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posted by thesamantha17
It was the Jahr 1995, a erdbeere blonde girl was born and the worl has been changed for ever. As a young girl growing up she eventually turned blond after she was baptized Von a black lady. A young blonde was created that day. As the years got closer to the late 90s early 2000s, Samantha started dancing and art was alway a passion, she was also a gifted climber. When she reached kindergarden many relized she was gifted, pecial, truly a one of a kind. With her amazing abilties to color in books, on walls, and accations where she painted her self. Von the time she reached 12 she knew that she was ment for a higher purpose in things other then sports (she wasnt all that good) and her dancing, writing, and art talents made her journey through life would be a easy fulfilling and hard. Sam is bubbley, wild, creative and all over crazy.