"If Du wanna hit me, go right ahead."
"I'm not scared of anything! Hit me."
"I don't want Du to say anything; hit me."

» 01 | Because Effy has only ever gegeben two men a compliment in her life: James Cook (brave) and Tony Stonem (amazing).
» 02 | Because they're the only two boys to carry her.
» 03 | Because "you're the only person in the whole world Tony truly cares about" and "the one ****ing girl I have ever loved."
» 04 | Because they both have a lot of UST (yeah, we went there).
» 05 | Because he's her only friend that knows what happened to her brother.
» 06 | Because blue eyes... Need we say more?
» 07 | Because they've both rescued her without drawing blood first.
» 08 | Because "She's mine." vs. "I sort of own her."