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karenmiller1972 posted on Jan 10, 2012 at 04:59AM
Okay, been thinking a little lately as I look at comments of others, both here and on other similar HP themed clubs.

And I have to ask, how many of you were disappointed by how DH2 ended, and what disappointed you the most?

I know one of the biggest in this forum will more and likely be that they left out Harry's exoneration of Severus Snape before the students and other professors.

But, I also have to say, I wish they would have diverged from JKR's version in one respect.

I wanted more of a summation for the epilogue. Something in the tradition of Star Wars and especially, Lord of the Rings. LotR's had such an epilogue, letting you know the endings of each beloved character that you had spent the past 3 years with.

How much more would it have been to give us a little more of the endings of characters we had spent EIGHT years with? More if you count from when the books first came out to the completion of the movies themselves.

I wish that if they found the need to supposedly make the ending more 'dramatic' and whatever excuse they give, that they would have kept the validation of Severus Snape by Harry Potter and expanded on the epilogue more, given us more of a goodbye with our favorite characters that we have lived with and shared with for the past years.

I find it something of a disappointment when comparing HP to other epic sagas. It seems as if they have failed, after following a great epic completely through SEVEN books into EIGHT movies, and you compare that epilogue with those of other epic serial sagas, and it seems a little lame.

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Vor mehr als einem Jahr dottzie36 said…
i agree 1000% with you have said :D i was really disapointed with the whole voldermort/harry fight and the ending felt so rushed i would have liked to have seen what happened to other characters i cant even remember the last time seeing pro McG :(. i was also rather annoyed (me being polite) that those that died were barely even touched upon it was blink and you will miss it gahhhh. i tend to play out my own ending in my head after watching the film but it really isn't good enough.
Peter Jackson did wonderful job with return of the king, i have heard people whinge that it went on to long but for me it still wasn't enough i would have loved to have seen the legolas/gimli stuff because i do get very involved with the story and characters and i need to hear more lol :) xx
Vor mehr als einem Jahr karenmiller1972 said…
See, that is exactly what I meant. Maybe its only a few of us that feel that way. (I, of course, went out and bought the extended versions of all the LotR movies just to be able to see everything they left out and all the outtakes and characters comments.)
I'm hoping maybe they do the same thing with HP movies and they include all the scenes that maybe got cut from the final movies, and the characters input and director's input, and even JKR's comments.
But, sometimes, looking at all the movies that are popular now, I'm kinda wondering if they did what they did with the final movie to try and compete with what is popular with the mass movie viewers right now. Even though I do go and watch the Twilight movies, I can't see that mass of viewership, on the whole, being happy to sit through something like the ending of LotR, especially if they have not read the HP books.
Like you, during the epilogue, I would have loved to see Minerva McGonagal, Nearly Headless Nick and the other ghosts (still kinda upset they left out Peeves), George Weasley, maybe even a repaired, though scarred Hogwarts and grounds, to see that life is going on for everyone.
And even though Harry has this moment where he praises Severus Snape to his son. I would have liked to have seen some kind of memorial on Hogwarts grounds to him.
Vor mehr als einem Jahr snapeinmymind said…
Good question, as I have thought at this again and again - with no satisfying answers until today. I'm as sad as I've been at the moment when I experienced the details of Snapes death.
Like most of us all I would have wanted to see scenes of Snape when he put the sword in the wood and guided Harry to it with his patronous. They could have made a good story out of this, but they didn't mention it.
Then I've been eager to see Snape in Sirius' house when he get the letter of Lily and her picture. This would have been very emotional to see and Alan would have done it great - I'm sure!
Next I would have wanted to see Snapes picture in the headmasters office - just to make peace with him and all what he has done to safe others.
Of course there is so much more I would have wanted to see... but it's to late now. It have come to an end without all of this. They should have let Harry tell all the others, the stuff-members and students and so on, how brave Snape really was and what he has sacreficed. But they didn't. What a pity!
What else? Ah, yeah, they cut out some of the best Snape-scenes! Is that possible? Why did they do that? Snape had such a big personality, such a big role, as well in the books, as in the movies. Of course I want to see more of him! And all the others too. There was no goodbye, with none of all the importent characters. That's a shame, I think.
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Vor mehr als einem Jahr dottzie36 said…
Every time I watch it I feel a little downhearted, don't get me wrong when I saw it at cinema I was blown away at what I did see, however now so many things bother me. I have been especially narked by the tones/Remus/teddy thing. At the start of DH 1 Tonks actuallys says they have news then nothing more is said until Harry mentions the baby in the clearing! Just little things here and there bothering me. Also would have been nice for non book readers to find out the name of all the kids i say this as I have been arguing for sometime that Harry and Ginnys eldest is James SIRIUS Potter lol so just to the person who wants to keep saying I'm wrong pls watch the station scene in DH2 it clear has the initials J.S.P on his case :p. and yes all the Severus stuff left out from all the movies don't think I will ever come to terms with that!
And to Karen yep I had to have all the LOTR extended versions am looking forward to the hobbit now :D x
Vor mehr als einem Jahr karenmiller1972 said…
Has anyone heard? I think I heard that they are going to release the set with added extras and the set would be over $100. Has anyone seen it advertised?
Vor mehr als einem Jahr dottzie36 said…
I found this and that box... wow i gotta have it !!!!! lol

Vor mehr als einem Jahr karenmiller1972 said…
OMG! It says "half a grand" for that! I may have to wait for a while to get that....LOL!
Vor mehr als einem Jahr karenmiller1972 said…
Ok, I've been watching the movies as they appear on tv. Has anyone noticed this? I think they have been putting missing scenes in the movies. There's scenes that are not on my movie dvds and that I don't remember seeing in the theaters.
But, just to name the one that I have noticed the most, and mainly because it has my favorite professor in it...LOL....but the scene in GoF where Igor and Severus are in the courtyard and Severus is chasing snogging students out of the carriages, I don't remember this scene in the theater or on my DVDs. I may be wrong, it may be there, I'll have to see if I can catch them on tv and record them and then rewatch my DVDs again.
I wonder how many more missing scenes there may be with our dear dear professor.......maybe something that will give me a little more closure?? I can always dream I guess....
Vor mehr als einem Jahr jester616 said…
Yes! I thought it was just me with the off-brand DVDs. Yes, for example, when ABC Family does an HP marathon, I have noticed scenes that aren't in my DVDS, most importantly that GoF one you mentioned. I didn't see GoF in the theater, but I know for sure that that moment is not on my copy. Some nerve they have. Like we wouldn't notice.
Vor mehr als einem Jahr karenmiller1972 said…
I'm gonna have to program the tv to record ALL of them now and see what I remember (or what I don't remember). I'm hoping they put together something great when they finally release the set of all movies.
Vor mehr als einem Jahr KitKat71483 said…
I thought I was imagining things! I'm so glad I'm not the only one. I keep hoping they will have many many missing or cut scenes of my favorite character.
I LOVED the extended dvd set of LotR. And the additions of the actors comments and discussions. It is a treasured and well remembered set.
My hope is that they will do the same thing with the HP movies. I hope that they put in all kinds of cut scenes, missing scenes, and actor commentary.
Hope springs eternal.