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Opinion by eka-chan posted Vor mehr als einem Jahr
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There is something about Sansa Stark that touched me. Granted I first saw Sophie Turner as her casting before I even got to read the books. It was this GIF image of her looking murderously at Joffrey after he made her look at her father’s head (which I only figured out once I finished Lesen the Bücher and watching the show). I remember the actress had this cold beauty and intensity (at face value). So when I started Lesen A Game of Thrones, I was slightly biased but then she was portrayed so poorly in there—naive, self-centered and submissive. But as I keep reading, I still felt sympathy for her. She was wronged and yet she still did not rise and try to defeat her enemies (like Cersei oder Daenerys later on) and she wasn’t individualistic and adventurous (like Arya oder Asha Greyjoy) so I’ve wondered how I can like such a female character let alone care about her well-being and decisions.

And then I realized that it’s because she was so realistically rendered than her other female counterparts. A lot of girls in her age are like Sansa BUT that doesn’t make her less capable of strength oder greatness. She believed in the goodness of people and happy endings and...
Opinion by AngelGirl1992 posted Vor mehr als einem Jahr
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I have noticed that a lot of people think that the prophecy of Cersei being defeated Von a younger and beautiful Queen and taking everything that she hold dear, are Daenerys ore Margaery. I on the other hand stand firmly behind that prophecy is about Sansa.

The Parallel between Sansa Stark and Cersei Lannister arc

Sansa and Cersei are not completely similar, no. But they are in the sense that Sansa shares, at the beginning of the series, many qualities with a young Cersei. We know from the text and from backstory from Jaime, that Cersei was a very idealistic young girl. She dreamed of being a queen, wanted to marry Rhaegar, and believed in the songs and stories. This is no different from Sansa who wanted to marry Joffrey upon seeing him. Sansa’s narrative runs parallel to Cersei’s. She too was a young girl who idealized the songs and stories of Westeros. She too fell in Liebe with a prince. The only thing Sansa Stark wanted at the beginning of the series is to marry Joffrey and become queen. And like Cersei, Sansa Stark finds herself losing that perfect bubbled world of charm and love. From her journey to King’s Landing, with the...
Opinion by SilverDoe29 posted Vor mehr als einem Jahr
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Right, well, I notice a lot of people absolutely hate Sansa. Personally, I think Sansa is an excellent character, though maybe not a favourite she's definitely pretty close.

Now, if Du haven't read up to A Feast for Crows, I recomend Du turn back right now because there will be spoilers. Pretty big spoilers, and lots of them.

Anyways, this is my opinion about Sansa and my resoponse to the haters.

Why people hate Sansa
As far as I can see, the key reason people hate Sansa is her girliness and shallowness at the beginning of the Bücher (or TV Show, if Du prefer). Yes, I agree Sansa needed to grow up, but (a)so do most twelve-year-olds, and (b)she did grow up - a lot. And, is there anything wrong with an occasional female character who is not a rebelious tomboy?

Sansa in A Game of Thrones

In A Game of Thrones, Sansa starts off as a typical teenager, if a particularly naive one. She lives in a Fantasy world of her own, is in Liebe with the idea of Liebe and acts rather bratty at times. When she meets Joffrey, he is everything she's been dreaming of, at...