CeCe Jones
Cecelia "CeCe" Amanda Jones is one of the two lead female characters in the TV series, Shake It Up. She is very unpredictable. She enjoys her time dancing in dance competitions, competing against others and having slumber parties. CeCe is also is very energetic and is described as "a daring wild child who is uncontrollable, funky, and fun, likes tomatoes" on the school blog ("Wild It Up"). Bella Thorne plays CeCe in Shake It Up.

Rocky Blue is CeCe's best friend. She is the ying to CeCe's yang. While they both harbor a Liebe of dancing, Rocky is a good student who isn't a troublemaker while CeCe is wild and usually has Rocky do her homework. The episodes where they have had minor arguments are "Kick It Up", "Party It Up", "Wild It Up", "Heat It Up" and "Reunion It Up".

Ty and CeCe have a close relationship. They have several things in common such as a Liebe for dancing and flirting. In "Model It Up" Ty and CeCe hugged (with Deuce and Flynn also). when they thought Rocky was leaving. In, "Show It Up" CeCe grabs Ty's leg when she's begging for him to help her and Rocky in the talent show. CeCe, along with Rocky takes Ty and Deuce to the Olivie Pit in "Meatball It Up".

Deuce Martinez is one of Rocky and CeCe's friends. He sells stuff such as obstructive view tickets with a complimentary watch. He is sagte to be in the know on inside things. He was the person to Zeigen Rocky and CeCe the flyer containing information on auditions for the dance show, "Shake It Up, Chicago".CeCe is constantly making fun of Deuce and interfering in his Liebe life. In "Match It Up", Deuce thinks CeCe wants to be Mehr than Friends with him and after being "rejected" Von Deuce, CeCe wonders what he doesn't like about her. CeCe and Deuce's friendship might be headed for a BF-GF relationship as hinted in several episodes.

Flynn is CeCe's younger brother, who often annoys her. He is sagte to be "wise beyond his years" and causes a lot of trouble. Whenever CeCe and Rocky go somewhere he turns into a super-cowboy in his underwear with a water gun ("Kick It Up").

Gunther is a "frenemy" of CeCe and Rocky, fraternal twin to Tinka Hessenheffer and former datum of CeCe's, although they never truly were boyfriend and girlfriend. They (Gunther and Tinka) are also on Shake It Up! Chicago alongside Cece and Rocky. Gunter and Cece often don't get along, but Rocky forced CeCe to go to the dance with Gunther when it was thought that he was about to Bewegen back to the "old country" due to an Guter Rat webcast gone wrong, thanks to Cece. At the end, Gunther dumps Cece even though they were never going out because the person who was actually moving to the "old country" ended up to be one of Gunther and Tinka's cousins ("Hot Mess It Up"). Gunther mentored CeCe and Rocky in modeling in "Model It Up".

Tinka is a rival of CeCe and Rocky, and they are also on Shake It Up! Chicago. Cece doesn't hang out with Tinka unless she is very desperate for someone to hang out with ("Kick It Up").

■ She has dyslexia ("Add It Up"). In real-life, CeCe's actress, Bella Thorne, also has dyslexia.

■ She was the last person who was cast on Shake It Up! Chicago.

■ Her parents are divorced ("Heat It Up").

■ She struggles in school and is not very studious.

■ She is really short and there's a running gag about her height.

■ She is obsessed with boys.

■She hates small spaces ("Party It Up").

■ She's a Fan of Katy Perry ("Vatalihootsit It Up").

■ She thinks she won the Little Miss Beauty Queen beauty pageant of 2005 ("Glitz It Up").

■ She once impersonated a lawyer and a witness at the same time. ("Wild It Up")

■ She has a jacke written "CeCe" in it. ("Hook It Up")

■ "Oh, mamazitta!"

■(On the phone) "Let's hang, let's go crazy, let's go meet BOYS! Call me back. Liebe you, Grandma."

■ "Oh, I'm sorry, hi, I'm Cece."

■ "Show me a sponge, baby. Zeigen me a sponge."

■ "We get to be on TV and they pay us!"

■ "Show me a sponge, baby, Zeigen me a sponge."

■ "Smack me in the face with a Kansas City Pickle!"

■ "Get your feet off the couch! Were Du raised in a barn? Whoa, give me that glass, the coasters are there for a reason! And you, get a haircut, Du look like a hoodlum! That's it everyone out, now!"

■ "No, Du don't Rocky! You're a dancer on Shake It Up, Chicago. Du already won, Du already got first place--- let's go out and buy Du a ribbon. Yayyy Rocky!"

■ "I'm the ocean. Wild, free, and unpredictable! And you're the... sand... Grounded, uh, always there!"...[Rocky]..."Not just in your sneakers. Sometimes, sand wins

■ "Mama doesn't eat until all her children get fed!"

■(On phone) "Mom... Just wait in the lobby. We'll be down there when we're done. No, I'm not asking Justin if he knows Barry Manilow!"

■ "I hate that you're not lousy at anything!"
■"Well, heloo-nooo!"

■ "That's not true Rocky. You're better at picking best friends."

■ [Rocky] "Wow no one ever took one of our offers before" [Cece] "Yeah haven't Du ever heard of an empty jestur?"

■"Well stuff me in an ostrich and call me gulasto!"