Johnny: *Playing Overwatch. He is on the defensive team in Eichenwalde, playing as Symmetra*

Episode 6: Call Of Duty

Special Guest Stars, Sir Topham Hatt as Ted Esler

Ian Lafferty as Trevor

Oscar Isaac as Henry

and Matt LeBlanc as Chris Edwards

Narrator: During my time off, there's many things I like to do. I have a model train layout, and I also have videogames. When I want to spend some time outside, I ride my bike, go swimming, oder play Tennis and baseball with a few friends. One of my Friends was coming over today, and we were going to play videogames. I was hoping I could squeeze in one last match before he arrived.
Trevor: *Knocks on the door*
Narrator: Ah, never mind.
Johnny: *Quits the game, and heads upstairs to the door*
Trevor: *Checks his watch, then looks through the window at the door, to see Johnny walking towards him*
Johnny: *Opens the door for Trevor* Hello.
Trevor: Good morning. *Walks into the house*
Johnny: I already got the PS4 turned on, so we can just jump into the action.

St. Louis

Chris: *Sitting at a big tabelle with eight Mehr people* This user, Spiderman_338 has caused me to lose seven matches in a row on Call Of Duty Infinite Warfare. Because of this, I am not getting enough XP to level up, and prestige.
Man 79: Aren't we being a bit drastic sir?
Chris: Do Du enjoy your life?
Man 79: *Looks down at the table* Yes sir.
Chris: I was able to locate the player behind this account, and found his house in New Jersey. I have sent Henry to deal with him.

Back at Johnny's house in Milford, New Jersey

Johnny: *Playing as Zenyatta in Ayutthaya* Take over for me, I gotta use the bathroom.
Trevor: Okay.
Johnny: *Gives Trevor the controller, then walks upstairs*
Trevor: *Switches to Moira* Now we can have an actual healer.
Henry: *Opens the door, and walks downstairs. He points a silenced Glock at Trevor* Turn off the PS4, and come with me at once.
Trevor: *Stands up. He gets Overwatch out of the PS4, then turns it off. He picks up the remote, and turns off the TV*
Henry: Now come here.
Trevor: *Walking towards Henry*
Henry: You're doing very good. Let's go. *Walks out of the house with Trevor*

Johnny flushed the toilet in his bathroom, then walked out, heading back towards the basement. As he entered the kitchen, he saw Henry taking Trevor away.

Johnny: *Running down towards the basement* I gotta stop that person, whoever he is. *Puts Overwatch back in it's case, and goes to his bed. He moves a pillow, and grabs his .45, with three clips of ammo*
Henry: *In a truck with Trevor, still pointing his gun at him* You're doing very good. Now put your sitz gürtel on.
Trevor: *Puts his sitz gürtel on* Didn't know Du were concerned about my health. Who are Du anyway?
Henry: *Starts the truck, and drives*
Trevor: *Looks through the front window* Right.
Johnny: *Watching the truck take off. He runs after it, turning on his watch in the process. He selects the 1969 Dodge Coronet, and jumps, getting into his car* I gotta catch up to them.
Henry: *Turns right, and slows down* Now we don't have to worry about anyone following us.
Johnny: *Turns right, and sees the truck* Let's see where you're taking my friend.

2 B Continued
Matt Leblanc as Chris Edwards