Robotnik: Snooping as usual I see. Pingas

It seems like a regular day, but then someone runs Von at 500 miles an hour.

Sonic: Tails, Du read me?
Tails: Loud and clear, whats up?
Sonic: We should be getting towards Robotnik's army base.
Sean The Hedgehog.

Sean: I'm already there.
Tails: I see you.
Sean: Any word on Knuckles?
Sonic: No.
Sean: What about the others?

Inside the base

Knuckles: I can't believe they destroyed our intercom
Espio: Are there any other ways we can talk to them?
Rouge: No
badnik: I've spotted them
Espio: *jumps on badnik*
Knuckles: Nice work *runs into room*
Sean: Nice to see Du guys
Espio: Great to see Du to
Knuckles: Lets go find Robotnik
Sean: I found the others and we're searching for Robotnik
Sonic: Any injuries?
Sean: None of them are injured
Tails: I'll give Du air support
Sonic: I'll wait Von your car
Sean: Sounds good.

A few Minuten later Robotnik is found, but he uses Chaos Control to escape. Only, he brought Sonic and his Friends with him.

Rouge: Where the hell are we?
Sean: I know this place. Were in St. Louis
Sonic: You've been here before?
Sean: Yeah, a lot of times.
Espio: Zeigen us something
Sean: See that over there? *points at gateway arch*
Tails: What is that?
Knuckles: It's an arch
Sean: Not just any arch, the gateway arch.
Rouge: Thats a wierd name.
Zufällig human: What are Du supposed to be?
Sean: None of your business, go away
Zufällig human: ok *walks away*
Robotnik: *shoots at Sonic, but misses*
Sonic: Du trying to kill me?
Robotnik: Whaat? No *Throws gun away*
Sean: Do Du even know where Du sent us?
Robotnik: It says we are in the planet earth
Sean: Be Mehr specific dumbass
Robotnik: St. Louis, Missouri
Knuckles: If Du didn't have the thing you're in, Du wouldn't know
Sean: He would probably find out anyway

Then Sean starts having a thought about what would happen if Robotnik found out Von asking someone

Robotnik: Where am I?
Hat guy: First of all Du should know where Du are, and second, Du have a huge mustache!
Robotnik: The bigger the better :D
Hat guy: I'm gonna go now
Robotnik: *leaves St. Louis then goes back in* It says I'm in Missouri! YES! I KNOW WHERE I AM NOW!!
tall guy: It just says welcome to Missouri, calm down

Back at Reality

Robotnik: I'm going now *leaves*
Tails: I think we all know whats going to happen next.

An explosion is heard

Robotnik: Hello everyone of uuh, *reads screen* St. Louis, Missouri! I am really interested in your city, and that is why I want to take it over!
Sean: There is no way he's taking this city!
Espio: Lets go and stop him

Von the time Sonic and his Friends arrive at Robotnik's location, he killed seven people, and destroyed two cars.

Robotnik: Give me this city now!
Police captain: Shoot him
Police officers: *shoot Robotnik, one bullet hits him.*
Robotnik: Ach! Watch what Du do with those things! *fires back*

After Robotnik kills the police officer, Sonics team arrives.

Sonic: Du can't take this place without attacking us!
Robotnik: Sure I can, so I will *shoots at Sonic*
Sonic: You'll have to shoot faster then that to kill me
Robotnik: Then I'll kill your cousin!
Sean: Oh no Du don't *jumps towards Robotnik, and knocks him down.
Robotnik: *Falls into the middle of the street* I still have this! *pulls out shotgun*
Sean: *grabs .44 and shoots Robotnik in the foot.*
Robotnik: *drops gun, and lays down.* Jesus christ that hurts!
Tails: *cough* Pussy!
Knuckles: Just be thankful I didn't shoot you! I would've shot Du in the head
Robotnik: *climbs into flying machine and flies away*
Sonic: He won't go far. Tails, Rouge Du fly after him, the rest of Du follow me!
Sean: Too bad I don't have my car
Espio: Du use it too much anyway
Rouge: You've got a gun don't you?
Tails: No, do you?
Knuckles: *flies toward Robotnik*
Espio: I forgot he could do that
Sean: I think Knux forgot that to
Robotnik: Shit they're catching up!

As Tails gets into Robotnik's machine he grabs his enemy's head, and slams it on the door

Sean: I don't know why he is doing that
Espio: He's hurting him right?
Robotnik: Stop that!
Tails: Send us back!
Robotnik: NEVER!
Sonic: *jumps into machine* Nice work Tails
Espio: This can't go well for Robotnik
Sean: How can it? He had his head hit a door numerous times.
Robotnik: *shoots Tails and jumps*
Sonic: *jumps after him*
Robotnik: ooh *lands in water*
Sonic: OH SHIT!!
Rouge: I got Du *grabs Sonic*
Sean: Saved Von my girlfriend
Robotnik: Where did Sonic go?
Espio: I think he Lost track of Sonic.
Tails: I'll go get him.
Sean: Don't get shot again!
Tails: *gives Sean the finger*
Knuckles: Never saw him do that.
Sonic: Right.
Robotnik: *Swimming to Illinois side of river*
Tails: *grabs Robotnik* Where do Du think you're going?
Sean: I think I'll use my gewehr *grabs sniper rifle*
Rouge: Why do Du need that?
Sean: Just in case
Robotnik: *squirms in Tail's grip*
Tails: Stop that! *Drops Robotnik*
Sean: *Shoots at Robotnik, but misses*
Robotnik: *lands on big rig*
Sean: After him *Runs after Robotnik*
Robotnik: If only I could stop him.
Tails: But Du can't *pushes Robotnik*
Robotnik: Damn, Chaos Control!
Sonic: Since when could he do that?
Sean: Who cares? Lets try and and find him!

Sonic and his Friends didn't know that Robotnik went back to Mobius to get some badniks, weapons, machines, ammo, and Shadow.

Robotnik: Shadow, where are you?
Shadow: I'm here
Robotnik: Get all the badniks. We are invading St. Louis
Shadow: I'm on it
Snively: Where is this city?
Robotnik: You'll see.

Half an Stunde passes, and Sonic is relaxing with his cousin. The rest of their group is also with them

Rouge: Why would Robotnik want this shitty city?
Sean: What's so shitty about St. Louis?!
Sonic: Will Du two stop? St. Louis doesn't look appealing.
Sean: Why are we here then? Du can just use fucking chaos control, and end up back at Mobius.
Rouge: None of us have a chaos emerald.
Knuckles: What? I have one

As a train passes Von Robotnik soon returns with his army.

Robotnik: Give us St. Louis oder die!
Citizens: Run!!
Shadow: *kills people* Attack!
Badniks: *attacking everything*
Robotnik: These people are wimps
Shadow: Hold your fire! I want that car. *Points at a yellow '69 Dodge Charger.*
Robotnik: Then get it. Run people over with it.
Shadow: I'm not wrecking the car Du imbecule.
Robotnik: You'll just get bloodstains on it, so what?
Knuckles: *jumps on some badniks and hits Shadow*
Shadow: STALL THEM!! I'm getting that car
Sean: What is that car?
Shadow: *brings car to Mobius, and soon returns*
Robotnik: Where was we?
Tails: What?
Badniks: *shoot at sonic, but miss*
Sonic: *jumps on several badniks and Robotnik*
Shadow: FIGHT ME
Sean: Ok *attacks Shadow*
Shadow: Not you!
Sean: Why, Du afraid?
Espio: This just gets wierder Von the Minute
Tails: *attacks Robotnik*
Robotnik: Jeez, you're tougher then Du look
Tails: *breaks Robotnik's arm*

As the fight goes on, the police, and military soon arrive. They assist Sonic's group with attacking Robotnik's army, and Shadow left.

Sean: He always leaves too soon.
Espio: At least he's gone
Robotnik: Keep attacking *blows up tank*
Colonel Rogers: Shoot the guy with the mustache!
Soldiers: *shoot Robotnik*
Sonic: Nice work guys
Rouge: How the hell does he do that?
Sean: Du guys won't have to worry about Robotnik anymore
Police captain: Thank Du for saving our city. How can we repay you?
Sean: *spots a corvette* I think I already know how.
Robotnik: Well Shadow, we failed
Shadow: We put up a good fight though.
Snively: But it wasn't good enough
Shadow: Fuck you! You're too much of a pussy to fight
Robotnik: We will go back to Earth, but this time, we're taking a place called Germany.
Shadow: Why?
Robotnik: I overheard someone saying that Germany makes really great machines, so they must have good mechanics
Shadow: Don't mechanics fix stuff?
Robotnik: Yes, yes they do! *laughs like a villain*


Announcer: We hope Du enjoyed the following presentation. Before Du leave, we'd like to take a moment to share three previews to other Fan fictions from SeanTheHedgehog.

Six Shooters 3 - 2016

A Wild west band was in the bar that Alan, Harry, Ryan, and Dylan were in. They are playing this song (Start at 1:30):

Alan: Things have gotten a little Mehr complicated. We're with two LAPD officers, and they want us to help them with something.
Captain Ford: What exactly do they need your help with?
Alan: I don't know yet. Harry's talking to them.
Ryan: There are two gangsters giving us trouble. Timothy Sand, and Marco Sand.
Harry: They're brothers?
Dylan: Yes. They started their organization twenty years ago. Haven't been able to catch them yet.
Ryan: That's why we need Du two.
Harry: Du think extra men will help Du out?
Ryan: Will you?
Harry: Sure.

Stop the song

Cop 94: *Knocks*
Captain Ford: Excuse me Alan.
Alan: I'll wait.
Band Member 1: Alright, we're gonna play Dream Girl. Give this old song a new sound to make it sound like it's from the 19th century.
Crowd: *Cheering*
Band Member 2: We're only using the Piano this time.
Band Members: *Playing Dream Girl*
Alan: Camryn, is that you?
Camryn: Hi Alan. I miss you.
Alan: I miss Du too, and your sexy body.
Camryn: I want Du back in one piece.
Alan: I want Du naked when I get back.
Camryn: I'll be waiting on your bed.
Alan: I'd like that.
Cop 94: *Sees Casey* You're back?
Casey: Has Harry called yet?
Cop 94: As a matter of fact, his partner is talking to his girlfriend now.
Casey: *Walks into the room* Camryn?
Camryn: Casey?
Alan: Casey? Du want her there for a three some? Not what I had in mind, but-
Camryn: No, I'm sorry Alan, but Casey is here. She wants to talk to Harry.
Alan: Okay, I'll get him. Don't forget what we have planned for my return. I'll be right back. *Goes over to Harry*
Harry: *Listening to the band play Dream Girl* I feel like I've heard this song before.
Alan: *Arrives at the table* Harry, Casey is on the phone.
Harry: Okay. *Goes to the phone*
Alan: *Sits down with Ryan, and Dylan, smiling at the band as they continue playing Dream Girl*
Harry: Hello, Casey?
Casey: Harry, I got this weird feeling. Did Du have sex with another woman?
Harry: My wife is dead Casey. What do Du want me to do?
Casey: Why don't Du marry me?
Harry: It doesn't work that way Casey. What about that guy Du started dating in November?
Casey: He got shot on a bus.
Harry: You're not lying to me, because Du left him for another man, are you?
Casey: Of course not! He really died. You're not here, so obviously, Du don't know about it.
Harry: Listen Casey, we'll talk about this when I get back. Goodbye. *Hangs up*

Thomas & The Magic Railway - 2014

Theme song:

Me: I'm creating my own parody of T&TMR. :D
Thomas Fans: Oh no!!
Me: Oh yes!! :D
Thomas Fans: No!!
Me: Yes :D
Thomas Fans: Fine, get on with it.

Mage: Get on with it.
Soldier: Yes, get on with it!
Warriors: YES, GET ON WITH IT!!

* * *

Mr. Conductor: Hello, I'm Mr. Conductor, but my real name is Alec Baldwin. Please don't tell anyone I told you. I'm also going to be narrating.
Thomas: *Goes through tunnel*

This is the Island Of Sodor, where talking trains go around, and act like normal trains, but talk.

There's a lot of engines on the island like Thomas, but due to a very tight budget, we'll only allow Thomas, and five of his friends, Diesel Ten ,and his two goons, as well as a purple tank engine that has no face to be in the movie.

Gordon: *Waiting at station* 8, 7, 6, 5, 4-
Thomas: *Arrives* 3, 2, 1, blast off!! *Stops at station* Why were Du counting down?
Gordon: I was counting how many Sekunden Du had until Du were late.
Thomas: Ha, look who's talking fatty.
Diesel 10: *Goes past* Outta my way steamies! Suck my dick... oder cock!
Gordon: Isn't that the same thing?
Thomas: Who cares? Can't he suck his own di... What was it he said?
Gordon: Du don't want to remember.

And now to interrupt the story so that I can Zeigen Du where I live. Shining Time Station. I live there with many other people, but I have to tell Du Mehr about it later, because I'm holding up the story. And bye the way, I think Du might be in this story too.

Thomas: Hmm, if Diesel 10 is causing havoc, there must be a Lost steamie around here.
James: *Singing song*


Engines: *Hearing James* Make it stop!!
James: *Continues singing*
Engines: *Leaving sheds*
James: *Singing song*
Thomas: *Slowly backs into buffers* HOLY BOTHERATIONS!!!
James: Du weren't concentrating Thomas. Lucky for Du that Du were going slow.
Thomas: What? Du think I'd be that crazy to go fast, and come off the rails?
James: uhh.. Maybe?
Thomas: What are Du doing in the shed James?
James: I was being naughty, and the fat arsch controller told me to stay here, and think about my mistake.
Thomas: I think Du made another mistake Von calling Sir Tophamm Hat fat.
James: Well, it's not my fault he's overweight.
Diesel 10: *Arrives* Hey Du two!! My name is Diesel 10!!
Thomas: Great, no one cares.
Diesel 10: Well Du should. I'm looking for a Lost steam engine! Have Du seen her?
Thomas: Four wheels?
Diesel 10: Yup.
Thomas: Purple paint, with a golden smokebox?
Diesel 10: Yep.
Thomas: The word Lady is written on both sides?
Diesel 10: Yup.
Thomas: Never heard of her.
Diesel 10: Oh well. *Leaves*
James: There's a Lost engine?

Mily's Adventure - 2016


S.B: *Driving through Mossberg to get to the Eastern Pacific sheds*

SeanTheHedgehog presents

Tabby & Bri: *Racing each other out of Nova Station, and over a hügel as they head to Mirage Station*

A Trainz Fan Fiction

Jazlin & Mily: *Smiling as Sean backs up between them in the sheds*

Mily's Adventure

S.B: *Stops his car Weiter to the roundhouse*
Muppets: *Dancing as they walk pass the roundhouse*
S.B: *Confused as he walks towards the engines*
Mike: *Pulling a long freight train passing the sheds*


Starring Mily
Also starring Sean Bodine as S.B.
And the Eastern Pacific engines
Mike "Fonzi"
Jack The Truck
Blue the welpe
And the controller, Mr. Baldwin

panzer & Robert: *Pulling a freight train together over a bridge*

Also starring the Northern Errol Line engines

The N.E.L controller, Mr. Bruce

Bri & Tabby: *Stopping at Mirage Station*

Featuring Corsair, the streamlined engine
Oklahoma & Trident the airplanes

Stop the song

Jazlin: I Liebe Du Sean.
Sean: I Liebe Du too Jazlin.
Mr. Baldwin: I Liebe that Du Liebe each other, but you've been saying that for too long now. *Awaiting laughter from the audience* Why isn't there any laughter? That was funny.
Sean: We're not on TV anymore. This time, we're in a movie.
Mr. Baldwin: Oh. Never mind, somewhere, someone is laughing to this.