Two months later.

Alan: *Walks into the police station*
Captain Ford: Alan, look what I just got. *Holding a letter* It's from Harry.
Alan: *Excited* Is he coming back?
Captain Ford: Yes. He's finally been discharged. We should see him later today. Right now, I got an assignment for you. Du need to go check out a noise complaint on Lafayette Street. Some witnesses say it's coming from house 20.
Alan: I'm on my way.

As Alan left, a man with a suit, and tie walked in. He had very short hair.

Captain Ford: Hi. Du must be the new guy. Your name is..?
Stuart: Stuart. Stuart McKing.
Captain Ford: This may seem complex, but I need Du to go to Trenton. We have a warrant to arrest a crime boss that has been giving us, and other people in this town lots of trouble. Do Du have a decent set of wheels, oder will Du need to use one of our cars?
Stuart: No need for that. I do have a set of wheels, but they're much better than decent.
Captain Ford: What, is it some kind of Packard?
Stuart: How did Du know?
Captain Ford: Uh....I didn't.

Alan arrived at the house where the noise complaint was coming from.

Alan: *Gets out of his car* Okay, time to do what I do best.
Man 77: *Shoots Alan*
Alan: *Falls down, holding his wound* Or, just lay down here, and bleed to death.
Man 77: *Walks outside with three other men*
Man 62: Perfect. Get him into the car.
Man 77: *Picks him up with the other man, and takes him to a Lincoln*
Man 62: *Lights a molotov, and throws it onto Alan's car*
Alan: *Watches his car get set on fire, and blow up* I hope your insurance can cover that!
Man 62: They won't have to. *Opens the kofferraum, stamm of the Lincoln*
Man 77: *Drops Alan in the trunk, and closes it*

2 B Continued
Stuart's Packard