we'll give Du a break.
Pinkie Pie: You're wrong Amtrak!
Amtrak: I knew they had something planned.
Mojo: No matter. It's three of us against those two.
Pinkie Pie: Wrong. It's three of Du against all of us!

Twenty mares were standing behind regenbogen Dash, and Pinkie Pie. They wanted to get out.

Amtrak: Stand your ground fellas, they're just weak, and helpless mares. They can't stop us.
regenbogen Dash: That's what Du think Amtrak, but we'll beat you. Let's go girls!
Pinkie Pie: *Charging*
regenbogen Dash: *Charging*
Mares: *Charging behind regenbogen Dash and Pinkie Pie*
Amtrak: You'll never escape Happy Land!!

The three stallions got knocked down. Every mare escaped. Stop the song.

Doctor Dastardly: NO!!!!!!!!! Du three idiots let them es-CAAAAAAAAAAAAPE!!
Amtrak: Eh, sorry sir.
Mojo: Du know, that's the last time I work with Du two.
Jojo: Same here. I'm just going to open up a barber shop.
Doctor Dastardly: Now mommy will be disappointed with me!! *Falls on the ground, and cries*

In Ponyville, everyone was quiet, until..

Song: link

regenbogen Dash: *Returns with Pinkie Pie, and the other mares*
Rarity: Huh? What's that noise?
regenbogen Dash: *Stops Weiter to Rarity* Hi Rarity.
Rarity: Oh Rainbow, you're back.
Pinkie Pie: And so am I.
Smoky Joe: *Comes down after clearing clouds* Oh, you're back. My wolke clearing days are over.
Pinkie Pie: I'll take over for Du Smoky Joe.
regenbogen Dash: Nope. I'll be taking over.
Pinkie Pie: Oh, right.
Celestia: I'm pleased to see Du made it back safely regenbogen Dash. My e-mail plan worked perfectly.
regenbogen Dash: Uh, yeah, right.
Celestia: *Looks at the other mares* But who are all these other ponies?
Pinkie Pie: Oh don't worry about them, they're not important.
Celestia: Okay. With that sorted out, I have over forty wagons full of limestone that needs to be taken to the new construction site.
regenbogen Dash: Umm.... Bye! *Flies away*
Pinkie Pie: Hey Rainbow, come back here! Du sagte on the way back here that you'd help so that *Talks faster, and no one can understand what she's saying*

Ending theme: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ExJCqqGP6Oc

Starring the main protagonists

regenbogen Dash & Pinkie Pie

Also starring

Princess Celestia
Twilight Sparkle
And featuring two new OC's, Smoky Joe and Oddjob

Starring the bad guys

Special Guest Star: ROB as Doctor Dastardly

Songs used in order of appearance

CP Original - Kind of Thomas-ish Von Captain Punjab of Youtube
Pizzicato Playtime - Ren and Stimpy
Epic Fat Controller Theme Remix Von Thomas Fan Forever of Youtube
Smile Smile Smile 8 Bit Version Von RC88 of Youtube
GTA Vice City Theme - Rockstar
MLP Fighting is Magic - Pinkie Pie Theme
Thomas The Bachmann Model & Friends Theme Von Captain Punjab of Youtube
Spiral Mountain - Banjo-Kazooie
chemical plant zone rock remix Von truesonicremastered of Youtube
View - Namco Museum Vol. 3 Soundtrack
My little pony: Friendship is magic 8-bit extended version Von DJDerpy75
Smoky Joe