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Source: Secret Whitlock signed it!
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Most of the episodes are filmed at Secret and Tinas school. Newby Memorial Elementary School.
The Zeigen always starts off with Safari Secret saying her famous catch phrase,"Ello mates and welcome to Austrailia!"
Secret has been obsessed with Safaris as long as Tina has been obsessed with tents. Safari Secret enjoys going on Safaris to ride in the mini jeep. Tent Time Tina loves tents because she thinks it will protect her from "the bad thing".
No one knows for sure what "the bad thing' really is, because Tina is always too terrified when Du say it to answer you. Safari Secret & Tent Time Tina is a hilarious web Zeigen filmed mostly in Mooresville Indiana. Enjoy laughing.
posted by Swhit2
Safari Secret is a cute Austrailian girl, who...
Okay, lets not lie. Shes a funny girl with a bad accent! She plays front roll in Safari Secret and Tent Time Tina in the beginning,and Tina stars at the end. She is a wee bit smarter than Tina...until it comes to Tents! She is a Merida - Legende der Highlands person with alot of stamina...but Du have to be to put up with Tina. She is always getting Tina caught up in her hair-brain schemes. Although the ideas start out well, Tina always finds a way to mess things up for her. No matter what she does, in every episode...she'll make Du laugh with her hilariousness, and bad accent.
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Tina Tentworthy is a beautiful, wonderful, courageous- ok lets cut the crap. the fact is tina is crazy. born in an insane assylum, tina is as crazy as Du think( dont believe me? safari sceret puts up with her everyday!!) tina believes in many things, like believing that donkeys can give birth to a litter of flying pigs, Katzen can transform into humans, and that spiders can talk. yes. tina is your typical, everyday phsyco blond well, Du dont see people like her everyday. tina has a major obssesion for tents. she loves tents because she believes that tents keep the "bad people" away. tina can be nice but viceous. watch a video if Du dont believe me.
Safari Secret & Tent Time Tina is a hilarious web Zeigen that will make Du fall out of chair laughing.Safari Secret is a funny Austrailian girl with a bad accent and Tent Time Tina is a girl who grew up in an insane assylum and is obsessed with the safety of her beloved Tent.
The hilarious mastermines who came up with this web show, are none other than Secret Whitlock and Bethany Frink. Both from Mooresville, Indiana.
Safari Secret is played Von Secret Whitlock, and Tent Time Tina is portrayed Von Bethany Frink.
Enjoy this undiscovered web show, and feel free to comment.