Rouge and her newly found boyfriend Knuckles were enjoying a relaxing vacation on the Coroga Beach. Knuckles was practicing punching tons of the hard boulders on the shore. As he said, to protect his girlfriend. Rouge was using a metal detector to find treasure on the corners of the beach. Every time she was unsuccessful, she sighed and went to another spot. Now, the young couple was in then Espionage Hotel, Home to one of the most Favorit things Rouge loves: jewels.

A white iguana came into the couples room and asked," Sir, here are the 2 sandwiches Du ordered from room service." Knuckles sat up and smiled at the young waitress. She was a novice, she started her job 4 days before Rouge and Knuckles came. Her name was Carlotta. "Here," sagte Knuckles cheerfully," A tip for yourself." Carlotta smiled and said,"Thank Du sir, Enjoy your stay!" Rouge narrowed her eyes at the waitress and motioned for Knuckles to come to her. "That girl... She's looks nice... Are Du in live with her?" Knuckles was shocked at his girlfriend!s question. He thought it was rhetorical, but instead he said, " I don't Liebe her babe, she's 15, I'm 20. Do Du see a match there?" Rouge sighed and rolled her eyes," No, I don't sweetie. Just... Don't do nothing stupid okay?" Knuckles crossed his heart." I vow not to be a stupid idiot." The couple kissed each other goodnight.

Knuckles woke up, brushed his teeth, and Rouge did the same. Knuckles punched rocks, Rouge looked for valuable jewels. Knuckles saw her sit on the shoreline, which was abnormal for her. She sighed and closed her blue orbs. "Please... I can't find one stinkin' jewel. Just one? That's all I'm asking for." Rouge opened her eyes to find her Liebe sitting Weiter to her attentively. "Honey, what's wrong? Someone agitated you? Don't tell me your still thinking about Carlotta right?" Rogue exhaled a big breath of air and said," No... I just wanna find a jewel. Be a Jeweler of the Deep." Knuckles placed his hand to his chin. "Wait.... How about we go on an adventure? To find a sea jewel?" Rouge's eyes perked up. He would actually do that for her? Risk getting hurt Von Eggman's pawns and other hunks of metal?

Rouge and Knuckles were all set for the journey. They packed everything. From cans of Essen to swimsuits. Rouge sagte goodbye to Carlotta and she wished the couple best of luck. Rouge and Knuckles arrived at their destination. They held hands tightly and dived into the deep blue sea.

"This place is quite cool!" sagte Rogue in a happy tone which Knuckles loved to hear, " I wonder where we could find some jewels. Specifically topaz. It shines as bright as a star, sterne and has a net weight of 0.9 ounces. Per pound it's about 10,000 dollars..." Knuckles rolled his eyes at his girlfriend who was obviously crazed about jewels. "What's this?" sagte Knuckles pointing to a shiny blue light on the sand.

Rouge and Knuckles swam over and stared at the blue light. Rouge started to swim close to the shiny light until the ground started shaking. "Knuckie, what's happening? Did I touch some Zufällig button on the ground? oder did--" The ground started shaking even Mehr violently. "Rouge look!" Yelled Knuckles as he pointed to an object floating out of the ground. It was a topaz emerald!

"YIPPEE!" Shrieked Rouge," I found a whopper of a jewel! Wait till the jewel committee hears about this! They'll promote me to Jeweler of the Deep!" Knuckles smiled at his bat girlfriend who grabbed the jewel hastily and scanned it."Hmmm.... No scratches, no marks on it... Seems pricey.... Probably 80,000 dollars max. Knuckie! We've found ourselves a money making jewel!" Knuckles put a hand to his chin and rubbed it," Honey, have Du wondered where the jewel came from? Hopefully it's not cursed oder anything. Maybe that shaking was due to the jewel." Rouge rolled her blue orbs and swam back up to the shoreline. Knuckles was in tow, but what were the jewels origin? What was that shaking?

Carlotta waited for the couple on the strand with hot kakao and fresh towels. The hotel staff also prepared a special room for the couple to relax in. Knuckles and Rouge were yammering away about the jewel and how much they could pawn it for. When they came back, Rouge was promoted to Jeweler of the Deep, and Knuckles went back to guarding the Master Emerald.