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posted by Ashley-Shadow
Amy was running from Shadow but she had to stop because she had ran into a cliff, and Von the looks of it, it was a long way down. Shadow sagte "give up that smaragd oder I'm going to have to take it from you" he sagte in a very calm but demanding voice. Amy sagte "no, I'll never let Du get this emerald! Shadow stepped slowly to her step Von step, Amy was starting to panic as she stepped back further and further to the edge of the cliff. Shadow on the other hand was making his way slowly to her until their faces were so close to one another that they could feel each others breath then Shadow said...
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posted by frylock243
okay, i have a little request all of Du . i want Du to comment, if Du are a female shadow fan, who isn't a fangirl. in case Du don't really understand what i'm saying, i'm talking about sane people who like shadow, but don't obsess over him. Du may also Kommentar if Du are a fangirl, who obsesses a little bit over shadow, and is sane.
now, Du may be wondering, "what do i comment?" well, SAY ANYTHING!!!! i mean ANYTHING

and just to waste your time, i'll Zeigen Du EXACTLY what i mean :D

mama luigi
washing basket

okay, Du can start commenting now ;)
Brianna the Fox(Me): *Smiles* Hello Sonic fans, tonight we will be interviewing Scourge the Hedgehog!(The green perv that ALWAYS tries to rape girls)
Scourge: Well, well, well! A sexy girl is gonna interview me! >:3
Shadow: *Gives Scourge the DEATH GLARE* I hate this fucker!!! (Shes not my girlfriend but STILL!!) >:(
Brianna: Yeah..... hehe... ^__^" MOVING on...... lets start the interview!
Scourge: All right. >:3
Shadow: (To raper(Scourge)) Fuck you! >:(
Brianna: HUSH Shadow! Scourge, why do Du ALWAYS attempt to rape girls?
Scourge: Cuz i know they want it. (Looks at her body up &...
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posted by gigitygoo
sonic: *smashing computer*SCREW Du STUPID COMPUTER
me: sonic i sagte CNTRL S
Knuckles: *stands in a miror* oh yeah those push ups are paying off
*camra rolls to base ment*
Amy: oh talis that feels great *dont ask what they are doin*
Shadow: listen here silver this is where i keep my tresuer from those sons a hündin thives i call employess its one of hitlers secret bunkers it locked with a code that only i know and my brain *presses 1234* YE HAW *jumps in safe* alright let see if every thing is here
glod coins check
unicorn skelaton check
stufed ex wife
Silver : MOM
Shadow: check leprcon stining...
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 Golden Tower
Golden Tower

I blinked at my Friends who turned around to face the lake with a great amount of horor on their faces. Sasha looked at me angerly like the rest of my Friends who also got out of their shock of horor. "what?" i sagte "you killed an inocent girl and Du were O.K. with that?" Speed sagte angerly. "inocent is not a word i would use to describe a horrible girl like Jane" I said. "sometimes i wonder why Du have Friends from what Du do to them" Speed sagte angerly. All my Friends walked off angerly...
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posted by silvershady
STOP! Read Chapters 1,2,3,4, and 5 first!

Eggman's POV:
I hadn't heard from Shadow for over a week now, I wondered what was taking the useless hedgehog so long? Maybe he had betrayed me... I would have to find out. So I summoned the Tails Doll, it would surely watch him for me. "Tails Doll,"
"Yes master."
"Keep an eye on Shadow, please."
"Yes master."
"Very well then. I pressed a button on my communicator and sent off the signal. Hopefully he had the bat, because her silver rings would complete the ultimate weapon which would handily destroy the whole world.

Shadow's POV:
As I ushered Faron and Rocha...
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 The way Shadow looks at me when I wake up in the morning. :-)
The way Shadow looks at me when I wake up in the morning. :-)
Shadow and I woke up to the sun shimmering on my red curtains. I completely forgot we slept in my room. Shadow giggled at something, and I pondered what. We were still in bed, me in my pajamas, which was a blue tank oben, nach oben and white flannel shorts. Shadow, obviously, didn't wear anything. He slipped off his shoes and gloves. I smiled as I looked out the sloppy tent window to see the trees swaying around like a group of hula dancers. Shadow smiled as he saw me. "You're so beautiful, sexy and perfect." He sagte cutely as he winked seductively. I blushed brightly and closed the curtains. Shadow was...
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posted by shadria
Her comes pt11 sorry to keep ya waiting
Knuckles:it was finally time u told Amy
Sonic:you should also tell rouge
Rouge:so u do like me
Knuckles:hey don't encourage them
(Knuckles starts to blush)
Shadow:look he turned dark red
(Rouge hugs knuckles and knuckles blushes)
Rouge:ok maria we r gonna go to the mall to get u stuff
Shadow:but I'm coming
Shadow:i sagte i am coming
Rouge:u can't come we r gonna get girl supplies
Shadow:so i don't care i don't want u to influence my Maria
Rouge:what do Du think imma tell her
Rouge:oh i see now what ur thinking...
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posted by ShadowsGirl
I am Shadow the hedgehog, the ultimate hedgehog.
I was in Walmart looking for a video game when I bumped into Rouge.....

Rouge: Well, well, well, If it isnt the prototype
Me: Dont push me!
Rouge: Hey, remember Maria?
Me: Damn Du Rouge!
Rouge: What?
Me: Do Du have to mention that right now?
Rouge: Yes
Me: Dammit!
Rouge: Look, I know where Maria is
Me: Shes dead Rouge
Rouge: Look, I was sent to find you. Maria is on the ARK.
Me: Dammit Rouge! Maria isnt here anymore!
Rouge: Yes she is
Me: Fine.
Rouge: Finally Du see it my way.

I followed Rouge to the ARK. It wasnt easy getting there. And along the way, we...
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posted by Havanahedgehog
Massie:brrr whr's my jacket*looks 4 jacket*
Shadow:I can help u with that...
Massie:*jumps up*oh it's u shadow
Shadow:yea i'm back and u can borrow mine*takes off jacket*
Shadow:*puts jacke on her* u ok?
Massie:Ya thnks shadow
Shadow:The snow is such a beauty
Massie:*sighs* so is the moon and the stars
Shadow:u know i've always had feelings 4 u
Massie:Really?*tugs scarf*
Shadow:Yea u like shine bright like a diamind 2 me *puts arm around massie*
Massie:Rihanna got tha message
Shadow:so did everyone else
Massie:*snuggles in with shadow*
Shadow:*kisses her forhead* Go 2 sleep i'll be here in tha morning
Massie:I can't sleep without u
Shadow:won't Scourge mind?
Massie:He went 2 take care of some buisiness an will be here tommorow @ noon
Shadow:*strokes her cheeks gently* fine i'll be with u 4 the night
Massie:thoughts:shine bright like diamond ohh.....
posted by shadria
Here comes pt9
Shadow wakes up and notices that maria was gone
shadow:maria! Maria!
Maria:I'm up here on the roof.U thought i was gone didn't u
Maria:so shall we go down together
Shadow:but the others will think we slept together
Shadow:u go down first
Maria goes to the küche then Amy comes by
Amy:good morning maria
Maria:good morning Amy
Then sonic interupted them
Sonic:hi Amy hi maria. Amy do u want to go with me for a run around the park?
Amy:i would Liebe to!
Then they both left and maria got to the kitchen
Rouge:good morning maria
Maria:good morning rouge. Hi tails
Tails:hi maria. Have u seen sonic and Amy?
Maria:yes they went out to run in the park.
Rouge and tails choke on there coffee
Rouge and tails:TOGETHER!
maria:yes i thought it wasnt that big a deal.
Rouge:this is huge if sonic slows down for Amy to catch up that would be strange of him.
To be continued
posted by tammav5
"shadow....i thought Du forgot me...." i said.
"n-no i would never forget you! its just i dont remeber Du working with the other hedgehog...i thought Du were working with knuckles..." he said. "his name is blitz...hes knuckles's friend." i said. i sighd and got up. "dont get need to rest...". shadow was about to say something but then i did instead."dont give me any argument." i sagte closeing the door."i dont even remeber....your skirts being that short..." shadow said.i opend the door fast."are Du makeing fun of my outfits!?" i yelled. "n-no!!!" he sagte and i slammed the door....
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posted by kammy40
Amy) “I Liebe you, too, Sonic!”
Scourge) “T.T Sonic??”
Amy)The disco ball looks tacky…maybe I was wrong…-what do Du think, Shadow?”
Scourge) “Huh-? Is that the anemic-punk who got in here with chaos control!”
Shadow)*steps out of the shadows* “That’s right. This is a suspicious arrangement…Scourge, what is this all about?”
Scourge) “Oh, do Du think it suspicious, Shadow? Amy) *proceeds to eat the candy. *
Shadow)*narrows eyes* “Now I KNOW that Du were up to something!”
Scourge) * “WTF is that supposed to mean!”
Amy) “Yes, Shadow, what do Du mean?”...
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posted by JazzyBReal
Disclaimer: I do not own Sega's version of Sonic the Hedgehog! But I own mine.

This story was written in 2004, the Jahr of my eleven/twelve Jahr old childhood, making this my very first story. It's rather out-dated, yet I have trimmed a few teilt, split ends. However, I couldn't Bearbeiten this without changing the basics, so I preferred not to change them drastically, but to improve the Schreiben style and initial depth, so bär with the story's attitude. The story's timeline is after SA2 and it's meant to be a taaaad dark, but it's suitable for PG-13.

Now, before Du continue, please tolerate the beginning...
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posted by natedawg12
Shadow walked in to the doctors office. His doctor sagte its involving his Zurück planet he came from."take a sitz mr. Shadow"said his doctor. She was an attractive young fuchs still looking official and attractive."yes dr. West " sagte shadow without looking at her but at his gloves. "you know your from the planet Sirius right" "yeah, why? " " your planet was mostly made of carbon dioxide so your body's amune to cigarette smoke" "so Du saying I can smoke ?" " yes shadow but don't make it a habit" " ok Von dr. West" "goodbye shadow and please no Mehr sleeping pills." shadow walked out the hospital...
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In the Central Park Zoo...
Skipper:Ah, a nice quiet day...
He puts on a pair of shades and lies down on a deck chair.
Rico:gjapgrug vge
They rush up to him. Private is holding a piece of paper.
Skipper:Oh, come on! *sits up* Can't I have a decent sun-tan once in a while?
Private:Sorry Skipper, but we thought Du might want to hear this.
Skipper:It better be good then.
Skipper:*jumps up* There's going to be a ZOO TRANSFER?!
Private:Yes, but nobody knows where from.
Skipper:It must be the Weltraum squids! They've finally tracked me down......
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posted by Ashuras-shadow
i had to blink a couple times to finly get the gunk out of my eyes.
i looked around, this house was torn up.i felt somthing in my hand picked it up so i was able to see it.
i totaly forgot about everything that happend last nite. oh yeah in my hand it was a bottle of bier nice only a preteen to.

marshal: "dude stop yelling ive already got a headache"

jordan:stop ur p****** and complaing and tell me wat time it is

marshal: 2:oo pm

jordan: S****** dude got to go thanks fer the party

marshal goes to turn around and jordan is gone.

15 mins later......
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Eggman's lair: Eggman: Destroy them both. i don't care wat u do just finish them. this is ur job til i finish it. do u understand?
?: Yes master.
eggman: gd. now go!
eggman's new secret weapon went out in Suchen for her targets.
sonic: Hey shadow. wat up?
shadow: my life being boring and the same everyday and i wish i could beat the crap out of u rite now.
sonic: just askin.
shadow: sry. i'm havin the worst Tag of my life today.
sonic: how come?
shadow: rouge is being an ass. spreadin all this crap around that i'm not shadow. i told her it was the freakin prototype but nooooo. she just has...
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"Shadow, it's time to get up oder you'll be late to school!" his foster mom said, madly shaking him after warning him five times to get up. "What do Du want from me, Du devil woman!" Shadow said, sitting up and giving himself a head rush. "God dammit..." His foster mother stared at him. "Shadow, Du know how I feel about those words!" "Aw, who cares!" Shadow sagte teleporting himself downstairs only to appear inside the living room Wand again. "Ah, shit!" he sagte trying to get out of the wall. His foster father walked into the room Lesen a newspaper. He looked up and heard Shadow's attempts...
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It was a dark place and me and Shadow were trapped in a pitch-black room. I was sitting on the floor while Shadow was pacing back and forth. We didn't say anything for a long time. Finaly, I spoke up "Shadow?" I asked. Shadow stopped pacing and looked at me. "What is it?" he asked. "Why are pacing like that, Du know that were not gonna be leaving here anytime soon." Shadow looked at me for a few seconds, then looked at the ceiling. "Yes we will." he said. I looked at him like he was crazy. "But there are soldiers everywhere and- Shadow interrupted me and sagte "Look if we don't try wre aren't...
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