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Gossip Girl
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Okay this is my first ever fanfic! i'm not very good at Schreiben but i wanted to try :P.

This is basicly NS moments. They were always pretending. After 3x13 they didn't have to anymore.


“Where did she go this time?” He asks while she lies down Weiter to him.
“I don’t know.. somewhere in Europe I think.”

Nate thinks he spots tears in her eyes while they lying there in his bed, the moonlight through the window is the only thing lighting up the room.
“I’m sorry” he says.
“Don’t be” she simply says and cuddles into his shoulder....
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Fave Serenate scene
Gossip Girl
Küssen scene
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i Liebe writing! that's the reason i keep Schreiben on this Fan fiction which no one reads ... i feel hurt ): - can't Du just say it's bad?xD.

"Natie?" She whispered. He didn't answer. She looked up, right on the spot where she had kissed him some hours ago. He wasn't there. She looked around as she got up. Why couldn't she see him? Did he leave her? Was it just a dream?
"Morning sunshine" Nate was coming in with breakfast. "Did Du make that?" she didn't mean to be skeptical. "Why? Don't Du think it taste good?" He laughed. He understood her humor. She had no idea what would had happened, if...
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Nate see Serena again at blair's engagement party. he's with Raina and Serena's alone dateless.once in the crowd Raina excuse herself to talk to someone,Serena saw him alone so she approate him..

"hey" she sagte bump his shoulder to her
"hey S" he sagte with small smile looking at her
"so Du and raina..serious now?" she ask not really looking at him.
"well if serious means i Liebe her yes." he Antwort looking far into the crowd.he cant look at serena while saying he's in Liebe with other girl surely serena will notice that its a lie.
"wow thats good..yeah really im happy for Du nate" she says casually...
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my first NS Fan fiction ... hope i comes out as good as i though i would then i started Schreiben xD.
oh and it's from Serena POV;

"Happy Birthday princess" Lily hugged her daughter. "Four years. What an age?"
Serena smiled. "Presents!" Lily laughed and gave Serena a small present. Serena looked at it. She opened it carefully, Lily looked at her, she never opens presents carefully.
"If Du go downstairs i think you'll find a bigger present, if that's what Du want." Serena jumped out of bett and ran downstairs. When she first came down, there was nothing. She was about to scream for her mom when...
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