Name: KIM MINGYU / 김민규 / キム・ミンギュ

Birth datum : 97.04.06

Blood: B

Career: NU’EST ‘Face’ M/V link
HELLO VENUS ‘Venus’ M/V link
SEVENTEEN TV Season 1.2 & SEVENTEEN Zeigen link

Calling himself 'the kid that wants to get stronger', Mingyu is just like the boy Du see on SEVENTEEN TV. He tries his best and shows everything he got. He is very energetic, can't stop moving even when he is being the strict one to the trainees. He is the one that gives a hand to staff that needs a help. He gets along well with the older and the younger trainees, thinking that it's also his duty to harmonize with each other. He is an optimistic boy, keeping cool even when he gets scolded Von the trainer oder has a tough time. Du will be amazed Von his never-ending charm.
- Song that describes me: Kim Soo hyun ‘Dreaming’
It's a song that says 'Running towards dreams even though they may be uncertain'. I got an opportunity to become a trainee quite unexpectedly but now I'm training hard to become a singer and an actor. It would've been an uncertain and unexpected start but I'm sure my dreams will come true in the end.