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he loved her, and she loved him | romeo & sansa

narcissistic cannibal | loki & sansa

Liebe and war | jaime & sansa

brother | jaime & sansa

sad beautiful tragic | jaime & sansa

can Du hold me | jaime & sansa

breathe | jaime & sansa

Liebe me most | jon & sansa


made for Du

Sophie got a 2nd GoT tattoo

the greatest

flowering s2

season 1

in need of Du

miles from where Du are

"what do Du want that Du do not have?"

fear of the water

one last time | jon/sansa

westworld | jon/sansa

we were born to die

i'm part of Du now | ramsay vs sansa

everybody wants to rule the world

daddy issues


Lost in paradise | cersei & sansa

everybody's fool | cersei & sansa

i never really cared until i met Du | margaery & sansa

sansa's evolution

cold | sansa stark

memory | sansa stark

the last of her name | sansa stark

survivor | sansa stark

i'm coming to cast Du down | sansa stark

destined to rule | sansa stark

one true Queen | sansa

ruler | sansa

jon & sansa | we weren't just Friends

jon & sansa | i Liebe you. truly.

margaery & sansa | girls like girls

jon & sansa | never let me go

jon & sansa | we are no longer Home

i'm a slow learner

all the king's Pferde

sansa stark | dollhouse

sansa & margaery | girls like girls

sansa & margaery | they fell in love, didn't they?


sweater weather

i'll crawl Home to her | sansa & margaery

Arthur & Sansa | Two Ravens


sansa stark | in the end

Sansa Stark || I Am Home

Jon and Sansa | Take Me Home

Sansa Stark | Queen in the North

Sansa Stark | Lady of Winterfell

Sansa Stark | I just realized I don't care

sansa stark | the north is yours

Sansa Stark | Goner

Sansa Stark of Winterfell

(GoT) Sansa Stark || Home

Sansa Stark | Tired of my Grief

Sansa Stark | Control

Sansa Stark | Key

Sansa & Arya | We bleed the same

Lady Sansa of Winterfell

► Jon x Sansa [KILL our way to HEAVEN]

► Jon & Sansa | I Forgive Du [+7x01]

jon and sansa | confusing what is real

jonsa | he is our king

sansa stark | lady of winterfell

jon & sansa | hall of fame

jon & sansa | Du and i

jon & sansa } into the hills

jon & sansa | breath of life

jon & sansa i found Liebe

jon & sansa | i hate you, i Liebe Du

jon & sansa | if it kills me

jon & sansa | my tears

jon & sansa | don't let me down

Jon & Sansa | A Dynasty like nothing ever made

JOn/Sansa || Live Like Legends

Jon & Sansa | Flares

Jon&Sansa ll The King in the North

Jon&Sansa || Half - brother

john & sansa | b r e a t h e

Jon & Sansa || Hurt

Jon & Sansa || The Journey

safe, sicher inside

Jon & Sansa || Strange Birds

Sansa Stark || Stupid Little Girl

Sansa & Jamie || Last Chance for Honour

Sansa Stark || The wolf Raised Among Lions

Sansa Stark || The Lady of Winterfell

Sansa Stark || Because of Du

Sansa & Jon || Unsteady

Sansa & Jon || Don't Let Me Go

Sansa Stark || She used to be mine

Sansa Stark || Life is not a song