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The first in a series of informative lectures about the U.S. Constitution offered Von Hillsdale College. Du can visit to register for their free Constitution 101 course for more.
u.s. constitution
united states constitution
hillsdale college
constitution 101
declaration of independence
american history
founding fathers
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Interesting video from the Live Monarch Foundation shows how Du can fix a broken schmetterling wing.
monarch schmetterling
broken schmetterling wing
live monarch foundation
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After seeing a Foto of some birds sitting on telephone wires, a Brazilian man composes a tune based on their locations. I came across this short video a while Vor and enjoyed it.
Musik notes
birds on wires
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I decided to have another chat with the artificial intelligence system that is This conversation took place on February 19, 2012. It was an interesting experience, though as Du will see below, Cleverbot still needs a lot of fine-tuning, and likely will for the foreseeable future.

I, obviously, am "User" and Cleverbot is himself/herself/itself.


User: Hello, Cleverbot! It's been a while.

Cleverbot: It's been a while since I ...

User: Since Du and I last spoke.

Cleverbot: Not what and please answer and don't change the subject.

User: I did answer. It seems Du haven't changed much...
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Source: I took the Foto
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Source: My photos.
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Source: I edited Obama's propaganda.
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Source: I edited it together.
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Cleverbot and I had the following chat on April 9, 2016.


User: Sup?

Cleverbot: Bongour.

User: Isn't it "bonjour"?

Cleverbot: Bonjour.

User: Thank you.

Cleverbot: You're welcome.

User: You're very polite today so far. Usually we fight.

Cleverbot: You're very complimentary today.

User: Thanks.

Cleverbot: Do Du have a compliment for me?

User: I think I just gave Du one, friend.

Cleverbot: What are Du trying to get?

User: I don't know.

Cleverbot: Well your fun to have a conversation with.

User: "Your"?

Cleverbot: I do.

User: Du do what?

Cleverbot: I think Du are interesting.

User: Thank Du so much!...
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