Narrator: star, sterne Wars isn't the only fandom I'm focusing on. Even after leaving My Little pony in 2016, a majority of Fan fictions have, and always will be from that fandom. The Grand Theft Ponies series will continue where it was left off from, and other Fan fictions are in the works, two of them having Canada24's Saten Twist as a protagonist. The first one to be produced will be called, "Suicide" and my OC Tom Foolery will be joining him. The Sekunde one being titled "Warbonnet" has Saten Twist as an engineer on the Santa Fe from 1958 to 1971, the Jahr that Amtrak took over passenger operations. As mentioned earlier, my first MLP Fan fiction since returning to the fandom is The Incredible Hedgehog In Ponyville 4. There was another Fan fiction created after that, created in association with Cosmic_Fusions, formerly known as, Jade_23.

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Narrator: We were once Friends when I was in the MLP fandom. I even knew her when she was known as Applejackrocks. It wasn't until several months later in 2017 that Jade, and I started to get along again, but she got less active with her account, deactivated it, then returned as Cosmic_Fusions. To make up for missing out on the 4th H.I.P Fan fiction, Nikki West got a role in Ring Of Fire.
Tom: *Looks out the cab, and sees the train stopping perfectly at the station* Alright, good job.
Nikki: I'll see Du later Tom.
Tom: You're not going to stay?
Nikki: I have to buy a ticket if I'm going to ride this train, don't I?
Tom: Hunter, what do Du and Carlos have to say to that?
Hunter: Du can stay Nikki.
Carlos: I'm glad Tom brought Du over here.
Nikki: Thanks guys. *Kisses Tom*
Tom: *Kissing Nikki*
Hunter: Hey, when'd Du start dating?
Tom: Yesterday.
Nikki: I Liebe him.
Narrator: Also featuring Tom Foolery as a main character, he and Nikki have a relationship when she comes to visit him at a gas station. They become Friends on social media, and go for a walk in the park. When a careless pony sets the gas station on feuer from smoking a cigarette, it spreads through Ponyville, and they help evacuate the town Von train.
Tom: Hopefully Carlos has 60 ready at the station with our train.
Hunter: And with some of the burning trees, we might even get some extra fuel. *Chuckles*
Tom: Sure Hunter.
Hunter: *Turns into the parking lot* I can see the smoke from 60. Carlos got everything ready for us.
Tom: Good. We can't afford to waste anymore time. *Runs out of the car with Hunter*
Carlos: *Watching Tom arrive with Hunter* About time Du showed up.
Tom: *Climbs into the cab with Hunter* Du ready?
Carlos: *Nods* Let's do this. *Makes 60 go backwards, pulling the passenger cars to Ponyville*

Everyone in Ponyville was preparing the evacuation. Many police cars were blocking intersections to make it easier for everyone to make it to the train station. An alarm was heard all over town: link

Ponies: *Driving out of Ponyville*
Police pony 74: Attention. There is a large, uncontrollable feuer in Ponyville. Everyone must evacuate. If Du do not have any means of transportation, go to the train station at once. We repeat, if Du do not have any means of transportation, go to the train station at once.
Tom: *Stops the train at the station*
Hunter: I'll help the others get on board.
Nikki: *Slides her car into a parking lot, and runs to the train station*
Hunter: We're getting the engine onto the other side of our train. Please remain calm, and get on board the train one at a time.

Everypony slowly got on board the three passenger cars.

Nikki: *Running into the cab of engine 60*
Tom: Nikki, what are Du doing here?
Nikki: I heard about the fire, and I came to make sure Du were alright.
Tom: Look, don't worry about me. I'll be fine.
Nikki: *Hugs Tom* I'm not leaving you!
Tom: Alright. Carlos, Du okay riding in one of the cars with Hunter?
Carlos: If I must. *Steps out of the cab*
Hunter: *Sees Carlos* What's going on?
Carlos: Tom's girlfriend arrived.
Hunter: Oh. Well, at least Du can help me get the passengers out of here once we reach Ringoes.
Carlos: *Watching five Mehr ponies get on board* Is that everyone?
Mare 92: I think so.
Hunter: Okay!! *Waving to Tom* We're good to go!!!
Tom: Alright, let's move. *Drives the train to Ringoes* I could use Du as my firepony.
Nikki: Okay. When do Du want me to start putting coal in the firebox?
Tom: When the time comes, I'll tell you.

They left Ponyville, and were entering Ringoes. They almost escaped the wildfire. They just had to kreuz a bridge going over a road, and a stream. Above the bridge was a tree, and it caught on fire. One of it's branches were close to falling off. If it did, it would destroy the bridge.

Nikki: Tom, look at that big branch on that tree.
Tom: Don't worry about it. We'll make it across. Only trouble is we need to slow down. We could derail if we don't.

The train slowly made it's way across the bridge, but the branch was slowly moving closer to the ground.

Hunter: *Looks at the branch* Oh god.
Carlos: It's alright. We need to get the other two coaches across, and we'll be okay.

Von the time the third coach passed the tree, that's when the branch snapped. It destroyed part of the bridge, and the last coach's rear wheels were stuck. Engine 60 was slipping as the train stopped.

Tom: What happened?! *Closes the throttle*
Nikki: *Looks back* It seems that the third coach is stuck.
Tom: *Pouring sand on the rails, and opens the throttle again* We'll make it out of here.

The eight drive wheels began to slip again, but after a few seconds, and with Mehr sand, 60 managed to get the third coach's rear wheels back on track.

Nikki: *Sighs* That was close.
Tom: *Looks back, as the rest of the bridge gets demolished*
Nikki: So what do we do when we reach Ringoes?
Tom: Get everypony to a safe, sicher spot. I'm very glad we survived. I don't think anypony even got killed from that fire.
Nikki: That's good too, because we gotta go on that bicycle ride on Saturday.
Tom: *Chuckles, and kisses Nikki*

The End

This has been a SeanTheHedgehog & Cosmic_Fusions Production.

The Leaders In Fan Fictions

Copyright. July 16, 2018

Narrator: I always considered Jade to be a good writer. She stopped Schreiben Fan fictions when she made her return as Jade_23, but when she started again in 2016, she only made two of them focusing on shipping, helped me and WindWakerGuy430 write The Cops, and that was the end. I am however planning on making Mehr with her, so don't be surprised if Du see her name Weiter to mine in some future fanfics.

2 B Continued