The man walked to the school. His black robes billowed behind him. Glancing at the lake, he notices the dark ginger hair against the moon-glistened water. Curious, he walks over to the shape.
When he gets close enough, he sees it is a woman. She doesn't turn around but says, "Hello, Severus." Severus, suprised, stares at her. When he finally regains his composure, he asks,"How did Du know it was me, Lily?"
Lily laughs and points to the water. There, the shimmering reflections of her and Severus stare back at them. Finally, she turns to face him.
Severus is taken aback Von her appearence. He had forgotten how her green eyes glowed when she smiled and how her hair fell perfectly around her shoulders. When she spoke, he felt as if he were hearing the Singen of angels.
"Severus," she said,"Thank Du for watching over Harry and protecting him." Severus shook his head.
"Don't thank me. I did a terrible job waching him. I should have confronted Quirrel before he reached the Stone. Harry did that. I should have gone into the Chamber of Secrets, not send someone as untrustworthy as Lockhart. And now, Harry is dead, killed Von Voldemort because I failed. If Du need to thank someone, thank someone else, who helped him."
Lily rolled her eyes. Severus had his head down when he felt a fist connect with his arm. "Ouch!" he exclaimed.
Lily's eyes now had a feuer to them. When she spoke, she punctuated each word with a good punch. "You-are-an-idiot!" she said, punching with all of her strength on the last word. She let her arm fall as she continued,"Do Du really think that that wasn't supposed to happen?! He was meant to test his strength so he knew he could defeat Voldemort." She took deep breaths to calm herself down.
When she spoke again, her voice was Mehr gentle,"He isn't dead, Severus"
"But, Dumbledore sagte he must die to defeat Voldemort-"
"And he did... but the curse that was shot at Harry killed the Horcrux." The silence that followed was broken only Von the sound of the water gently crashing on the shore. Severus decided to say something he had meant to say for years, since he first met her at the playground. "Lily, I have always loved you."
She looked into his eyes. "I know." Then she took his hand and, together, they went on.