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return revenge of doctor blowhole i have no idea what this has to with skilene but enjoy (:
Die Pinguine aus Madagascar
dr blowhole
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perfect song if Marlene knew about Kitka
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Here's a Skilene video that's made Von a friend of mine. Ladies and gentlemen, Lady Antebellum + Skilene
lady antebellum
:) yay Skilene!!!!!!
High School Musical
Die Pinguine aus Madagascar
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Hi everyone!I know i already wrote a skilene (Otter Night) but i still wanna write more. :) And this one i think WILL be longer :) So i hope u enjoy :) <3
"Kowalski be careful with that thing!"scolded Skipper."Okay!"Complained Kowalski.But then ZAPP!There was a bright green light and everybody near the ray-gun fainted,including Skipper,Kowalski,Rico,Private,Julian,Mort,Maruice,and Marlene.
3 Hours Later
"Ugggh.....My head..What happened? screams!What happened to the guys!?!"yelled Marlene."We're right here!oh.Kowalski what's that pretty lady doing here!?!"said Skipper.Marlene made a face."Skipper...
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Author’s Note: I’ve already done a set of ten skits for just POM in general, but these are, as the Titel says, purely Skilene. Most just imply Skilene, but there a few at the end in which Skipper and Marlene are an actual couple. link are the skits for normal POM skits if Du wish to read them. Any Titel with a Roman numeral Weiter to it has a skit note associated with it displayed at the end. I hope Du enjoy these skits and I hope I succeed in making Du laugh. Peace, out.

11) Sweet Dreams

    On a quiet Saturday afternoon, Skipper had sent his men off for a snowcone reward...
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In a rose garden, a man and woman, both of fair skin, stepped out from the shadows. The woman had straight brown hair, and brown eyes filled with humor and mischief. The man had messy black hair, and sapphire-blue eyes that were stern yet kind. It was midnight, the only time they could see each other, for they were of different ranks. The woman was the heiress of a rich and powerful family, while the man was merely the leader of a commando unit. If the woman's family were to learn of their love, they would be deprived of any chances of contact. Therefore they had to keep their meetings a secret,...
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The huge saw came closer and closer as the conveyer gürtel slowly moved Skipper and Marlene to their ends. The smile on Skyler face was a mixture of evil and excitement, the twinkle in her eyes made everything but worse. “Why Skyler? Why?” Skipper pleaded. “It’s called unmasking the villain, like in 1956 with Felix Afori… Ring a glocke Skipper?” Skipper looked up at her in disappointment; history he really didn’t know didn’t help his frustration for himself. How could he have trusted her? Because she is reliable…trustworthy even. No, she betrayed me, and Marlene. She has a plan,...
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