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Fan fiction by LightSoul99 posted Vor mehr als einem Jahr
fan of it?
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First shot of making a fanfiction for 'Your Lie in April'/'Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso'! I didn't know how to start oder even end it, but I think I did alright, I suppose...
This fanfiction takes place in episode 17 (at the start to be exact), but I changed it up a bit. So I hope Du enjoy! Leave your Kommentare oder review a bit of your thoughts, oder just how much Du enjoyed/disliked it :)

“Want to kill yourself with me?”

Those six words cut through my train of thought, slicing through the Bilder of my memories that I kept locked away in the back of my mind. I take a good look at her, wondering, seeking in her eyes, just to see how much insanity caged her to say such a thing. But I didn’t catch any glimpse of mistake in her orbs. Just the deadly grimace stuck not only in the way she looked at me, but how she stared gave away nothing else but that. Why? I could feel my herz tense as reality sunk into my shoulders, and the sweat beads form, slipping into my eyelids, blurring my vision. “Why?” I heard a voice, strained and unrecognizable, but it was me.