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Juliet & Sawyer | Someone Du Loved

Lost - sawyer and juliet - Fanvideo //suliet//

Absolutely [S & J]

sawyer/juliet | bless the broken road.

Sawyer&Juliet | loving her was RED [FFC]

Atlas Hands || Sawyer and Juliet

sawyer & juliet | all Du wanted.

Lost Vid - Let Down (Sawyer/Juliet)

Sawyer and Juliet - Behind Blue Eyes

Sawyer & Juliet- I still Liebe him

Blue [Juliet and James]

Sawyer & Juliet || never gonna be alone

sawyer & juliet | black flies

sawyer&juliet | i´m still Lost

Suliet 4 to 1


Suliet 10 TO 8


Suliet 19 TO 16

Suliet scenes 25 to 20

Sawyer and Juliet - The ground beneath her feet

sawyer and juliet -you found me

нσʟםιɴɢ σɴ тσ уσυ

Sawyer & Juliet || Swallowed in the Sea

Sawyer and Juliet - The Vision

give me these moments back ~ Sawyer & Juliet

sawyer&juliet | the vision

I got you, don't let go. // Sawyer x Juliet

Lost - Juliet Burke ~{му ƒяєє∂σм}~

Juliet & James ● Lost and Insecure...You found me

Sawyer & Juliet - May I?

Sawyer+Juliet || I Need To Know

Make This Go On Forever (Jate/Suliet - LOST)

Things People Say ;; Sawyer/Juliet

Sweetheart [Jaaneman]\\Suliet

She is the sunlight - James/Juliet

Sawyer/Juliet - Get Up (Lost)

Sawyer and Juliet "It is not the end"

Juliet and Sawyer: The incident: If I never meet Du then I'll never have to lose Du

Sawyer makes it back the strand and meets Juliet

Juliet and Sawyer - Best Moments

James and Juliet - Lost in Liebe - Part 2

James and Juliet - Lost in Liebe - Part 1

Lost - James "Sawyer" and Juliet

Suliet - My Last Breath

Lost Sawyer & Juliet - Why don't Du KISS her

Lost - Sawyer & Juliet - Du and me

ᴀʟʟ ɪ ᴡᴀɴᴛᴇᴅ ჴ ⋱ℜσmαηcє⋰

James & Juliet {Only You}

"I can´t let Du leave"

Sawyer/Juliet ~ All This Time (THC)

Set the feuer to the Third Bar || Sawyer/Juliet

Sawyer/Juliet - Lost - Simple Plan

Sawyer+Juliet || I Need To Know

suliet • it was your herz on the line

sawyer and juliet || 'i would wait a lifetime...'

James & Juliet (OKSC)

multi-couples || in my veins

Sawyer&Juliet // May I? [for Tjmack1986]

Du found me


Jack/Kate/Sawyer/Juliet - Landing In London

Lost - Sawyer and Juliet - Du Got It "Blondie" (short) HD / HQ

Lost 5x08 Sawyer and Juliet KISS

Sawyer and Juliet (Parte 2)

Sawyer and Juliet Remember Lost season 6 finale

sawyer and juliet - Titanic theme

bring me to life - sawyer and juliet

sawyer and juliet || i knew i loved you

sawyer and juliet remember

Sawyer and Juliet

Sawyer & Juliet - Sabes

Sawyer & Juliet : Airplanes

sawyer and juliet || run

"A few reasons for James and Juliet "

See Du Again || Jate & Suliet || Lost

sawyer and juliet || when she loved me

Suliet: Meant to be Together.

"Without Juliet, he´s in hell" - Josh Holloway

sawyer and juliet // "all we really need to survive is one person who truly loves us"

♦[MSC] "My Coupleღ Has Got..."♦

Sawyer/Juliet; Talking To The Moon

We should get coffee sometime

Sawyer & Juliet || All I Need

I convenced her to stay, because I didn´t want to be alone

One Sentence contest: Sawyer and Juliet

Death collab [part] My Immortal: Sawyer/Juliet

beside Du (juliet;sawyer)

If You're Not the One: Sawyer/Juliet

Paper Weight collab: Sawyer/Juliet

Here in Heaven collab : Juliet/James

sawyer, juliet and ben

juliet and sawyer (your Liebe is a song)

sawyer and juliet (and ben) // moulin rouge

sawyer and juliet // Du can

Sawyer Kate Juliet - I want it

Sawyer/Juliet - Black star, sterne

Du Got It Blondie || James & Juliet

James&Juliet{Did Du Feel That?}

sawyer and juliet // desmond and penny -- parallels